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P. 1   FREE March 2011 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 3/5 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  The Book "Glimpses of Gate" shares neighbors memories of past News NEWSLETTER Chehalis Reservation people. Part 3  Casino announces Tribal members Program Requests advancement in organization. Information Recognizing the  Great Wolf Internship Program. 2011 Graduating Seniors  “People of the Sands”  Featured Tribal Member, Julie Miller The Education Department is getting an early start at planning the Graduation Exercise Room Available Celebration for the 2011 graduating seniors. The Education Department is asking all  Get in shape and use the exercise room at the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to let us know if you have a student who will be Community Center, page 2 graduating this year. Also, if your student is graduating with honors, let us know which  Clinic News, page 2 school your child is graduating from and we will do our part to make sure your student is  Avoid Penalties as tax deadline looms, page 2 recognized. Any information is helpful, and thanks for your participation. Seniors, keep up Community Center Gym Hosts Tribe Steps the good work and we’re looking forward to seeing you this summer. We could be It’s First Men’s All-Indian Up When the looking forward to the largest graduating class of Chehalis Youth in a long time. Call for Help Please turn your information to Jason Basketball Tournament Gillie at 360-709-1888 or JJ Shortman at is Heard 360-709-1749. Graduation will soon be upon us, so our program encourages families to get their information to us. By Jenee Penn, Tribal Member Program Available to Assist I heard about the fre on the Yakama reservation. About 18 homes were lost Tribal Community Members and some of those homes were multiple to Become More Employable family dwellings. I decided that I wanted to help. I know in 2007, when we had major The Vocational Rehabilitation Program fooding, that Dan and I were in a similar has moved back to the Resource Center situation. We lost our home, car and most (the old Clinic)! of our belongings. During that hard time, We have posted the latest job openings we were very touched by some Puyallup and news on trainings, apprenticeships, tribal members that held a beneft concert to and much more. assist food victims. It felt nice to know that Stop in or give us a call. For more someone who doesn’t even know me cared information about our program contact enough about me and my family to help us. Barbara Churchill 360-709-1633 or I called the volunteers over in Yakama Orinda Goddard 360-709-1735. Tomahawk and Tournament Director Chris Klatush takes a free throw and asked what I could do to help. The lady attempt during the first game of the tournament against Nisqually. The coordinating the relief efforts over there Insurance Available for Tomahawks team came out the victors in this game. told me the fre victims were desperately in need of canned food and toiletries, Home Owners/Tenants By Fred Shortman, Editor especially diapers. I decided to spear-head Program Available to Protect a relief effort on the Chehalis reservation. Your Property This is the frst men’s All-Indian Basketball This was a fun and exciting basketball For a little more than a week donations were collected at the Tribal Center. The generosity The Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority Tournament at the Chehalis Tribal tournament weekend as natives from the of our people absolutely amazed me. When all over the northwest came to demonstrate Community Center on the weekend of has information and applications for the February 11-14. Chris Klatush assisted by their basketball prowess to win the jackets. it came time to drive the donations over to AMERIND Native American Protection Justin Youckton had 14 teams participate Their athletic ability made for some the White Swan families, we had to rent Plan or the AMERIND Native American in their frst Tomahawk Basketball dazzling plays on both offense and defense a U-haul truck. The truck was absolutely Shield. This insurance coverage covers Tournament. They were busy scheduling which kept you on the edge of your seat. packed with clothes, diapers, kitchen items, dwellings, other structures (garages, barns, games to be played at our community center On offense watching the fast breaks, run towels, canned food etc. The volunteer tool sheds etc) and personal property. and Oakville High School gymnasiums. and gun attitude, deadly accurate 3 point who helped unload the truck was excited to This program is available to Native This was an All Indian+1 true double shooters, as well as slowing down the game go through all the good stuff the Chehalis American Homeowners and Rental elimination tournament, allowing 5 fouls and setting up and running through their people sent over. Tenants living within the boundaries of and each Technical foul called cost the plays. On defense is also an exciting part With help from Pam Youckton, Elaine the Reservation. For an application and/or offending player $5.00 to be paid before of the game, with blocked shots, steals McCloud and a couple others that prefer additional information stop by the Housing the start of the next game or they were with quick hands as defenses quickly shut to stay anonymous, we were able to also Offce. disqualifed. Interesting note on the weekend down opposing offenses denying attempts put together a very last minute lunch/silent that there was only one technical was called to score points. At times the game became auction. The Lucky Eagle Casino donated Quote of the Day! during the whole tournament. very intense and competitive with some very hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch as well Your beliefs become your thoughts. Basketball Tournament, page 4 See Relief Effort, page 4 Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Hard Work and Dedication Rewards Basketball Your actions become your habits. Your habit become your values Your values become your destiny. Team with Gold in the Winter Special Olympics Ghandi By Fred Shortman, Editor To forget how to dig the earth and to Nikki Sanders, a tribal member participated overcome, but was glad she did it. She also The Road to the Gold tend the soil is to forget ourselves. in the Basketball Division of the 2011 admitted it was a lot of hard work, but she Regionals: On February 13 their team Mohandas K. Gandhi Winter Special Olympics. She is the kept working hard to improve. See Winter Gold, page 4 daughter of Mike and Sheena “Bette” Tanner. A chance meeting brought this dream to a reality. While on a feld trip she ran into one of her coaches. He asked her about why he hadn’t seen her playing PO Box 536 basketball. Afterwards, she immediately asked staff if City, ST Zip she could play in this year’s Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 competition. When asked why she wanted to play basketball, * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter “Because I love sports in FirstName LastName general, and basketball is one of my favorite sports.” She joined the Thurston County Bulldogs basketball team with 9 other players, PRSRT STD practicing a few hours a day PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA two times a week. This helped US POSTAGE PAID build a solid teamwork effort, The Thurston County Bulldogs won gold medals in the 2011 Winter Special Olympics in ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL and fundamental basketball Wenatchee Washington in March. Their effort and dedication to playing basketball was NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis skills. Nikki admitted that awe-inspiring. Reservation. there were some obstacles to Photo by Anita Roberts, Team Leader of the Place One
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