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P. 1   FREE July 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Helpful Information 3/7 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  Fatherhood Fishing creates News NEWSLETTER memorable days for kids and fathers. Prevention Program Offers Tips for budgeting and avoiding heat related illnesses Fun Family Activities  “People of the Sands”  By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist  Healing Circle: Starting July 27 at 4:30 2010 Head Start Graduation PM. There will be a healing circle in front of the building where the canoe is being Celebrate with Friends and Family carved. A small, portable fre pit will be used to cook hot dogs and make smores. Books will be available to read, everyone Twenty-fve Head Start students graduate is welcome. Please bring your own camping chair. Every Tuesday at 4:30. recognized and continue onto Kindergarten , page 2  Day Fitness Camp: Starting July 28 from 3:00-4:00 PM every Wednesday. This will be a fun flled activity and youth Chehalis Canoe Family Travel the Puget of all ages are welcome. We will have different games set out and youth will rotate every 10 minutes. No Snacks or Prizes will be given out. This is a strictly Sound in the 2010 Paddle to Makah “come and have healthy fun and be ft activity.” It will be in the parking lot of the Community Center every Wednesday. (This is a community volunteer project, youth workers.)  Youth Talking Circle: Starting July 28 and every Wednesday.Lorrie Bonifer will meet youth at TELO at 3:00-4:00 PM- no appointments - all youth are welcome.  Fresh Organic Veggies: We have partnered with Newaukaum Valley in Adna for weekly fresh organic vegetables. Pick up days for produce are Fridays. Deliveries to Head Start and other locations. This program will be available until October 18.  Cooking Demo with Organic Veggies: Pat Odiorne will lead a Cooking Demonstration at Head Start, Youth On Monday July 19 final landing ceremonies were amazing as Makah Nation honored all the canoe families as they Center, and at the Elders Center once a requested to enter their land. As the canoes were greeted by Elders, leaders and royalty dressed in their respective month. ragalia, making this the best greeting ever.  I am amazing: This is a curriculum By Fred Shortman, Editor geared towards Head Start. This program covers many areas to help our youth This year marked the fourth time the the hosting tribes providing much needed and respecting each other and other Tribes’ learn refusal skills, builds self esteem Chehalis Canoe Family has participated extra water. traditions. and confdence. The Prevention Program in the Tribal Canoe Journey. Shortly after As the journey continued the number of Campgrounds were established and combined with other departments will freworks season ended, many Canoe Family participants started to grow as familiar and delicious meals provided by each hosting teach this class at Head Start. members were seen excitedly packing and new faces joined up at different locations to tribe. Canoe families sang thank you songs,  Strengthening Families: This is one night preparing for this year’s journey. Each add to the pullers and ground crew. It wasn’t recognizing their hard work and the long each week on Thursdays for 7 weeks. individual anticipated spending time with a vacation though, as the ground crew hours for the cooks who worked diligently It is a family oriented class that assists family and making new friends while traveled in their “ground canoes” breaking to feed this large group of canoe families families in working together to deal with traveling the Puget Sound with “One Heart, down camp, and moving to the new location breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hands up to the complex and simple issues. One Mind.” to set up again. Many hours were spent hosting tribes and cooks for their dedication The journey began on Wednesday, July driving to the different tribes who were in making this a safe and successful journey. Events are sponsored by the Mental 7th at Squaxin Island, where camp was set hosting the next stop. The tribes shared their At camp many youth were seen learning Health Mini Grant, Prevention Funds. Please up and formal protocol happened that night. songs and dances at the evening camps. and laughing together as they worked contact Lorrie Bonifer at 360-709-1717 if The following morning the journey began One heart, One mind is hard to explain on their regalia or gift items for the fnal you are interested in attending any of these through Puget Sound waterways. Many and you really need to be there to get the destination protocol. Each individual was programs. early mornings followed as the participating full impact. It is what the Chehalis Canoe required to make or donate ten items each, tribal canoe families began each day at Family is all about: sharing, and teaching and for many it was their frst time beading 4:00 AM. It was hot the frst few days with the youth about family and team values, or making traditional items. Applications Available temperatures reaching into the mid-nineties. about sharing in the workload and enjoying Many agreed that the early mornings The heat created safety issues for both the each other’s company. It’s not just about were tough, but necessary to make the Looking for work? Please contact the pullers and land crew, who were grateful for the work to be done, but about learning See Canoe Journey, page 4 following to see what positions are available. Fireworks Season is a Family Business and  Enterprises: Contact Anna M. Hartman at 360-273-1251 ext 112 or e-mail New Shows Signs of Economic Improvement positions available.  Tribal Center: Sylvia Cayenne at 360-709-1508; or email Scayenne@ By Fred Shortman, Editor With the unusually wet and cold summer to provide security in order to  Lucky Eagle Casino: Allison Carter at weather the 2010 freworks season brought protect their interests. 360-273-2000 some challenges for both stand owners and Marketing strategy is wholesalers. The soggy felds quickly turned the key to success for the the entry roads into a muddy and sloppy freworks season. Listening mess. Trucks were dispatched to fx this and to some of the sales pitches customers were able to access the freworks from the stands was quite they were planning to purchase. unique and entertaining. To There were 96 Fireworks stands set up be successful many freworks throughout the reservation; Thunder Alley, stand owners rely on their PO Box 536 Thunder Valley 1 and Thunder Valley 2, return customers who they Top of the Hill, Thunder City Mall, Indian refer to as “repeats.” The City, ST Zip Country, Moon Road and one stand at the veteran stand owners always Street Address Tribal Center Parking lot and another on look forward to building a Oakville, WA 98568 South Bank Road. bigger customer base. The Fireworks season was a time for families economy and amount of FirstName LastName * Return Service Requested to gather together to prepare their stands stands affected last year’s Chehalis Tribal Newsletter for another season. Many stand owners proft margins, and continued were seen rebuilding stands, painting to impact this year’s and flling their stands with stock. The freworks season; although hiring of employees and arranging work many stand owners agreed PRSRT STD schedules brought the anticipation of selling they had a successful season Selling Fireworks is a family tradition for PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA to customers and making it a successful with some improvement over tribal members. Pictured (L-R) are Grandpa US POSTAGE PAID business venture. For those tribal members last year. Dennis Cayenne proudly to teaching his first ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL who work in the freworks stand, the hours Consumers traveled great NEWSLETTER is a publication of the granddaughter Makayla Ortivez about selling Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis can be long. Some of the families take turns distances to continue their fireworks. She just turned fourteen and it was her Reservation. See Fireworks, page 3 first year she worked in the stand.
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