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P. 1    FREE November 2008 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Ida 1/5 Elders: Program TRIBAL Rosander  She loves to plant News NEWSLETTER both vegetable and fower gardens, 3  “People of the Sands”  Youth Encouraged to Become Weavers at Conference Held at Ocean Shores  Youth, adults and Elders attend Basket Weavers Conference to share and learn different weaving styles, 2 Many Show Respects to Artists Wanted for Next Year’s Calendar Veterans The 2009 Chehalis Tribal Calendar “K’ah By Fred Shortman, Editor tuK’ee Tachee” is now available. Calendars can be purchased at the End of the Trail Veterans Day originally was original II, and the Lucky Eagle Casino. You can named Armistice Day back n 1938 to also purchase them at the Enterprise Offce honor the WWII veterans. Citizens felt located across from the EOT II on Anderson that all the veterans of all the wars should Road. The cost is $20, and all proceeds will be recognized. In 1954 Congress changed provide funding for next year’s calendar. the name from Armistice Day to Veterans If you remember reading about the Arts Day. In America, the holiday is celebrated and Economic Development Initiative in for approximate 2.9 million US veterans the August newsletter, our goal is to fnd with parades and ceremonies throughout the emerging artists and provide exposure and country. th opportunity at no cost to the artist. On November 12, the 7 Annual Veterans We need twelve more artists for next Appreciation Day Dinner was held at the year’s calendar. Some of the artists in this Election Committee Members Harry Pickernell Sr. (left) and Lucy Hill sign Lucky Eagle Casino Events Center. It was year’s calendar had no coastal Salish art people in as they arrive to vote for members of the Business Committee. an awesome turnout honoring all the veteran experience and you can see how it turned with over 500 people showing up. The out. Peter Boone will be again providing theme for this annual event was MIA-POW. his expert tutelage, assisting artists in Tribal Election Draws Each speaker was given a gift of a coastal learning the coastal Salish art style. Salish sash and a Pendleton blanket. The There are talented artists out there featured speaker was Tom Cat Nelson who waiting to be discovered. If you are was a POW in WWII. He was a POW in interested, please contact Janet Chapman, Largest Voting Turnout Japan as well as survivor of the invasion of Project Manager, at 360-273-6664. Pearl Harbor. Another featured speaker was By Fred Shortman, Editor Christopher Seymor who was in Iraq for Art Teachers Needed Tribal Construction Company two terms. He is married to a Chehalis At the Annual Meeting on Saturday, The frst Chehalis Tribal 2009 Calendars tribal member, Shayla (Youckton). The Chehalis Tribal Cultural Program is September 8, excitement was in the were given out. They were very impressive He spoke about his experiences and looking for community artists to teach air awaiting the results of the Business and all the proceeds from selling the remembered receiving care packages traditional art classes for the holidays. Committee elections. It was the largest calendars will go to next year’s calendars. . sent to him and his platoon. He said it is Classes can range from basket weaving, voting turnout ever recorded in tribal Tom Pool, Marketing Director, Great amazing what hard candy and a football bead work, carving, drum making, and hand history with 338 tribal members. 239 tribal Wolf Lodge, gave a report on the primary can do to make 100 plus troops happy. crafted projects. members crowded the Youth Center and market. They are working on expanding to Rick Spence delivered a nice speech on his If you are interest in teaching a class listened to Enterprise Directors and General a secondary market in Yakima and Spokane. life experience and coping with life after his to community members, please submit a Managers present their reports regarding our Their unique approach is targeting families, time in the services. project plan, and a bid to the Heritage and tribal investments. since this is the only Great Wolf Lodge in Joe Begay, Navajo, who was in the Culture Program at the Resource Center. Polls opened at 8 am and the annual Washington and it is a great experience for Special Forces, talked about his life Space is limited, so sign up at the front meeting started at 10 am and lasted until 7 families to gather and have fun. Strengths experiences and education, and how he was desk of the Tribal Center. For additional pm. Our Events Coordinator had the casino are the employees who make it such a selected to be an actor in the movies. He information contact Dianne Devlin or Elaine provided lunch and dinner. successful experience. It’s really great never talked about his time in the service McCloud at 360-273-5911 Ext. 1621. The Elders held a delicious bake sale seeing the families smiling and enjoying the until his daughter found a picture of him and a ffty-ffty raffe during the meeting. Great Wolf experience. in his uniform. As a Native American he’s Congratulations to Dianne Devlin for Native Voters ROCK! winning the jackpot. Lucky Eagle Casino Report proud to have served his country. This was Congratulations to everyone who worked John Setterstrom, General Manager gave something special for all of those veterans hard on getting so many people to register Enterprise Report a report on the Lucky Eagle Casino. It was who attended. The Intertribal Warrior Society started the event by bringing in to vote in this year’s presidential election. David Youckton, Enterprise Director, a great power point presentation on past year the fag. This volunteer group has two The Native vote greatly helped make it a discussed the hotel, Saxas, and the Chehalis See Annual Meeting, page 4 See Veterans, page 4 historical day. Awesome effort! Dynamic Speakers Talk About Traditions, Responsibilities and Diabetes Wellness By Pat Odiorne, Diabetes Program Director and Fred Shortman, Editor About 140 adults and youth attended the saying that our youth are our future. That’s she has come to use her traditional beliefs community wellness dinner at the Lucky wrong, They’re not our future. They’re right and practices to live well with diabetes. Eagle Casino held on Tuesday, October now! Parents, talk with your children about When asked why she does this, she said, 21, 2008. The Wellness Center, through their problems. Have ownership of who “I was tired of watching three generations City, ST Zip SDPI Diabetes Prevention Program, and you are, and share with them the important dying from diabetes. My family told us Street Address the Chehalis Youth Program sponsored this things.” event. Keynote speakers were Barbara Mora Barbara Mora shared her life story, and See Dynamic Speakers, page 4 and Chance Rush. her personal experience with FirstName LastName The two dynamic guest speakers, Chance type 2 diabetes. She is a “Cloud Boy” Rush and Barbara Mora, quiet and very sincere gave some inspirational messages. Barbara individual. She reminds Mora (Paiute/Dine) is a traditional artist and you of someone who talks author of Using Our Wit and Wisdom to Live in a whisper, and to hear Well with Diabetes. them, you need to move a Chance Rush opened the evening by little closer to listen to what sharing his belief that wellness is powerful they’re saying. medicine. He started off by saying, “Our Barbara was Native people are dying, either by diabetes diagnosed with (under construction) ©Copyright 2008 or suicide! We need to do our part in diabetes twelve CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes stopping these tragedies!” years ago. Barbara Mora and Chance “Cloud Boy” Rush inspired tribal of the Chehalis Reservation. He continued by saying, “There is a Since that time, members to be healthy and contribute to the community.
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