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Grand Mound 4 (continued from page 1): was a strongly favored enhancement, the congestion and adding bike lanes for with professional services and tourism/ people who commute on their bicycles. recreation coming in a close second. The Many residents are enthusiastic about the most frequent suggestions for retail and new businesses coming to their area and professional services included restaurants, a are thankful that the tribe is taking part in major grocery store, clothing stores, factory the renewal of Grand Mound. People have outlet stores, and a beauty salon. Tribal been noticing changes in the last few years, members also would like to see small, local citing that “the meth house next door is owned businesses like a laundromat and an gone and the used car lot has cleaned up.” automotive service store. There are still many changes to be made in Other ideas for Grand Mound include Grand Mound. Developing a 10-year plan the addition of locally-themed retail, will guide the growth and ft the needs of the single family homes, townhomes, outdoor county and citizens of the city. Only great shopping plaza, a movie theater, and a things will come from developing these family entertainment improvements together. source, such as a Chuck E. Cheese’s or Johnny Bumgarner (holding cookie sheet), and Sidney Sanders (on right) Bullwinkle’s. hold up their favorite desserts. They were part of a dessert judging team The top choices for the during the employee picnic. local residents are the Employees Show Their addition of sports felds, an amphitheater, library and civic center. Grand Mound residents also want Real Knowledge, Skills, and to see more public Abilities in Dessert Contest recreation for family- oriented activities. Both tribal members The tribe was built on the efforts of Sid Sanders, age 11, told why he was and residents agree on volunteers, working hard to help the tribe. an expert at desserts: “I’m a kid.” Then he focusing on improving That was the spirit in the business committee explained his criteria for picking the winner: the area for their room on Friday, August 15, as a group of “It’s gotta be sweet.” families, by adding parks, and trails for volunteers sampled desserts to select the There wasn’t much talking as the walking and bicycling. “best of the best” behind closed doors. committee sampled the items. John Results also showed Employees at the employee picnic eagerly Shortman interrupted the lip-smacking when that people believe the he exclaimed, “Oh, man!” awaited their decisions. Johnny Bumgarner entered the judging traffc congestion has What qualifed them for this highly a bit prejudiced. He’s a cookie man. After increased since the desirable volunteer position? “We’re sampling he said, “I liked the almond Great Wolf Lodge has hungry,” said Bev Starr. cookie.” opened, attracting many Diana Pickernell scanned the conference The judges voted. Diana meticulously people to come and table: pineapple upside down cake, mud tallied. Shelby McCrory won for best cookie admire its beauty and pie, blackberry pie, chocolate rice crispies, (almond topped butter cookie). Nadine take family vacations. sugar cookies, brownies. Diana could only Burnett won best pie (wild blackberry). John Recommendations come up with one word (maybe due to the Shortman won best cake (chocolate sheet include adding more drooling): “Awesome.” cake). Congratulations and yum! bus service to reduce Family Service Program Offers 50 Tribal Members Attend Talk on Fun Family Activities Dangers of Tobacco By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Coordinator, Family Services On July 29, Gruen Von Behrens Dean Johnny and his son, Little Bear, The Family Services Program works including laser tag in Lacey, glow-in-the- traveled from Illinois to visit the tribe. were affected by Gruen’s talk. “I quit with families and youth by assisting families dark golf in Olympia, fantasy lights in Yelm Approximately 50 people came to this smoking ten years ago, but I still have dealing with drug, alcohol, and tobacco (a beautiful display of Christmas lights event. Gruen explained the dangers the urge to smoke and chew, ” said Dean. use by hosting speakers, events and family that you drive through), and a visit to Wolf of tobacco and told what he had to go “But, his speech today just reaffrmed my dinners. Haven. Transportation will be provided. through while battling cancer. He endured decision to quit!” Scheduled activities include: making We will provide family strengthening over 30 surgeries to get rid of the cancer. Added Little Bear, “This is why my drums, pots, loom bead work, and medicine classes, relationship classes, a fatal crash Gruen had a large portion of his mouth dad doesn’t smoke anymore. I’m happy he bags. On Saturdays, a dance instructor will seminar, and parent speak-up meetings. A and jaw removed, along with most of his doesn’t!” teach hip/hop, stomp, and a variety of other calendar will soon be available through the tongue. Gruen’s presentation was a huge dance styles. We have purchased a pow- Family Services Program. Following his presentation, Gruen success and touched many people. wow drum for those interested in drumming. If you have any questions or ideas, and his wife were given an honorary gift The Family Services Prevention We will be providing basic cooking classes, please stop by the Community Resource of a Pendleton blanket. Tribal members Program would like to thank Gruen and family night bowling, and family night Center (old clinic) and see Lorrie Bonifer, thanked him for traveling so far to share every person who attended this great bingo. Prevention Coordinator or contact her at his strong message. event. Several family outings are planned, 360-709-1717, General Council Simple Test Can Prevent Cancer Annual Meeting for Yourself and for Your Daughter Saturday, November 8, 2008 10:00 Having a regular Pap test is one of the best ways to help protect against cervical cancer. A Pap test looks for abnormal cells (that are - 3:00 caused by HPV) in the lining of the cervix before the cells become precancerous or cancer. A woman’s frst Pap test should be three years after becoming sexually active or at age 21—whichever comes frst. After that, a Pap Youth Center test should be part of a yearly gynecological exam. For girls who are not old enough for a Pap test, regular wellness visits are a good way Election Day to start lifelong, healthy habits. Please contact the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center and make your appointment for your annual women’s health exam, for your Pap Watch for fyers! test or to talk to your provider to get the facts to help protect your daughter against cervical cancer. Please contact Christina Hicks, NWWP, Outreach Worker, 360-709-1741, The 3 Annual rd Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Mammogram Clinic Breastfeeding Chehalis Basin Health Fair September 15, 2008 Your Baby Watershed Festival 9:00 am to 3:00 pm October 14, 2008 The Chehalis Tribal is Good for Baby and You Did you know…breastfed babies 9:00 – 3:00 Wellness Center are less likely to have ear infections, Saturday, September 27, 2008 diarrhea, colds, and the fu? 10:00 - 4:00 Breastfed babies may be less Lucky Eagle Casino Free snacks, incentives, breast care, likely to become obese. Research information, door prizes—including If you have any questions or a Pendleton blanket shows that obesity is part of the The Log Pavilion in Aberdeen reason that many Native people suffer concerns, please feel free to Please call the clinic at 360-273- from type 2 diabetes. contact Orinda Goddard or 5504 to schedule your appointment. Babies were born to be breastfed. The festival includes: Informational displays related to the watershed, salmon and water Cindy Gamble at If you have any questions regarding Choosing to breastfeed honors the quality, a kids trout pond, Chehalis Tribal your eligibility, please contact: traditions of American Indian and salmon bake and other fun stuff. 273-5504 Christina Hicks, NWWP Outreach Alaska Native families. The practice Mark your calendars!! of breastfeeding respects our heritage, Worker at 360-709-5504 communities, and our future.
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