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P. 1    FREE February 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Marie 2/2 Elders: Program TRIBAL Griswold  She enjoys time News NEWSLETTER with her daughter Linda, and sister Mae at Elders events, Tribe Requests Your page 3 Input for Services to  “People of the Sands”  the Community Native Students Pass Classes The Chehalis Tribe is hosting a community dinner and bingo night at the Lucky Eagle and Reap Benefts Casino on Tuesday, February 24, at 5 PM. The purpose of the event is gathering tribal  Our Native boys enjoy a 20-0 season playing input on services and programs offered by the Chehalis Tribe. A community on Oakville’s basketball team. Now, they are on assessment survey will be distributed to everyone over the age of 14. Your to State! page 2 completed survey form will be your ticket to receive a bingo packet and tickets for the raffe. A ton of great prizes will be available Lucky Eagle Casino Employee Busy Hotel including a gas barbecue, camping gear, and an iPod Nano. Begins to Add If you’re unable to attend the event, you Receives Prestigious Award can access the survey online. Print out a copy and send it to the planning department. By Fred Shortman, Editor Another Suite Just go to aspx?sm=xK8CxhjPmwPmbd6cPrI2QQ_3 What better way to ring in the New Year than with By Fred Shortman, Editor TELO Lists Students the announcement of Native Eligible for Special American Casino Magazine’s The Eagle’s Landing Hotel has begun construction to convert the exercise room to 2008 Leadership Award Winner! Incentives Program Native American Casino a standard hotel room, which will bring the Tawni Willis, K-12 Education Program Magazine has been presenting total rooms available to 70. The decision The TELO program would like to this award for the past nine years. to convert the exercise room into another It is given to one hard-working suite was due to low usage of the room. The congratulate the following students who tribal casino employee, a person average age of the clientele is 50 and above, are eligible to participate in this quarter’s who is committed to excellence making the decision an easy economic “Dinner and a Movie” night: Corrie in the workplace, the community, choice. Medina, Karlea Youckton, Trisha Medina, and in their lives. This person The hotel received a permit from the Gary Ortivez III, Jordan Merriman, Heather mentors others, knows what it tribe, and started construction on February Daniels, TJ Trott, Kaileen Bray, Marcus takes to lead, and never gives up. 4. Don Terry, Chief Building Inspector, Youckton, Darrin Jones, Rikki Sutterlict, This year, Rodney Youckton, will periodically monitor the construction to Loyala Davis, Tammy Klatush, Alyssa Director of Administration and ensure that all building codes are met. Charles, Little Bear Davis, Skylar Bracero, Community Relations at the Clark Phillips, Superintendent for Saxas Shelby McCrory, Bobby Jones, and Ritchie Lucky Eagle Casino, and one of Construction Company LLC, was hired to Revay. our own at the Chehalis Tribe, help supervise the conversion. They’ve A special congratulations to Alyssa is such a person. He’s been hired sub-contractors, Travers Electric, Charles for being on honor roll at Oakville. working for the casino for the Cornell Plumbing and Sound Dry Wall, GED Now Available last four years, having received to complete the expansion. The room is The newly-hired GED Instructor, Jolene training in the casino in various Rodney Youckton, Director of Administration scheduled to be fnished by the frst of Christensen, is now available to get your areas. and Community Relations, and a Chehalis tribal March. education back on track. Her offce is Chris Buitron, Development member, received the Native American Casino Glen Brydges, General Manager, Eagle’s located in the Community Resource Center Manager for the Lucky Eagle Magazine 2008 Leadership Award. Landing Hotel said, “We had a great year located behind the tribal center. Casino, submitted a nomination last year, with a 93% occupancy rate. That’s Offce hours are Monday through letter to the magazine. He said, “When I have at the casino and Chehalis Tribe! I the best occupancy rate that I’ve ever seen Wednesdays from 9 AM to 2 PM. If you are was asked if there was anybody you’d like could not have done any of this without your in my 40 years managing hotels. So far this interested in getting your GED, come in and to nominate for the award, it was an easy support and encouragement. At frst, I often year, the numbers have been strong, even sign up or contact her at (360) 709-1745. choice for me to write the recommendation wondered what I was doing and why at this with the economy being the way it is. Our letter for Rodney Youckton. With all that phase of my life? The nomination in itself location enables customers to enjoy the March Activities he’s learned and accomplished since he was such an honor. But, to win the award? activities available in the area while staying for the Community started work for the Lucky Eagle Casino, Very overwhelming! The Leadership at the hotel. The casino is a main attraction Rodney was the obvious choice.” Award is a recognition of the leadership with a great variety of dining, special events Resource Center Rodney was quoted saying, “A huge at the casino, Chehalis Tribe, and, most of and gambling. The hotel and the casino  Mondays heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone at the all, my parents!! This is by far the greatest maintain a strong working relationship Lucky Eagle Casino and Chehalis Tribe. making all this possible.” place that I have worked for. I am looking Assertiveness Training, 1-2:30 PM All I’ve done is follow in the footsteps of forward to more exciting and fun journeys Valentine’s Day has been booked up for Career Development, 10 am–12 noon our Executive Team, managers, supervisors, in our lives. Once again, I just can’t thank a month. Rooms are often booked a month  Wednesdays and tribal leaders. What great leaders we everyone enough.” ahead of time. To make a reservation, call Language & Carving Classes, 5-8 PM Women’s Group, 3-8 PM See Award, page 4 See Hotel photo, page 4  Thursdays Strengthening Families - 4:30–8 PM EOT III is Now Open to the Public  Fridays Carving Class , 3–6 PM By Fred Shortman, Editor  Saturdays, March 14 & 28 applicants. Thanks and great job!” Burnett cut the tape, offcially opening our Cultural Activities, 1-4 PM The Tribe has been busy preparing for the On February 13, vendors, construction new EOT family member to the public. The Contact the Community Resource Center opening of the EOT III Store in Grand workers and employees were hustling new store hours are 5 AM to 12 PM daily. for locations of classes at (360) 709-1745. Mound adjacent to the Great Wolf Lodge. around preparing to open the following Community members showed up with The construction company has fnished the morning. Charles “Duffy” Black met with big smiles.Some of the tribal elders and store and fueling station. The fuel pumps new employees to schedule their shifts. members purchased gas at the new store. for the trucks aren’t fnished yet, but are Manny Medina worked with vendors to get As the store’s “open” sign went up, the frst planned to be available before the Grand their products on the shelves. There are non-tribal customer was Carol DeJong from Opening , March 11, 12. 13. Watch for three cashier positions still open. Sheridan, Oregon. She was celebrating her fyers for special events for that day. It’s At the soft opening on February 14, Dan daughter’s birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge. exciting to see what the new location and “Bones” Gleason performed the blessing. She needed some gas, and the newly-opened PO Box 536 business venture will bring the tribe. Margaretha Richardson helped Chairman store was right there to help. The Personnel Committee has City, ST Zip Oakville, WA 98568 been working with Street Address the New EOT III Management Team Chehalis Tribal Newsletter in an effort to fll FirstName LastName the new positions at the store. Anna Hartman said, “This was a huge effort by everyone involved to hire this many positions. I would like to extend a huge thank (under construction) ©Copyright 2009 to the Personnel Here’s your new EOT III store team! Top (LR): Billie Uden, Joe Hartman. Middle row: Tony Olney, CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER Committee for is a publication of the Confederated Tribes interviewing the Frank Boyd, Max Lyons, Jon Jack, Brandon Brainard. Bottom row: Manny Medina, Julie Decker , of the Chehalis Reservation. Terry Craighead, Mary Simpson, Rita Benda, Gary Ortivez Jr., Duffy Black.
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