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P. 1    FREE March 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Katherine 2/3 Elders: Program TRIBAL Davis-Barr  She enjoys sharing News NEWSLETTER and teaching our youth the Chehalis Language, Protect Your page 3 Trust Lands  “People of the Sands”  By Helen Sander, Chair, Allottees Head Start Program Continues to Association If you own a large acreage or a small Bring Families Together undivided interest, you should be aware of the laws that affect that land. You can attend meetings to learn how to protect yourself  The Valentine’s Day Sock Hop had Head Start and your family trust interests. children dancing to the music, page 2 The Allottees Association and Affliated Tribes of the Quinault Reservation hold committee meetings at the Chehalis Elders Building starting at 10:00 AM every third Training Boosts Saturday of the month. We would appreciate a large number of landowners to attend this month’s meeting on March 24th. The CT Gaming Staff committee plans to collect questions to take to the April 18th meeting in Aberdeen By Earl McWhorter, Director of with Mike Kupka, Trust Offcer, Offce of Chehalis Tribal Gaming Agency the Special Trustee; Herb Westmorland, Superintendent of the Olympic Peninsula In 2007, the Tribal Gaming Agency, with the Agency; and Greg Masten, Superintendent encouragement and blessing of the Chehalis of the Taholah Agency. The April 18th Tribal Gaming Commission, put together meeting will be held at the Olympic a Trainee Program for Chehalis tribal Peninsula Agency, 1296 Skyview Drive, members. This program was presented to Aberdeen. the Business Committee, who unanimously I have heard so many of you talk about approved it, and the program was started in certain land allotments being yours because January of 2008. your dad or mom said so. In the old days, The purpose of the program was to train many individuals did not legally establish and prepare tribal members to successfully what their land wishes were. If undivided test and interview for the position of tribal interests were not surveyed and deeded to gaming agents or other positions in the certain members of the family, then you may Oakville High School Alumni Dale, Sr., and daughter Colleen Klatush support department. Tribal Gaming is responsible for fnd you don’t actually own that allotment. Oakville Acorns basketball teams at the State Basketball Tournament at the making sure operations (casino employees) If you have any question contact Helen Yakima Sundome. This year was the largest fan turnout seen in years. and patrons follow all rules established Sanders, Committee Chair at 360-259-0368 Community Shows Support for by the casino, the tribe, and the federal or 360-273- 5548. See you at the meeting! government. We ensure that the casino gives a fair and honest game to the patrons, and Free Legal Help Available our Native Basketball Players the patrons don’t cheat or steal from the The Northwest Justice Project’s CLEAR By Joyce Thomas, Receptionist and Youth Support casino. system provides free civil (non-criminal) This program involves more studying and legal services for low-income people who No one could not have foreseen such a game. No one came to lose. paperwork than any of the trainees realized. cannot afford a lawyer. If you have any great season. They weren’t even ranked; The day we traveled to their court, the Each trainee was sent for training in gaming questions about a civil matter, and are low- eventually they were ranked fourth in the tension was high. The press considered scams, slot auditing, and interrogation, income or an Elder, you can call the toll-free state. At one point, the team was undefeated the Oakville fans “loud.” Two charter among others. They have weekly training CLEAR line at (888) 201-1014 from 9:15 at 20-0, though they had not played some of buses transported students, alumni, and modules and a monthly test to make sure a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Monday to Friday. Press 5 the contenders. That was before the snow community members, and a caravan of they are on track, as well as a fnal test at to speak with the CLEAR Native American and fooding delayed many of the games. We cars escorted the team to Taholah. It was the end of the year. Three out of four (to Specialist, Brooke Pinkham. had a lot of natives playing for the Oakville something out of the movies, only better! be hired full time) the frst year is a major Acorns boys’ basketball team and the tribe We were living it! success. Because of this program (the only Grand Mound School really pulled together for our youth. Many The noise started when our boys rolled known one in the state) our department of Thanks Chehalis Tribe fans showed up for the home games, district, out of the locker room. Berry Peterson and 18 has 12 members that are Chehalis tribal members. and even state. Rikki Sutterlict got loud roars when their By Rachael Ledbetter, School Counselor The most important games and fnest names were announced along with the other The training program started with four Grand Mound Elementary moments include the games against starters. The game started fast and loud. At positions. After the frst year, two agents The staff and students extend a big the Taholah Chitwhins on the Quinault halftime, the scoreboard read 31-24 with were promoted to full-time agents (Russ Baker and Albert Ortivez) and one was Grand Mound Elementary Thank-You to Reservation. We played them three times Chitwhins in the lead. The Acorns hit the promoted to inspector (Courtney Youckton the Chehalis Tribe for their very generous throughout the season and again at the boards strong in the second half to win this Brown.) All three have completed their year contribution to the Americorps program at district tournament. The frst two games series 61-54. The press called it an upset bid. of training and passed their testing. our school for the 2008-09 school year. against them were home games with a What makes this rivalry memorable is that This sponsorship is currently funding record number of fans attending the second some of the Acorns are either family and or some critical educational and human needs See Basketball, page 4 See Training, page 4 of our students, such as homework club, reading groups and lunch-time study groups. Tribal Employee Receives Chief Financial Currently, 83 students are benefting from these services. Some additional benefts for our community include support of the Offcer of the Year Award ROOF community center in student after- school activities, and community service By Ena Myers, Assistant General Manager projects. It is not very often that an individual comes growth. along who has all of the technical expertise, Our system has relied upon the is very willing and dedicated, and “fts in” strength of key people doing their jobs, with a tribal environment. We are fortunate and doing them well. Kris has been to have found someone like Kris Salmon one of those key people. I want to who is all of these things. In September, say “thank you” to Kris on behalf Racheal Mendez submitted to the Native of the Chehalis Tribe. We PO Box 536 American Finance Offcer Association believe the Native American (NAFOA) a letter nominating Kris for Chief Finance Offcer Association Financial Offcer (CFO) of the year. Kris (NAFOA) has selected a City, ST Zip wasn’t aware of this. What a surprise when very deserving recipient Oakville, WA 98568 Street Address she was given the award! for the Chief Finance Kris Salmon came to work for the Offcer (CFO) of the Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Chehalis Tribe almost 10 years ago at a Year! FirstName LastName very critical time. During the time she has When Kris accepted worked for the tribe, our governmental the award, she commented revenues have increased in excess of 400%. about looking forward to At the same time, our enterprise operating sharing the award with her revenues have increased over 350%. staff, who really are the people When any organization experiences who made it possible. She also PRSRT STD growth at this pace, it is critical to have key recognized the leadership of PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA personnel in place who understand more the Business Committee and US POSTAGE PAID than just debits and credits. In a tribal thanked them for their support. environment that is historically resistant to (under construction) ©Copyright 2009 Great job and congratulations Kris Salmon receives her award as CFO of the CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER changing the way we conduct business, it is to Kris and all her staff! is a publication of the Confederated Tribes impossible to rapidly make adjustments to Year. She credited the award to her staff and of the Chehalis Reservation. fscal policies that keep pace with such rapid tribal leadership.
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