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P. 1   FREE Vol. December 2011 5/12 CHEHALIS Program News Page 3: Program TRIBAL  College offering preparation classes at the tribal community center News NEWSLETTER  Tribe seeks public comment on Howanut Realignment Project Chehalis Tribal Wellness  Spotlight on transit service Center News  Native Youth Basketball Photos Medication Reflls: If you are running out  “People of the Sands”  of your pills, please call your pharmacy Youth Activities and Page 2 before you run out. Please expect it to take at least 1-3 working days for it to be flled. Safeway Pharmacy phone number is 360-  Hatchery tour teaches children the dynamics of raising fsh 330-5229. You call them and they send a refll request to us, if you have no reflls  Program requests community input on HUD Indian Housing Plan left. After you’ve called them please verify with the clinic at 360-273-5911 about your  Parent committee efforts reward students with presents from Santa prescriptions. They need to be logged in, so they will be available no later than 4 PM.  Practicing safety protects you while shopping Be aware that the clinic will have closures during the upcoming holidays. Patient Registration: You must notify Casino Hosts Annual Elders Annual Meeting Debbie Shortman of any changes to: your address, phone number, insurance coverage, Bazaar Bringing out Christmas Provides Insight etc. You will be asked at every visit to the clinic about this. Please remember to bring On Growth of your insurance card with you to every visit. Spirit for Shoppers and Vendors Flu Shot: The clinic is now giving out the Chehalis the fu shot to everyone! You can call the clinic to make your appointment with the nurse; it is just now the beginning of the fu Tribe season. Please call 273-5504 to get your fu shot. By Fred Shortman, Editor Dental Appointments: Please remember if you make a dental appointment to please The Annual Chehalis General Council remember to make it to them, If you know meeting was held on Saturday, November you are not going to be able to make it to 12 at the Community Center. A large turnout your appointment PLEASE call at least 24 of 220 Tribal members came out to hear hours before the appointment so we are able the recent year’s accomplishments and to schedule another appointment during future direction of the Chehalis Tribe and its that time. Thanks for your cooperation and Enterprises. consideration. Program staff members were available at their tables in the main lobby of the Support Group Created to Community Center to meet and greet Assist in Achieving Goals of tribal members. Literature and information Getting Healthy was readily available. Social Services, Do you have goals of getting healthy? Law Enforcement, Planning, Wellness Center, Natural Resources and other Eating differently? Getting into an exercise Tribal governmental departments provided routine? This new support group might be Families enjoyed the day shopping for that native gifts for someone special information and answered questions to just what you are looking for. Participants wandering from the wall to wall vendors at the Elders Bazaar. individual Tribal members. The Eagles will learn and share from each other as they Landing Hotel provided complimentary establish lifelong healthy habits. By Fred Shortman, Editor lattes in the morning to announce the th Starting on November 10 , we will meet coming in 2012 of a Starbucks espresso on Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 The Annual Elders Bazaar was held at the vendors. shop off the new hotel lobby. pm in the Clinic PT room. All Community Lucky Eagle Casino on Saturday, December The Shaker Church also sold raffe tickets Members are welcome. 3. The room was flled with over 80 vendors to help raise money for improvements to the Chehalis Tribal Enterprises For more information contact Cindy and Christmas shoppers looking for that Church and other activities. The Enterprises (CTE) were represented Beck at 709-1810 or cbeck@chehalistribe. special gift. What better way to spend The Head Start program had photos with by David Youckton, CEO and Chris org. the day for those hard core shop-a-holics. Santa to assist in providing the purchase of There was plenty to pick from too! Vendors Christmas presents for the little ones in their Richardson, Managing Director. They Dental Clinic Has Electric provided a wide assortment of hand crafted program. The parent committee has been presented the operating results of each business that the Tribe operates outside of Tooth Brush Available for gifts from native art, carvings, basketry, busy to make this yearly effort a special the casino and Great Wolf Lodge, including jewelry and much, much more. Community Members The Elders provided a delicious Christmas for all the children attending the Eagles Landing Hotel, Confederated The dental clinic has Oral B Triumph assortment of food as part of their fund Head Start. They also had a buggy ride at Construction Company, End of the Trail Stores, Stamping, Burger Claim restaurant, the Tribal Center to tour the reservation. electric toothbrush is available for $82.00 raising efforts. MMMM! Clam chowder, It was a good day as Christmas is almost the storage warehouse and I-5 billboards. and for a limited time Oral B is offering a fried bread, chili, goulash was soooo good! here. Merry Christmas and Happy New The casino and lodge have their own $40.00 mail in rebate that ends on December They also sold raffe tickets to enhance a Year! management companies which reported 31. Retail price of this brush is $160.00. We chance at winning donated items from the also have the brand new Sonicare Diamond See Annual Meeting, page 4 Clean toothbrush available for $66.00 retail price for this brush is $200.00. Basketball League Keeps Youth Moving and Promotes For more information please contact Kristi Burke at the dental clinic or call 360- 709-1875. Healthy Lifestyles By Fred Shortman, Editor Quote of the Day! This is the second year for the Inter-tribal of encouragement from the parents, and the support of the Tribal communities in Youth Basketball League. The fall season coaches as they played at their skill level. the continued commitment in keeping "Nothing great has ever been achieved is winding down with the last game being Each game you could see the improvement this worthwhile league going. The youth without enthusiasm." played in December. This year the boys as they gained precious game experience. are looking forward to the Spring league and girls played in the two Elementary Many thanks to all the youth and with schedule which will start soon. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Junior High School divisions. Many of the games were played at several locations every Wednesday evening with the hosting tribe providing a meal. Participating in the fall league were the Skokomish, Nisqually, Suquamish, and PO Box 536 Chehalis Tribes. The Inter Tribal League City, ST Zip was formed with the intent of Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 having native youth play other natives from Tribal communities Chehalis Tribal Newsletter throughout the Northwest. FirstName LastName The league is drug and alcohol free and promotes healthy life styles, sportsmanship, engaging community members and increasing school attendance. PRSRT STD Students who participate must be PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA in school or striving to attain their US POSTAGE PAID GED. ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Win or lose the youth had fun Team Chehalis (Wearing blue) plays defense against team Nisqually (Wearing white) NEWSLETTER is a publication of the as they dribbled, passed and shot the during a game in the Nisqually gym. Nisqually came out the victor, but all the youth Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. basketball. You could hear words had fun playing a sport they love.
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