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Basketball By now most fans can associate a number Twins Darrin and Daniel Jones will be 4 HIGHLIGHTING OUR BOYS baseball and football. (continued from page 1) with a face—Bobby Jones #30; Berry #23 graduating this year and both played relief. The up and coming fy boys to watch for friends of the Chitwhins. After the game, and Rikki #5—they’re the “shizzle.” next year are: Doug Boyd, Junior Jack, there were hugs and handshaking among the regular season. Everyone’s allegiances Starter Berry Peterson’s game Michael Boyd, and Richie Revay, who all fans and well wishes for the players. switched back and forth as we watched and performances gained him a lot of respect rooted for the Chitwhins and vice versa. and press coverage. The Yakima newspaper played swing and showed off their skills on ON TO STATE It was a new comraderie in the making. had “players to watch” listed and Berry was the JV court and as reserve for the varsity team. Bouncing and rebounding ahead, the That has carried over to bring Taholah and one of eight with the tidbit reading: “potent The Acorns fnished the regular season team would eventually play and defeat Oakville boys together for rez ball. scoring tandem with Izaha Powell.” as division champs with their 20-0 record. Taholah again in Districts. The Taholah The loyal fans made it over the pass Rikki Sutterlict represented the team with They are recognized for bringing the Chitwhins placed third and the Acorns got to root on the Acorns, even alumni Dale pride and style. An occasional foul was the community together. Whether it was the second with both teams on their way to Klatush, Sr. and Helen Sanders were there to only thing that slowed him down. He was high energy or the heat of the competition, state. It made the heart swell with pride lend their support. Those who couldn’t make awarded a “sportsmanship medal” at the they made us all proud. The boys in red at the state tournament in the Yakima it were at home listening to the games on the state tournament. and white are top notch both on and off the Sundome to see other native schools being radio. The Acorns played three games to win Bobby Jones (aka: BOB) played swing court. represented by the Tulalip Heritage, Lummi their frst game at state playoffs in 39 years. throughout the season and started a couple Thank you for an outstanding season! Nation, Taholah, Neah Bay and Wellpinit. of times for varsity. This sophomore is a Everyone is so proud of you and your The atmosphere was totally different than rising star who shines in all sports, including accomplishments. How the “The Handier Man” Training (continued from page 1) Became a Business-Savvy Man By Fred Shortman, Editor Dustin Couillard and his wife Heather Jr. and Adam), two half brothers (Tony and started their business, The Handier Man, Kaylen) and two half sisters (April and two years ago. They discovered the ins Jaylen.) and outs of running a business by trial and At 16 years old Dustin was diagnosed error. They promoted their business by with type 1 diabetes, but the disease word of mouth. Then Heather developed didn’t stop him. It just made him more a website to help with advertising. When determined. He said, “You have Courtney Brown, Albert “Bert” Ortivez, III, and Russ Baker are Chehalis they found out about the Chehalis Tribal to make the best of it. Life tribal members who have completed the Tribal Gaming Agents classes. TGA Loan Program from Diana Pickernell, they doesn’t end by having this Instructor and Director Earl McWhorter is on the right. immediatelysigned up. With disease. It’s not simple. You Courtney Brown came from Food and love all the challenges—each day there is childcare provided, it have to take care of yourself, Beverages and said, “I became interested in always something different going on.” was easier for them to and do all that’s becoming a Tribal Gaming Agent through We are continuing this worthwhile commit to the 8-week necessary to stay my dad who worked as a gaming agent for program and have added two additional course. Heather said, healthy. My a while. One of my biggest challenges was trainees, Grant Shortman and Robert Penn. “Diana Pickernell, wife learning the gaming aspect of the position.” There are two more openings for trainees. Barb Churchill and four kids Russ Baker said, “Having come from the If you are interested, turn in an application and the classes inspire table games, my biggest challenge was at the tribal Human Resources or the TGA were great! me to gaining confdence in using my verbal skills offce. Tribal members should be proud We learned maintain to enforce the rules and regulations of our of the Gaming Commission and Business a lot, made my department. I’m confdent that will come Committee who worked together to make some new health.” with experience.” this program a reality and a success. They friends Dustin Albert “Bert” Ortivez III said, “My will received their offcial certifcates and has experience in table games helped me in as gaming agents at the April 7 General are now Heather and Dustin Couillard offer every kind of home suffered that area, but it’s still overwhelming with Council. completely repair and maintenance service. from everything we learned in this course. I still set up for success.” ketoacidosis (a complication from Start Your Morning with a Home- When they took the loan class offered diabetes) in the past. Having no health by the tribe though the Tribal Loan insurance prior to being an enrolled Chehalis Cooked Meal by the Elders Program, they didn’t know what the class tribal member, Dustin is very grateful that he could teach them, as they had already now has access to health care. “It helps keep By Fred Shortman, Editor been in business for two years. Dustin me out of the hospital. I am able to have my Every Tuesday during March and April, the month, so if you skip breakfast at home, already had all the skills he thought he insulin and never go without it,” he said. from 7:30-10 AM, there will be an Elders come over to the Elders center and order a needed, after all, he had been in construction fundraiser to raise funds for their special hearty breakfast. for 12 years. However, the class taught Learning It All events. Elders are leading by example, Great job, cooks! Doll, Joan, Nadine, them a lot about what it takes to run a Dustin was very grateful to have worked raising funds to assist their program. (This Janice, Gloria, Evelyn, and Nancy, what a fnancially successful business. with his adoptive grandfather, John Clifford, strengthens my thoughts of, “Give me a help great way to start the day. Also, thank you, During the class they shared some of who taught him basic carpentry skills. He up, not a hand out).” Robert, for being the cashier. the mistakes they made with the other learned plumbing from Heather’s brother in- Starting March 3 tribal employees could Nancy Romero, Elders Coordinator students. Dustin and Heather wished the law, and did new construction plumbing. As hear the announcement for the breakfast expressed, “On behalf of the Elders and class had been available before they started a plumber, it was often necessary to wait for fundraiser. Employees were seen with to-go myself, we would like to thank everyone up their business. It would have assisted other work to be completed. Not wanting to breakfast boxes as they headed back to their who has come over to the breakfast and them greatly in building the business. They be idle, Dustin would offer his labor to learn offces to eat their breakfasts prepared by the lunch fundraisers. It is a great success. The are very grateful to the tribe for offering more about other trades. This helped him to Elders. Those who chose to eat at the Elders Elders have made over 600 dollars! Thank the classes, and put forth their best effort to expand his knowledge in other felds. Center could sit at tables and visit with you so much again, and we all hope you learn everything that was taught. Trying to Dustin is a jack of all trades, with employees and Elders. enjoy your breakfasts, and hope to see you make a living in the construction business is skills in carpentry, plumbing and lawn This fundraiser will continue throughout next week!” very competitive. The class assisted them in maintenance. He likes new challenges building a stronger, more smoothly running and his motto is to never be satisfed with business. anything but excellent workmanship. “There is no job too small. I enjoy being busy, and Finding His Roots at the Chehalis Tribe working with my hands,” he said. Dustin is 29 years old and became a “The Handier Man” is a husband and Chehalis tribal member in 2006. He is a wife team with no other employees. Dustin very down- to-earth and talented man. He and Heather complete work with high was placed in a foster home at birth. At six integrity and follow-through, and put much weeks of age, Dustin was adopted by Duane effort in being cost effective. That’s why and Sherry Couillard of Olympia. He didn’t The Handier Man has a 90% customer know who his biological parents were, until return rate! The business really provides at age 25, he hired a private investigator to “a handier man” to hire for painting, tiling, fnd them. fencing, fooring, drywall, plumbing repair, One year and many emotions custom woodwork, lawn maintenance, later, Dustin found out that his biological rental property maintenance, disability ramp parents were Janine and Jay Sanchez, Sr., a construction, and cabinet installation. So Chehalis tribal member. And they had been if you need something done, contact this Joan Martin, Nadine Burnett, Dolly Canales, and Nancy Romero prepared living fewer than 30 miles away! Dustin Chehalis tribal member owned business, The and served corned beef and cabbage for the St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser. also did not know he was Chehalis. Dustin Handier Man, at 360-705-0334 or log on to There will be Elders fundraisers throughout April on Tuesdays. Look for discovered that he has two full brothers (Jay flyers. Commodities Harlem Crowns! WIC Program Dates Family Caregiving Delivery Dates Presenting (Women, Infants and Children) Class Their Fabulous at the Youth Center Basketball Circus Thursday, April 2, 2009 Wednesday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Thursday, March 30, 2009 April 17, May 15, April 8, 2009 at 7 PM at the Wellness Center 4 - 6 pm Doors open 6:30 PM The WIC Program provides healthy June 17 Everyone Welcome! foods and nutrition information for you 8 am - 1 pm Sponsored by: Chehalis and your child up to age 5. at the Wellness Center Tribal Youth Center Drug and Bring your child, medical coupons or Contact Shirley or Bonita at Alcohol Free Event paystub, and identifcation. For more information contact 360-438-4216 or 360-438-4235 for Contact Deb Shortman at 306-273-5504 Christina Hicks at 360-273- 5504 more information and applications Raffes and Door Prizes ext. 1741 for commodities for more information.
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