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P. 1   FREE October 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 4/3 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  1927 Deposition of Chehalis News NEWSLETTER Tribal Elders from our archives on housing  Casino Management Program Community Volunteers helps tribal members to become Invited to Create Indian successful managers (featured is Nativity Scene for the  “People of the Sands”  Joseph DuPuis). Holidays Canoe Family Youth Learn By Diane Devlin, Cultural Coordinator The Cultural Program has joined with the Traditional Salmon Cooking Youth Program and community Wood Shop Hobbyist to create an Indian Nativity Scene for Christmas. I will be drawing the  Youth worked with Elders, and adults cooking Christmas fgures and animals on sheets fsh at the Chehalis Watershed Festival, page 2 of plywood, the Youth Program will help paint the scenery. We are hoping that every youth in the community will add their brush strokes to the project. Parents are Employees Recognized for Their Salmon Runs most welcome to come and help paint the people and animal fgures to make it truly a Dedication to the Tribe at Picnic Will Suffer if community project. At the wood shop we will need volunteers to cut the fgures out of the Chehalis River plywood and prepare them to stand in a group setting. All materials for the project Dammed will be provided by the Cultural Program. We are fortunate to have many artists in By Fred Shortman, Editor the Tribal community, so please come and share your talent to make the Nativity Scene You may have heard rumors about an idea something for all to enjoy. to build dams on the Chehalis River; the Once the project is completed the Indian rumors are true. Some folks who live in the Nativity Scene will be displayed at the food plain of the Chehalis River are tired Community Center. Ray Secena and his staff of getting fooded and are asking the Army are helping us light-up the Indian Nativity Corps of Engineers (the Corps) to see if Scene for after dark illumination. dams near Pe Ell and Boistfort might lower Anyone wishing to help with the project the fooding, especially in Chehalis and please contact me at my offce or call 360- Centralia. This isn’t the frst time dams have 709-1621. been considered in this basin. The Corps has looked at it before, but hasn’t found a workable design. Any dam the Corps builds Community Center Employees were honored by having their name and years of service must be justifable in terms of the cost of announced at the annual tribal picnic. Each received a gift for their years of Activities service. This photo is the raffle portion of the employees picnic. Pictured construction and minimal damage to the are (L-R) Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator, and volunteers Angie Youckton river. They are still searching for a spot that The Youth Center has received the second and Carla Myer. would hold back enough water, yet still not shipment of backpacks has arrived for damage the river too much. students who didn’t receive one from the By Fred Shortman, Editor The latest proposal, put together by the Back-To-School celebration. Come and get Lewis County PUD and the Lewis County yours at the Youth Center. The Annual Employees’ Picnic was held on earning $500.00, second place $250.00 and Commissioners, calls for a hydroelectric Nisqually is organizing a tribal basketball Thursday, August 19 at Columbus Park on third $125.00 It was a highly competitive dam above Pe Ell and another on the South league with a jamboree on October 24 in Black Lake. Employees and their families activity as bystanders yelled cheers of Fork Chehalis near Boistfort. Their study Nisqually. Practice has already started for enjoyed games, seeing the traditional racing encouragement for their fellow co-workers. proposes to lower fooding and be cost middle-school age youth. Any youth who canoes, horse shoes, visiting, the setting, All employees who attended received effective, but independent reviews of that wishes to participate in this league needs swimming, and lots of good food. Chehalis logo red and black backpacks, and study have pointed out faws and bad data. to sign up and attend practices starting at A special part of the picnic was drawings were held for prizes donated by the The Corps is proposing to study the 5 PM at the Community Center. Practice recognition of employees for years of Casino, Great Wolf Lodge, End of the Trail, entire basin to fnd different ways to lower is mandatory to be eligible to play in the service. Each Elder was honored by and local businesses. Great Job to Cheryl food damage and improve the ecology of league. Any questions please contact Tony receiving special gifts as they continue to Starr, Events Coordinator and her group of the river. That study is called the Basin Wide Medina, Youth Center Director at 360-273- be instrumental in contributing working for volunteers. It was a great day to relax for General Investigation (the GI) and the Tribe 9674. the Tribe. Seven employees were honored everyone. is helping to create the plan for that study. TELO staff is available for the homework for 30 plus years of service to the Chehalis Big dams and other types of water retention club Monday through Friday from 3:00 PM Tribe: Dan “Bones” Gleason, Gerrie Volley Ball Tournament Results will be studied in the GI as the Corps looks to 5:00 PM. If your child needs help with Sanders, Dale Klatush Sr., Annie Jones, for any way to reduce fooding and improve their homework contact Nathan Floth at Dolly Canales, Debbie Shortman, and Joan 1 Place went to CTC the river ecology. That plan must be cost st 360-709-1578. Martin. 2 Place went to Ralph Wyman’s team effective too. nd The annual volleyball tournament was 3 Place went to Natural Resources Dams will have serious impacts on the rd Grant Awarded to as competitive as usual with frst place salmon runs. The PUD states that dams Purchase Water Aerobics See Picnic, page 4 See Dams, page 4 Class Equipment Chehalis Represented at Diabetes Awareness Walk The Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging has awarded a grant to the Chehalis By Pat Odiorne, SDPI of Diabetes Care, RD, CDE Tribal Aqua Aerobics program to purchase equipment. The Aqua Aerobics classes are On Saturday, September 18, taught by Lynn Hoheisel. Classes are held 2010 the Annual Diabetes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Awareness Walk was held If you’d like more information please at the Squaxin Island Tribal stop by the Diabetes Prevention offce and Gymnasium. This was the talk to Lynn or call her at 360-709-1744 second year for the event sponsored by the Special Diabetes Program for Indians, both for Diabetes Care and Prevention. The SDPI Prevention Program has received Indian Health Service PO Box 536 funding for the seventh year City, ST Zip and works to help Native Street Address Americans make lifestyle Oakville, WA 98568 changes to delay or prevent Diabetes. FirstName LastName Tribes participating * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter in the Walk are part of a Consortium whose purpose is to Prevent Diabetes. For more information about Diabetes and PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 Diabetes Prevention contact OAKVILLE WA US POSTAGE PAID Lynn Hoheisel, Community Chehalis tribal and community members were part of the five tribe consortium at ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Outreach Representative at the 2010 Annual Diabetes Awareness Walk at the Squaxin Island Tribe. Diabetes is a NEWSLETTER is a publication of the the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis preventable and manageable disease, so get tested regularly. Reservation. Center at 360-709-1744. Photo submitted by Pat Odiorne
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