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Cedar Bark separate the bark. She then coiled it and Fireworks A lot of work 4 Marie cleaned the material with a knife to (continued from page 1): tied it for curing. This material is used to (continued from page 1): and planning make baskets, hats and mats. It is hard, time consuming, and monotonous work, but the harvest cedar bark. A saw is used to cut from fnished products are awe-inspiring. Half of How it Works the base of the tree. A knife is used to make the bark harvested that day was donated to The Fireworks Committee sets the goes into vertical cuts up the side and pry the bark the Elders program. prices on frecrackers, bottle rockets, away from the tree—enough to get a good Working alongside the Elders, learning artillery and family packs. The prices on fireworks grip on it. The bark is pulled upward to peel how to harvest cedar bark, listening to many of the products rose due to gas prices. it away from the tree. It is amazing how easy their stories, and sharing our memories Advances in pyrotechnics have produced stands and it is. uplifts and recharges the spirit. It is a time some amazing new stuff. Each stand owner Fireworks & Helpers Permit with half of the shows: Cody Revay (age 11) had a little trouble, of good thoughts and ideas. It is a time had to meet the deadline to purchase their as well as a bit of fun, swinging from a of experiencing tradition and connection stubborn strip of bark. Dino Hicks fnally with the Elders and ancestors. It is an proceeds going to the freworks show that helped him pull it off the tree. Cody helped enlightening experience. was matched by the Lucky Eagle Casino. haul the strips out to people waiting to A permit is required to harvest cedar There were 79 freworks stands this year prepare them for cleaning. bark. Any questions, contact Mark White, located in different areas throughout the Nancy Romero, Scarlet Romero, and Director or Natural Resources 273-5911. reservation (Thunder Valley, Thunder Valley Marie Griswold used knives to remove Learn about our culture—experience it for II, Moon Road, Top of the Hill, Thunder the bark to make it into usable material. yourself! City Mall, Indian Country, Tribal Center). A Wedding and... At 9:00 a.m., Pastor Marie Bird married Barbara “Boo” Mora and Gus Dominick at their freworks stand “Ghost Busters” on the Richardson property. The reception was held at the baseball feld before the freworks show. Congratulations and good luck! On the basketball court was a tribal Each stand owner puts a lot “Remembrance Fireworks Show” for those of effort into their business who have passed on. including marketing strategies, purchasing, maintaining stock, Safety First and hiring helpers. Some of the Our licensed pyrotechnician, Barnaby names painted on their stands Canales, set up the freworks show with help are quite unique. The artwork from tribal member volunteers. It can take was awesome. more than eight hours to prepare for a one- hour freworks display. This show is operated with safety as the number-one priority. Wearing appropriate safety gear (frefghter jackets, motorcycle helmets, and eye protection), volunteers are assigned responsibilities such as lighters, loaders, box man, and counters. Cedar bark harvest participants included (front): Evelyn Penn; (middle row, Adjusting for wind conditions is an art left to right): Tyler and Derek Youckton, Scarlet Romero, Nancy Romero, in itself. Tribal law enforcement offcers Cody Revay, Elder Marie Griswold, Elder Carolyn Sloppy, and Stacy Brown; set up and enforced a safety perimeter. The (back row, left to right): Ray Griswold, Dean (Dino) Hicks, Gerald Sloppy, and pyrotechnician and volunteers held a safety Shawn Goddard. meeting. The freworks show was stupendous! It Tribal Staff Profles started off with salutes to get everybody’s A ditch is dug to hold the attention, and then progressed to cakes and mortars. The fnale was a combination of “guns,” metal tubes, ranging cakes and salutes, a dazzling display of from 4” to 12”. Shells for the Cindy Gamble, Suzanne Coombs color, light, and the sound of cannons. main body of the show are Health Services Retires separated according to size, Director By Tracy Mitchel, Thanks to Tribal Volunteers placed into ready boxes, and My name is Cindy Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Thanks again to tribal members Dustin covered to prevent accidental Gamble and I am proud Suzanne Coombs is Klatush, Manny Medina, Sean Ortivez, discharge. The finale rack, to be the new Health retiring this year after Walter Lewis, Virgil Thacker, and Barnaby consisting of a combination of Services Director for eight years as a Head Start Canales, licensed pyrotechnician, for cakes and salutes, is next to be the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis teacher for the Chehalis Tribe. She came another awesome Fourth of July! set up. This makes the finale Reservation. I am a member of the Tlingit to us with over 20 years of early childhood end with a “BOOM!!!” Nation in southeast Alaska. I am an Eagle education experience. Previously she and my clan is the Kaa Xoots Hit Taan, the worked for the Yakima Head Start Migrant Man’s Foot Clan. My husband, Jerry, and I Program and Olympia Childcare Center. She With a Few Simple Changes have three adult children: one daughter and is moving to Baker City, Oregon, to be with two sons. her husband. Diabetes Can Be Prevented For the past 22 years, I have worked More than anything else, Suzanne said for the Southeast Alaska Regional Health she will miss the children, their families, and By Cindy Beck, Consortium (SEARHC). Its mission is, “To the friends she made while she was here. offer the highest quality health care services While she is very sad to leave, she is looking Project Coordinator in partnership with Native people.” Native forward to spending time with her husband, Did you know that diabetes people deserve the highest quality of health her children, and their families. She and her can be prevented? Some simple care services. Native people also have a husband have plans to remodel their house, changes can help decrease your risk responsibility to our traditional values of spend lots of time in the garden, and travel. for diabetes. Staff at the Diabetes respect for our bodies, our spirit, our values, The Head Start staff hosted a going Prevention Program [DPP] offce in and our culture. We have to be committed to away party on June 26. Families, community the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center do the hard work of personal wellness and members, and tribal staff stopped by to wish can help you get started on the road sobriety—to take care of our children, our Suzanne farewell. She will be missed by all. to preventing diabetes. Come talk to Elders and our Mother Earth. Pat Odiorne (director), Cindy Beck (project coordinator), Lynn Hoheisel (community outreach), and Cathy Visser (dietitian), or call 709-1744. New Wellness The main ingredients to good Center staff health and preventing chronic diseases (left to right): like diabetes are exercise, healthy diet, Diabetes Program Staff, clockwise from Cori Fleutsch, stress reduction, and adequate sleep. top left: Cathy Visser, Pat Odiorne, Lynn Donna Elam, DPP also helps people make Hoheisel, and Cindy Beck. and Norine healthier food choices, and reduce Wells. Call us portion sizes. Many people know which Walking is a Win-Win! at 273-5504. foods are healthy, but don’t take the time DPP sponsors Community Health to cook. Below is one of Cathy’s recipes Walks. If you walk or exercise on the third The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Donna Elam, that is easy to make, takes only 30 minutes Thursday of each month for at least 20 Center (CTWC) has been very Physician’s Assistant to prepare, is healthy for you, and is super minutes, let us know and we’ll enter your Donna Elam is a certifed Physician’s fortunate to have these dedicated Assistant. Donna spent the last seven delicious! name in a raffe for a sweatshirt! staff members. It is a pleasure to years working at Sea Mar Community Oven Baked Fish introduce the newest staff to you: Health Center where she treated over 1,000  Preheat oven to 425°. In a shallow bowl, combine four and pepper.  patients. Donna is very knowledgeable and 1/3 cup all-purpose four  In a second bowl, beat egg and water. Cori Fleutsch, RN Nurse Manager energetic. She is already a great addition to 1/4 tsp. pepper  In a third bowl, combine corn fakes, cheese, and Cori Fleutsch is our new RN nurse our CTWC family. 1 egg cayenne. manager. Patients of Dr. Wiley may  Dredge fsh fllets in four mixture, then egg remember Cori as a nurse at Northwest Norine Wells, Contract Health 2 tbsp. water mixture, then coat with corn fake mixture. Pediatrics. Cori enjoyed her experience here Services Manager 2/3 cup crushed corn fakes  Place fsh fllets on a baking sheet coated with so much that when the full-time position Norine most recently worked at the nonstick cooking spray. opened up, she jumped to apply. We are Nisqually Health Clinic. She brings great 1 tbsp. grated parmesan cheese  Bake for 10-15 minutes until fsh fakes easily thrilled to have a nurse manager, as well as experience in health care management. We 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper with a fork. have Cori back with us. are very happy to have her as the new CHS 1 lb. haddock fllets (or other fsh) Serves 4, 177 calories per serving. manager.
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