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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER July 2012 Free Tribe Honors the High School Graduating Class of 2012 Tribe Honors by Brandon High School Canales with Graduates and an intentional Families “wardrobe- Sixteen malfunction” students were freeze that recognized by had the crowd the community roaring. The Thursday, graduates were June 14 at a good sports, celebratory despite the dinner held in humiliation, their honor. and the room The Lucky grooved with Eagle Casino laughter and Event Center was 2012 High School graduates wrapped in pendleton blankets pictured with the Massive delight. decorated with Monkeys Pictured back row (L-R) are Josh Burnett, Ryan Burnett, Whitney Lewis, Gabe colorful displays Higheagle, Sara Quilt, Johnathan Jack, Jr., Massive Monkey member, Brandon Canales, The capstone and ornaments Jordan Hutchinson, Victoria Parent, Alyssa Charles. of the refecting the Youth Center Manager Tony Championships in London 2004 celebration theme of the evening. An endless Medina made his yearly and have more recently appeared was the presentation of gifts. slide show fashed images of the presentation and gift to the on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Each tribal graduate received an students’ days from babies to proud students, most of whom he has Crew.” Led by Anna “Banana” endowment from the Education graduates. Nearly two hundred known since they were born. “I Freeze, the crew pumped up the Department which included a members of the community were felt jealous because I didn’t have bass and got the crowd moving new laptop computer to use in the present to show their support and a fashy red suit. I gotta get me with death-defying spins, slides, pursuit of further education. The to pay tribute to the students’ one of them,” playfully mocked and body rock for which they Business Committee, represented accomplishments. All in attendance Tony, referring to the celebratory are famous. Members of the by Cheryle Starr, presented the were treated to a delectable dinner apparel donned by the evening’s crew have performed with or provided by the Lucky Eagle. MC William Thoms. “But choreographed dances Continued on page 2... seriously, tonight was the best ever. for the likes of 50-Cent, The evening opened with Language Outstanding job by everyone, from Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Coordinator Dan Penn addressing Nathan’s (Education K-12 Manager Missy Elliott, but tonight the students. He spoke of the Nathan Floth) wife who made the they unleashed the talents history of the tribe, our thousands cake, to the dance crew, to the great of our tribal community of years in this location, and the showing by the community. And graduates. Though long-held connection to the land of course, congratulations to the hesitant and embarrassed, beneath our feet. He credits this whole big group of graduates. I’m the graduates took to the longevity and resilience to the real proud of them.” stage with the Monkees, ability of our ancestors to adapt and after a brief lesson, to any situation. He encouraged The highlight of the evening was engaged in an epic dance the graduates to look into this the after-dinner entertainment battle. Josh Burnett and past, should they need to fnd the featuring the Massive Monkees. Ryan Burnett squared strength to overcome the obstacles The Massive Monkees are a off frst, faunting some that will surely come their way B-boy group, or break dancing wicked improvised The Education program employees throughout life. He wished them crew, from Seattle. They were foor moves. The most introduced themselves at the High luck and expressed support in all crowned the best breaking crew memorable move of School recognition dinner. Pictured their future decisions. in the world at the B-Boy World the night was supplied are Bill Sanders and Jason Gillie.
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