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P. 1    FREE June 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Lee C. Starr 2/6 Elders: Program TRIBAL  He loves family, fshing, News NEWSLETTER and working on cars, Head Start Program page 3 Announcements  The last day of Head Start’s AM and  “People of the Sands”  PM school is June 26. We are pleased to announce the Head Start graduation Together Youth, Adults, and Elders ceremony is June 26 at the Youth Center starting at 5:30 PM. Everyone is invited to are Learning How to Weave share this special moment.  Summer AM/PM Child Care begins June 29. Childcare will begin on July Loom class teaches how to weave vests in 13 for the all day class and Early Head Start. We will be accepting children from the traditional Coastal Salish style, page 2 6-weeks to 5 years old. Contact Evelyne Kalama at 360-273-5514.  Recruiting Now for Fall 2009-10 Head Start School Year. The Head Start Ball Tournament Starts with Enterprises Get Program and Early Head Start are now accepting applications for the 2009-10 Families, Ends with Families Revamped Offces school year. Please contact us for an application at 360-273-5514. By Fred Shortman, Editor Nearly 100 Tribal Walkers Chehalis Tribal Enterprises will move into Bring Back Walking Stick new offces by mid-July. The Enterprises By Pat Odiorne, Diabetes Program staff is split between the “Bed & Breakfast” building on Anderson Road and the Chehalis Director Tribal Center. The 4,200 square-foot The SDPI Diabetes Prevention Community modular building previously served as the Walk was held on May 28 with 91 Chehalis Lucky Eagle Casino administration building. community members participating. This was The fve-section modular units were stored the best turn out since the Walk was started next to the Tribal Wellness Center for many in October, 2005. Many departments and months. On May 27, Pete’s Modular Moving businesses on the reservation Company began moving the modular units participated in the walk including to their new location on Anderson Road. Head Start, Chehalis Tribal To avoid fooding, the building was Wellness Center, Elders, placed on a raised foundation 4 feet over the the three EOT stores, Eagles highest recorded food (Dec. 2007). Chehalis Landing Hotel and Lucky Tribal Construction fnished the ground Eagle Casino. The other tribes clearing and civil work. The building will be participating in the walk refurbished by SAXAS Construction into a competition included Squaxin The Chehalis Tribe’s Annual Memorial Day Weekend Baseball Tournament, modern building with a new roof, reception Island, 64 walkers; “Tribal Days,” is one of the most joyous events of the year. The reason? area, offces, conference room, outside Skokomish, 0 walkers; and Families come together and everyone has fun, especially the youth. Youth porch, and ADA-compliant access ramp. Shoalwater Bay, 10 walkers. The Center staff Tony Medina, Marla Medina, Teresa Pannkuk and Chris Klatush Anna Hartman, Enterprises HR walking stick will made sure the youth were busy and happy. coordinator said, “The offce brings the be on The tribe with display Enterprises staff under one roof which in the the most walkers Chehalis Tribal members frst take care of those who have will increase our internal communications Tribal gets to keep the Center passed on...then the Indian-style ball games begin! and effciency.” The staff includes seven for the walking stick. month of Enterprises employees and two tribal June. By Fred Shortman, Editor attorneys who are eagerly looking forward The Community Walk is held on the third to having modern offce space. Thursday of every month. The community It was a cool, sunny, Friday morning for the on the front porch of the tribal center and David Youckton, Enterprises CEO, said: is invited to participate to raise awareness scheduled cemetery clean up day. The work awaited the blessing before heading out “Enterprises’ new offces will enhance the of diabetes in Indian Country, and spread on the cemeteries has been a long-standing to the four cemeteries. Bones performed Chehalis Tribe’s frst impression when we the word that diabetes can be prevented by tradition to prepare for the Memorial Day a somber blessing due to a recent death meet and great new business partners.” regular exercise and healthy eating. The Weekend. In the past the men would gather, in the community, then about twenty There are no immediate plans for next Diabetes Prevention Community Walk bringing their own tools and equipment to Chehalis tribal employees headed out to the the Bed & Breakfast house at this time. will be held Thursday, July 16, so plan to work as a team to clean the cemeteries, and cemeteries. Soon you could hear the riding However, Enterprises has identifed the join us for the exercise and help us keep the prepare the ball felds for the weekend. The lawn mowers roaring, and see a large group property corner of Anderson along Hwy 12 walking stick for another month!! women would prepare the meal for everyone of people gathered around the maintenance for future economic development. “Since who helped, providing a feast when they truck selecting their tools to get work Anderson Road is the gateway to the Tribal Web Site Now were fnished cleaning. Percy Youckton, our started. Chehalis Reservation, the B&B property On Line Chairman in the mid eighties, volunteered It was nice to see community members deserves special consideration for its By Fred Shortman, Editor the employees to help clean the cemeteries. working alongside the employees. Everyone future development,” according to Chris Chehalis tribal employees gathered scattered about the tribal cemeteries to clean Richardson, Enterprises Managing Director. Our Chehalis tribal website is up and See Tribal Days, page 4 running: IT Department Senior Systems Analyst Steve Raher has Cancer Walk Doubles in Size and Support been working diligently on it. It is still under construction, but the shell is on line. You can fnd past issues of the newsletter By Orinda Goddard, Health Services Assistant on the website. As Steve works with the nd tribal program directors, you’ll see more The 2009 2 Annual Cancer Walk had 114 donations and help that we got to make this Jake Dickerson also made himself available wonderful event happen. improvements and additional information. walkers participate. The walk took place Four cancer survivors joined the walk: Jo to ensure the safety for everyone. If you have any question or comments, on Sunday, May 24. It was a great turnout At the end of the walk, participants were contact Fred Shortman at 360-709-1726 or with 65 more walkers then last year. Starting Aldrich, Theresa Youckton, Georgette Wells, greeted with fresh water and applause. The email at the display board on the family services and Farralee Walseth-Burnett. It’s such a frst ones to complete the walk were some building, the walk route proceeded to the gas blessing for these women to be a part of this of our youth: 1 Cameron Snell (age 7), st station and back. It was a 5K walk, which walk. Dan “Bones” Gleason drove around to 2 Kristen Secena (age 7), and 3 Chavez nd rd is three miles long. Several different tribes make sure the walkers got plenty of water to Secena (age 9). The oldest ones that joined were represented in the walk: Chehalis, stay hydrated and provided rides for those to walk were Dora Underwood (Quinault) Quinault, Skokomish, Muckleshoot, who needed it. Law Enforcement Sergeant See Cancer Walk, page 4 Nisqually, Lower Elwah, Yakima, PO Box 536 Coeur D’Alene, and Tlingit. City, ST Zip The walk was Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 a last-minute planned event * Return Service request coordinated by FirstName LastName Joyleen McCrory Chehalis Tribal Newsletter and Orinda Goddard. It was organized in two days with a PRSRT STD lot of help from PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA staff and Tribal US POSTAGE PAID members. We (Available-Under Construction) ©Copyright have to thank 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER our Tribe for is a publication of the Confederated Tribes all the wonderful Over one hundred people from the Chehalis and other tribes walked 5 kilometers to show support of of the Chehalis Reservation. cancer victims and survivors, and increase awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.
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