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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER December 2012 Free Annual Veterans Appreciation Day a Huge Success On Sunday, that left the audience with November something to remember 11 the Lucky and take home on this Eagle Casino day. hosted the Veterans Veterans Day Dinner. Committee: Janessa Tables were Bumgarner, Gloria flled wall Jones, Lori Tovrea to wall with would like to thank Veterans the following for for a huge their donations: turnout as Lucky Eagle Casino, the Chehalis Chehalis Tribe, Travers Tribe put on Vietnam War Veterans were invited up on the stage to recognized. The audience Electric, The Recipe Box this event. clapped in appreciation for proudly serving their country. formerly Suzie’s Cakes, This is the and Larry’s Photography. 11 Annual honor as the Veterans marched in what each and every item th Veterans Appreciation Day in displaying the American Flag, the represented for the Prisoners of Thanks to Eric Williams, for the honor and recognition for those POW Staff and the Eagle Staff War who were still lost and missing great invocation, Dan Gleason for warriors who put their life on onto the stage for all to see. After from the wars. It was inspiring as closing prayer and Very Special the line to protect and serve our the National anthem was sang, TJ people listened and prayed for the Thanks to Mike Lucas our MC, he country. This year’s theme revolved Trott lead the Pledge of Allegiance. POW who hadn’t return from the did a great job. Thanks to James around the Vietnam Veterans. It is MC Mike Lucas introduced David wars. Francis on designing the hats, mugs a small but worthwhile tribute to all Burnett, Chairman of the Chehalis & T-Shirts. the veterans and their families for Tribe, and he gave a heart warming Guest Patriotic Speakers Rob their dedication to our country. welcome speech for all to hear. Hangartner, Korean War Veteran; Special thanks to the Ron Averill, Colonel US Army following for their volunteer The event started off by Posting Kenneth Wojczynski presented the Retired and Jayson Brave Heart, efforts: the colors. Everyone stood in POW Ceremony. He described Marine Corp.; each gave a speech Chehalis Tribal Youth, Corina Young, John Grantham, Merrill Goldstein, Johnny Bumgarner, Falisity Bumgarner, Nicole Schwall-Air Force, Kevin Bray, Chip Duncan, TJ Trott, WF West High School Students, Anthony Choke, Mark Tovrea, Lindy Waring, Henri Boyd, Erica Mendez, Donna Choke, Chehalis Tribal Fisherman and Fish Cooks and Lucky Eagle Line Cooks. Fry Bread Makers – Brenda Atkins – Barbara Dominique. The Veterans Committee and Volunteers received a thundering roar of approval from the A huge KUDO to ALL Veterans for Veterans during the Veterans Appreciation Day Dinner. their time served for our country!!
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