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P. 1    FREE Vol. October 2009 2/10 CHEHALIS  Blast from the Past: 1932 photo of the Chehalis Program TRIBAL people during Pioneer Days at Centralia’s Borst News NEWSLETTER Park, page 3 Clinic Hours Change to  Chehalis Legend from the Smithsonian Institute, Fall and Winter Seasons  “People of the Sands”  page 3 Fall and Winter Hours Monday—Friday Chehalis youth take on 8 AM to 4:30 PM Cowlitz Tribe at canoe races Staff meetings happen on Wednesdays, so if it is an emergency call 9-1-1. If it is urgent please come to the back door and  Youth win two out of three canoe races contact our staff. Main doors to the clinic with Cowlitz, but both tribes take home top will opened at 9 am. Hours will change for Spring and prizes of tradition and honor, page 2 Summer. Free Classes to Help with Community Effort Makes Tribe Saves Money, Personal Budgeting Skills Meets Another By Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator Chehalis-Hosted Weaving Financial Literacy Classes are available on Conference a Success Expansion Goal with Monday, October 1, 2009 starting at 5 pm. Tribal and local community members, ages New CTE Building 17 and up, are encouraged to join. Brenna Youckton, What is it? Administrative Assistant for CTE This is a class to help tribal or community members with personal budgeting skills, or Chehalis Tribal Enterprises is happy to assist people that are in process of taking announce its move into the refurbished out a bank loan or buying a home. This modulars near End of the Trail 2 on class will help you budget your fnances in Anderson Road. Though it took us some a better way. There will be classes teaching time to get adjusted and comfortable after you about credit scores and their impact the move, we were very pleased to host on fnancing. These classes will be very an Open House for the community on important to you and help everyone in September 23. The event was held from 11 securing their fnancial future. am - 2 pm to accommodate everyone. Daycare will be provided if needed Over 80 visitors were given group tours  Food/drink will be available, depending throughout the building by Enterprises’ on size of class. Master Weavers from many tribes passed on basket-weaving techniques managers; David Youckton and Chris  These classes will last from 6 to 8 weeks. during the 15th meeting of NNABA. Many students from the Chehalis and Richardson. They invited visitors to Cost is FREE and these are a series of other tribes completed baskets for the first time. Their names and tribes participate in a trivia hunt of Q&A’s located classes that will be very important to you were announced and the teachers held up the baskets for applause. throughout the Enterprise building. The and your kids in your future. There are a By Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator objective of the hunt was provide facts about total of 10 Modules. CTE and answer any question that people  Part 1—Bank On It (Introduction to The Chehalis Tribe hosted the 15th annual my classes. It was a huge turnout and I ran might have had. We didn’t make it too hard; banking); Part 2— Borrowing Basics Northwest Native American Basketweavers out of kits.” we even let everyone know what our CEO (Intro to credit); Part 3—Check it out; Association (NNABA)* Gathering on Sally Pikutark, a Chehalis Elder, added, David Youckton’s favorite soda is (Which is (How to choose and keep a checking October 2 – 4 at the Great Wolf Lodge. “I had 38 students, and enjoyed being Coke Zero)! There was also a light lunch for account); Natives came from all over the United States with so many young and eager learners.” visitors after the tour and trivia hunt.  Part 4— Money Matters (How to keep and Canada with open minds and hearts to Many agreed that it was a challenge for all Each person received a free raffe ticket track of your $$); part 5—Pay Yourself learn new techniques from Master Weavers. the frst- timers. They stayed with it, and just for showing up. And each person who First (Why you should save). Early registration began Thursday everyone completed their projects. flled out the trivia sheet received a second These classes are confdential so what is afternoon. Each adult and elder received a In the grand ball room, there were many free raffe ticket. said in class stays in class. Nobody will be woven cedar turtle created by the Red Cedar tables flled with people learning from We were excited about the number of giving out your information. Contact Diana Hat Club to attach to their name tag. the Master Weavers. It was a wonderful people who stopped by that afternoon. Pickernell for more information. 360-709- On Friday free classes were set up in a approach as Master Weavers taught not Thank you to everyone who took the time to 1631 or email: dpickernell@chehalistribe. separate room for the youth. It was a great only the style, but the mind set a person come see us and our new building, making way to preserve traditional weaving and needs to fnish their project. The students our little event a success. Also, thank you encourage the children to become basket demonstrated a thirst for knowledge and to the Business Committee, the Heritage End of the Trail IV weavers. Many of the instructors were youth commitment as they learned to weave their and Culture Program, the Offce of Tribal Drive - Thru Espresso & Tobacco themselves. They made beautiful projects magnifcent baskets, listening and focusing Attorneys, and the Lucky Eagle Casino for 18101 Anderson Road including feathers, cedar baskets, and turtles. with the goal to fnish. donating the food and raffe items. Oakville (360) 273-0284 Shelby McCrory, age 17, said, “This was The gathering was a full-out Chehalis The 4,700 square foot CTE offce Come check out our monthly coffee specials. very satisfying. I had 20 students in one of community-involved event. It took building cost half as much as a new stick- Hours are Monday - Saturday 6 AM - 9 PM Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM See Weaving, page 4 See Enterprises, page 4 Interior of Tribal Community Center Revealed MexiGo Adds New Menu Item By Fred Shortman, Editor The MexiGo fast food restaurant at the EOT The long-awaited tour of the new Chehalis temporary occupancy permit and said, “On with each other as they wandered through II has added pizza to their menu. The cost Tribal Community Center fnally arrived. behalf of the Business Committee and staff the areas that were open for the public is $4.99 for a personal-size pizza, either On Wednesday, September 30, community who put this project together, welcome to see: the large gym, gathering room, sausage or pepperoni. Store hours are and tribal members toured the beautiful new to our new Community Center. The goal swimming pool, and kitchen. The beautiful, Monday-Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM. community center. There was excitement is to have this building as a center piece new Chehalis Tribal Community Center in the air during this momentous step in the of activity. We will fnd many ways this proved it will be a huge asset to the tribe, continued growth that our tribe is making. building can be used. There is room to grow a place for friends and family to gather, As tribal members entered the parking lot and with the building’s fexibility, we’ll fnd visit and develop an even stronger sense of they could see the beautiful landscaping even more use of this building.” community. created by Larsen Casteel. The three fags, Tribal and community members visited high on their poles, were waving in the wind, welcoming everyone to the 55,000 square- PO Box 536 foot building designed by the City, ST Zip Buffalo Design Group. Street Address Inside the building, guests Oakville, WA 98568 marveled at the beautiful, * Return Service request repeated basket pattern. The FirstName LastName cedar incorporated throughout Chehalis Tribal Newsletter the building and in the furniture was spectacular. It was apparent that there was a lot work and thought that went into the design of the building. PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 Dan “Bones” Gleason OAKVILLE WA provided a special blessing and US POSTAGE PAID prayer for the building and all (Available-Under Construction) ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER those who will be using it and Tribal employees started moving into the new Chehalis Tribal Community Center on is a publication of the Confederated Tribes working there. October 16. Although it is never fun to move, employees are excited about the quality of the Chehalis Reservation. David Burnett held up the and atmosphere of the building and offices.
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