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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER February 2012 Free Severe Winter Storm Blasts the Chehalis Reservation By Fred Shortman, Editor A few weeks ago, a severe winter storm warning was in effect for the Pacifc Northwest. It promised snow, freezing rain and high winds. As predicted the storm hit, bringing everything to a screeching halt. In some places the snow reached depths between 12-22 inches, then came the freezing rain and high wind conditions. The National Weather Service said it was the frst ice storm to hit since 1996. John Youckton commented, “We were outside, and it sounded like the fourth of July Ray Secena, Jr., brushing off the snow from his truck before heading off to check on the tribal as branches and trees were buildings and family members. Photo by Joyleen McCrory heard snapping and falling.” were found at the Community Construction crew was out in hours and it was no small job, as These conditions knocked out Center, using the facilities to force braving the elements, they dealt with snow, ice, fallen power to many residents. Local stay warm and prepare food plowing and clearing the trees and downed power lines. areas were without power for once the roads were cleared reservation roads and side Great job guys! Your work is at least a week. Dealing with enough to get there. streets. They worked many long greatly appreciated! these conditions was defnitely a challenge for many families. The severe winter storm caused many An emergency was declared as closures: The tribal Tribal elders and members were center, to schools without power during the severe and businesses with cold. Many tribal members hazardous driving went to stay at the Eagle’s conditions and power Landing Hotel. The hotel was outages. It made it full and the waiting list was very safer to stay at home. long. This list created havoc for We were fortunate on tribal and community members the reservation with who did not have generators many only losing or alternative heating sources. power for a day or Some stayed with friends and so, while surrounding family, in order to stay warm areas were out of and fed. Others found other power for a week. local hotels to stay where there Freezing rain and winds created deep snow drifts at the was power available. Others The Chehalis Tribal community center. Photo by Gerrie Sanders
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