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P. 1    FREE January 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Elders honored 3/1 Program TRIBAL with dinner to celebrate News NEWSLETTER Christmas Casino Looking for Native  Elders enjoyed visiting, dinner, and Art to Sell in Gift Shop a gift exchange. Then they shared their The Lucky Eagle Casino wants to showcase  “People of the Sands”  memories of past holidays, page 3 Northwest Native Tribal Art, and will be hosting an Open House in the Event Center on Saturday, January 30 (exact time TBD), Chehalis youth participated to fnd Northwest Native artists who would like to sell their art through the Casino Gift in their frst piano recital Shop.  Who Should Attend: Anyone who believes they can create Native Northwest  Youth piano lessons help them play art that would honor the Chehalis Tribe, and that people would be proud to professionally and with pride, page 2 own. Items that are needed are baskets, beadwork, carvings, dolls, drawings, drums, dream catchers, jewelry, paddles, Expanding Tribal Enterprises 2009 Christmas paintings, shields and other artwork.  How to Register: To pre-qualify or for are Focus of Annual Meeting Party was Bigger and more information, artists should contact Merrill Goldstein, 360-272-2000 ext. 245, Better Than Ever or email  Available Display Space May be By Fred Shortman, Editor Limited: Register early to ensure your The 2009 Community Christmas Party was attendance. Deadline to register is January held at the Lucky Eagle Events Center on 22, 2010. Buyers will be present to Sunday, December 20. You could see the evaluate the offerings. Orders might be whole room flled with tables and wall-to- placed at the show or sometime after. wall people. It is always an outstanding and well-attended event. Cheryle Starr, Events Behavior Health’s New CD Coordinator, and her volunteers did an Staff Hours Have Changed outstanding job. What a way to get your gift Behavior Health CD staff, Gail and Tammy, or spend a little extra time with your friends hours have changed: and family. Cheryle had many activities Gail’s schedule: scheduled like Bingo, a raffe for Elders,  Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, 4-6 PM, adults and youth, dinner and pictures with Youth Center Santa.  Thursdays, 4-6 PM, Youth Treatment At the tribe’s 2009 Annual Meeting, past Tribal Chairs were honored for their Bingo is a popular, family-fun game to Group dedication in assisting the tribe get to where it is today. Pictured (L-R) are attempt to win a special gift. This year the  Wednesdays, 4-5:30 PM, Phase 2, Adult David Youckton, Melvin Youckton, and Virginia “Dolly” Canales. game was sped up by having one adult and Treatment Group By Fred Shortman, Editor Photo by Cheryle Starr one youth winner per game, making it more Any questions, contact Gail at 360-709- enjoyable by all. In between the games, 1682. The annual meeting at the Community The Great Wolf Lodge introduced their Cheryle drew names for each division for Tammy’s schedule: Center was well attended by many tribal new Manager, Mike Lesky. When asked the raffe.  Tuesday and Thursday, 4-6 PM, Adult members. Presentations from the Lucky about how many tribal members were I was encouraged to go up and volunteer IOP Group Eagle Casino, Great Wolf Lodge and our working there, he stated that there is room to sing “Twelve Days of Christmas.” Before Any questions, contact Tammy at 360- Chehalis Tribal Enterprises were very for improvement. They are implementing I started, I invited anyone who wanted to 709-1652. informative. a six-week course to train tribal members sing with me to come up on stage. To my Assessments are done on Mondays and This year’s meeting was postponed for a for desirable positions. They also invited surprise, there were a bunch of children who Wednesdays. Individual assessments are month due to the increase of the swine fu. tribal members to tour the lodge every third came up to join me. They did an awesome done on Fridays. This was the frst annual meeting to be held Thursday of the month. You can fnd the job as they shared the mike, singing loud in the new Community Center. The main sign up sheet at the front desk. The Howlin’ and proud. Thanks to all the children who Wear Red on February 5 meeting was held in the gym, and the tribal Tornado has added a light show every night. sang with me. Heart disease is the number one killer of departments were available in the gathering The River Canyon Run slide was added last The Lucky Eagle Casino and their women in America. Wear red on Friday, room answering questions and providing November. It is a fast-paced slide that hold employees once again provided an excellent February 5, for National Wear Red Day. information about their programs. up to 5 people. dinner. Seafood and prime rib never fail to Together, we can bring a voice to this David Youckton, CFO of Chehalis be favorites. Of course Elders are invited silent killer and help save lives. Enterprise Reports Tribal Enterprises, reported on tribal to be served frst. The youth council also The Lucky Eagle Casino asked Rodney enterprises. The improvements to all four jumped in to serve the Elders who requested Youckton to present on how the casino was of our EOT stores are helping. The new it. doing. Even with the struggling economy it CTE offce building has been completed, Magician Jeff Evans performed was noted that things were slowing down, increasing the tribe’s capabilities to manage magic tricks for the children. It was quite but the casino was still doing well. They’ve all our enterprises. David stated that the entertaining for the children as they laughed implemented some extra incentives to train construction of the storage and packaging and giggled while he surprised them with tribal members for upper management plant has begun, and this growth should magic acts. He’s been performing magic positions. increase our capital gains. There is potential tricks since 1998 for the casino. His frst- See Annual Meeting, page 4 See Community, page 4 More Fish, New Fish House and Fewer River Weeds are a Reality, Thanks to Tribe and Tribal Fishermen By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist The 2009 Coho fshery started in late We hope to include selling smoked fsh at October and the tribal fshermen found lots the Great Wolf Lodge in the future. of fsh, but they weren’t the nicest fsh, with lots of Red Coho brought in. We waited Fish House Update until we had more rain and higher river The new fsh house is great! Our program fows, before fshing started again. The has added a new digital scale to make fsh results showed how much better the fshing buying much more accurate. The fsh house is for bright Coho when we wait for more has a loading dock which makes loading fsh PO Box 536 rain and higher fows. The Coho that were much easier. We also were able to purchase caught were large and averaged well over 10 a giant refrigerator with two rooms for City, ST Zip pounds. keeping fsh fresh longer. With these new Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 Everyone expressed concern about facilities and equipment, we are hoping to fshing early, and hopefully next year we begin more processing and creating value- can wait for more rain and higher fows added products such as caviar and canned FirstName LastName * Return Service Requested before the fshermen go out. The fshermen salmon. This new building has lots of room Chehalis Tribal Newsletter did have an exceptional late season with to grow and be developed into a great several hundred fsh being caught. Most of asset for the fshermen. By processing and them were hatchery origin: This reduces the creating value-added products, we should impact on wild fsh. be able to increase the price paid to the PRSRT STD The fshermen made over $27,000 from fshermen and the Fishermen’s Fund. PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA their Coho, making this a very successful US POSTAGE PAID year. We collected over $300 in fsh taxes Traditional Fishing with Traps and Weirs Fishermen are taking their catch ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL that will go into the Fishermen’s Fund. We I want to introduce some selective fshing to the new fish house. Andy Olson, NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Fisheries Biologist, weighs steelhead Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis have smoked over 500 pounds of fsh to sell Reservation. at the casino, hotel, and convenience stores. See Coho Season, page 4 to be processed and sold.
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