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P. 1   FREE November 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 4/4 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  Part 3 of the 1927 Deposition News NEWSLETTER of Chehalis Tribal Elders from our archives on housing.  Casino Management Program Energy Assistance Available helps tribal members to become to Help With Energy Bills successful managers: Featured Do you need assistance with your electric  “People of the Sands”  (Vanessa Youckton). bills? The LIHEAP energy assistance program will be accepting applications on Youth place in Annual Flag December 2 at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center in the WIC Offce from 10 AM to Football tournament 6:00 PM. Qualifcations  Please bring your income verifcation  The youngest team is rewarded with a from head of household for anyone 18 years and older. If you get a Per Capita fun football experience, page 2 bring a copy of the pay stub as long as it shows year to date income. If no year to date income then bring all of August, Volunteers Create September and October. Tribe Puts on Class-Act Veterans  Bring your current light bill.  If you are on the fnancial part of DSHS Evening, Attracting Vets from Memorable then an award letter is required.  If your on Social Security or SSI an award Halloween for the letter or direct deposit stub from the bank. Entire Region  The client will also need to know Community the social security numbers of all the household regardless of age. Any questions for qualifcation please By Fred Shortman, Editor contact Debbie Shortman 360-709-1689. As a popular holiday Halloween is second Tribal Holiday Closures only to Christmas in America. Millions celebrate the holiday each year without The Tribal Center and Clinic will be closed knowing its origins, which makes the through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plan holiday that much more exciting. Some ahead to insure your have your medicines and other business taken care of. Have a view Halloween as a time for fun, friends, Safe Holiday Seaon. and families getting together, and a chance to talk with neighbors. Others see its Thanksgiving: superstitious nature or ties to the deceased. November 24, 25 and 26 (All day) Some religions even view it as an unholy holiday. But whatever your view, you cannot Christmas: deny the fascinating nature of the story of December 23, 24 and 27 Halloween. No matter what your age, the last New Years night of October is one to look forward to December 30 (1/2 day) celebrating. This year on the reservation December 31 and January 3, 2011 homes were decorated and some very elaborate Jack-o’-lanterns lit as the night November is Native Veterans were honored at the Veterans Day Dinner at the Lucky Eagle began. Halloween trick or treating started American Heritage Month! Casino. Chehalis tribal youth, Junior Jack and his brother Geo Jack thanked early as the weather was cool, but the rain them personally with a heartfelt handshake and kinds words. held off as children ran house to house in November is Native American Heritage By Cecilia Kayano, Freelance Writer their costumes. Month, and what better way to celebrate it On what other holiday do you have an than to learn something about the culture of  The November 11 Aldrich, who served in WWII, and her excuse to eat all the sugar you want and some of the frst Americans? Celebration’s highlight was a uncles who served in Vietnam. She started wear whatever you want or wear a disguise Elders Christmas Bazaar tribute to World War II vets who a Veterans Appreciation Ceremony at the and act out a character of your choosing. People chose some very scary costumes Quinault Nation, then moved to the Chehalis Saturday, December 4 each received an embroidered Reservation where, along with Donna Choke to wear to various activities, the costume 9 AM-5:30 PM jacket and Joan Martin, started this tribe’s Veterans contest, haunted house, and teen dance. The At the Lucky Eagle Casino Appreciation Day. 2010 Halloween was memorable on the Bingo Hall What started as a way to thank a Chehalis The frst one was funded by money raised Chehalis Reservation. There will be over 100 vendors-good food, family’s veteran for his sacrifces is now a by Lori, her children and Donna. The tribe Native crafts and many different items huge, regional show of gratitude to veterans donated fsh. It was an instant hit, flling Head Start to choose from. Do all your Christmas of every color. And, the heartfelt feeling of the massive Lucky Eagle Casino Event On Friday, October 29 Head Start students Hall with veterans who came from local thanks is being reciprocated. shopping in one place!!! Over a decade ago, Lori (Thomas) communities and far corners of southwestern kicked off the Halloween holiday with Tovrea wanted to honor veterans, and show Washington. their annual parade through the tribal Please contact Nancy Romero at departments. 360-480-2911. her appreciation for her step-father, Garnett Now, nine years later, it is so popular See Veterans, page 4 See Halloween, page 4 Tribal Community Large Turnout in Support for the NWWP’s 8 th Christmas Party Sunday, December 19 Starts at 11 AM Annual Intertribal Breast Cancer Awareness Walk At the Lucky Eagle Casino By Christina Hicks, Community Health Representative Lots of fun activities for the tribal community bingo, dinner, crafts for the kids October is National Breast Cancer three of them were diagnosed with breast months. Through a Self Breast Exam (SBE) and Santa will be there for photos and gifts. Awareness Month. On Saturday, October cancer, two were diagnosed with cervical she found a small hard lump and discovered Please contact Cheryl Starr, 16 , the Chehalis Tribe’s NWWP program cancer and one is cancer free. Donna has she had stage one breast cancer. Donna th Events Coordinator at 360-709-1524. hosted the Native Women’s Wellness 8 been cancer free for eleven years and three th Annual Intertribal Breast Cancer Awareness See Cancer Walk, page 4 Walk convening at the Chehalis Tribe’s Community Center “Gathering Room”. We started the event with an opening prayer, led by Chehalis Tribal elder Dan “Bones” Gleason. Don Secena, Vice- PO Box 536 Chairman, welcomed everyone to our community and acknowledged that it City, ST Zip Street Address was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He Oakville, WA 98568 thanked participants for coming to support this event. Carmen Kalama, Community * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter FirstName LastName Service Director at SPIPA, then welcomed everyone. It was a cool, brisk, and sunny morning to take a walk in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Walkers chose to walk a one, two or three mile route. Most of the 159 PRSRT STD walkers chose to walk the two-mile course PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA from the Community Center to the stop sign The AVON Foundation for Women banner was carried along the Intertribal Breast Cancer US POSTAGE PAID at Anderson and Howanut Road. Awareness Walk encouraging women to get their mammograms done because early detection ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Once back from the walk, everyone saves lives in the prevention of cancer. Pictured are (L-R) is Tanya Brown, Elisa Del Rosario, NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis listened to Donna Lyle, breast cancer Courtney Wright, Lynn Hoheisel, Connie Baker, Chisula Chambers, Talisa Jones, Shayden Reservation. survivor. Donnas’ mother had six daughters; and Layla Baker
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