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How To Post Bail

For information on how to post bail for an inmate please contact the Jail at (360) 709-1603 to receive accurate information of the inmate's bail.

  • Inmates are allowed one telephone call to attempt to make bail. All other telephone calls are required to be made via the inmate telephone system.
  • Messages will not be given to the inmate.

Bonds are only accepted with the presiding agency's permission. Bond Companies will contact the facility so there is no need to contact us if you have contacted a company.

  • Bonding Companies may contact us at the above listed telephone number to obtain information.
  • We do not keep a list of bonding companies.
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Making arrangements for a bond is the responsibility of the person attempting to bond an inmate, not Corrections Staff. Corrections Staff will not assist you in arranging for a bond.

Cash Bail is accepted at the facility at any time. Please bring valid identification for the person who will be posting the bail.


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