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A FREE PUBLICATION. All-Indian tournament Basket finally back home inside Birthdays / 8
FOR MORE TRIBAL Job fair, resource fair / 9
HISTORY, HERITAGE 14 teams compete for Museum returns gift Staff profile / 3 Family / 10
b-ball championship to Chehalis Tribe Boat launch sign / 3 Students of the month / 11
AND ACTIVITIES, SEE Health, wellness / 4-6
CHEHALISTRIBE.ORG. page 3 page 7 Road safety plan / 7

Fun day for LEFT: Elders’
every bunny Children cedar ready
dye eggs for crafting
Children chase down yummy treats at at the
bustling Youth Center Easter egg hunt Chehalis Big thanks goes out to
Youth Walter Lewis for work
On March 24, youngsters Center. prepping materials
hopped on over to the Easter ABOVE:
Egg Hunt sponsored by the The Contributed by Nancy Romero,
Youth Center at the women’s race for Elders Coordinator
softball field. The annual event normally treasure
happens the Thursday before Easter begins. Walter Lewis from the Heritage
weekend. It was a special day for families and Culture Program has been
to gather in celebration of the holiday. children used egg dye provided by the working very hard to strip and
Rainy weather did not deter children as Youth Center. Some personalized eggs by prepare the Elders’ cedar that we
they waited anxiously to begin the hunt. using crayons to write and draw on them were gifted many years ago when
before the dyeing process. Decorating Tracy Bray was director.
Youth center kids, family and staff the eggs was messy, fun and got their
spent two days preparing, dying eggs creativity flowing. Walter has put in long hours
and placing delicious treats in plastic to strip all of the cedar we have.
eggs. They were busy but didn’t mind On the day of the hunt, everyone I never knew the work that goes
traveled over to the baseball field. As into preparing the wood for these
the hard work because it was fun. The children scrambled off the Youth Center beautiful projects. I have been
bus, they smiled with excitement. watching Walter, who exhibits
The green grass of the field was experience and dedication
to the work that he does.
See HUNT, Walter’s expertise is very much
page 12 appreciated.

The cedar was harvested by
Evelyn Penn many years ago for
See CEDAR, page 7

Walter Lewis puts his expertise to
great use prepping Elders’ cedar.
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