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P. 1    FREE September 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring Curtis Levi 2/9 Elders: Program TRIBAL DuPuis, Sr. News NEWSLETTER  He keeps busy gardening, smoking fsh, and raising Program Will Help You livestock, page 3 Get Your GED  “People of the Sands”  How about taking a step in the right direction? You can now get that extra help you need in GED studies. GED Program Youth Make a Difference in Liaison Jolene Christensen is located in the Resource Center at the Chehalis Second Kick-Butt Day Reservation. The program is set up to help individuals get their GEDs. This program will give you the confdence and skills  Youth pick up enough cigarette butts to needed to pass the GED tests. fll a 13-gallon trash can, page 2 GED certifcates can open doors that have been closed to you in the past. Most jobs request that you have this certifcate or have graduated high school. With your GED Turning an 18-Foot Log Into Programs certifcate, colleges will accept you into classes and you will be eligible for many a Canoe is Labor of Love and programs, that don’t accept people who do Combine for a not have a qualifed educational background. Classes are available Mondays, Respect for Youth and Adults Back-to-School Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9 am-3 pm. Take the time out today to give Jolene Christensen a call at 360-709-1735. Information Get Financial Help Between Extravaganza Jobs or During College The General Assistance Program is not By Fred Shortman, Editor a Welfare Program. It is a secondary program to help individuals with their basic The TELO Program combined with the fnancial needs between jobs, or when Youth Center, and the Culture and Heritage they are enrolled as full-time students in Program to kick off their back- to-school college. Clients are required to submit a event. Each program had different things denial letter from any other sources, such as to offer including funding to assist with TANF (welfare) or unemployment before school needs. The day was meant to be an being eligible for General Assistance. informational and fun day. Clients are required to actively seek The Party Outftters Company provided employment. All job searches are required to water slides and other things making it fun have current phone numbers, and authorized for the kids as they braved the heat and the signatures for our offce to complete Master Carver Dave Wilson (in jeans jacket) supervises the unloading of the bees. This time of year the yellow jackets verifcation. The job search form is our tool cedar log in front of the wood shop. Community and tribal members came to become aggressive. Despite the bees, the to verify that our clients are honestly seeking witness the momentous event. The cedar log will be carved into an 18-foot kids smiled and screams of joy flled the air, employment. shovel-nose canoe and will take 1,000 hours to complete. as they enjoyed spending the day keeping The General Assistance Program will By Dan Penn, Language Coordinator cool playing on the water slides, and doing start taking applications starting Monday, other fun games. Elder Marie Bird was seen September 24. Offce hours are Mondays Hoyt everyone! As some of you may There were 15 community members who enjoying an exciting ride down the Niagara and Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 have noticed, there is now a carport built witnessed the cedar log arrival on August Water Slide. pm. Contact George Youckton, General over a log in front of the wood shop/ 24. It was complicated to fnd a good log, The TELO Program offered information Assistance Case Worker, at 360-273-5911 cigarette stamping building. This log but we fnally found it. Mr. Wilson said, for the Chehalis tribal community’s K-12 ext.1572 to schedule an appointment. will be carved into a dugout shovel-nose “The cedar log came to us after a long time parents and students. TELO helps students canoe. This project is made possible by and many miles of searching and prayer. A by providing staff and assisting in school Longhouse Re-Opening the Administration for Native American’s gentleman came to my shop, and asked if I academics. Staff is available for a homework Since February 28, 2009, the Longhouse at Language grant and tribal members like you. needed or knew of anyone who needed any club to help tutor students in school or out The Evergreen State College has been closed The grant has funded the language program cedar logs. I said yes, with overwhelming of school. There’s one catch, though. Parents for renovation and expansion. On October for the last two years. excitement. The log was located just a need to understand and sign a release of 17, the Longhouse will have a “Grand Re- In addition to language, students have mile down the road in the Nisqually valley. information for attendance and grades. This Opening.” The event will begin at 1 PM also been learning to carve on smaller I hired John Cook to haul the log to it’s helps to keep track of attendance and grades with an opening ceremony. An Open House projects: miniature canoes, paddles, rattles, current location. Now the real work begins in order to get the children the assistance will follow including food, beverages, and etc. All of these smaller projects were in -- to shape it into the canoe.” they need. This allows students to be eligible several performances. At press time, Twana preparation for the fnal project of carving Everyone is invited to check it out, and for other exiting activities. The recognition Seoin, The Alaska Kuteeyaa Dancers, Rona a shovel-nose canoe. This project has been bring good wishes to the log. A visit will dinner for honor roll students rewards them Yellow Robe Flutist/Vocalist confrmed. great for the development of the language update you on the progress as the carving for a job well done in getting excellent Please join us for a wonderful re-entry to program, and for generating interest in class continues to work toward its goal of passing grades. our home at The Evergreen State College. carving. See Canoe, page 4 See Back-to-School, page 4 If you need more information, please call Bobbie Bush at 360-867-5344. Annual Picnic Lauds Tribe’s Employees New Community Center By Fred Shortman, Editor Open House and Blessing On August 28 the Chehalis Tribe had the competition was intense, setting the goal special recognition for all the employees.” Wednesday, September 30 our annual picnic for tribal employees at to win frst place of $500 or second place of He’s proud to issue gifts in appreciation for Columbus Park on Black Lake. What a nice $250. The Department of Natural Resources employee’s hard work and their years of at 5 pm day! It was overcast but very comfortable. It won frst place, barely pulling out a win over service. “It must be a good place to work, Everyone is invited! was a fun-flled family day as tribal Chehalis Tribal Construction. Win or lose, because we have so many dedicated and employees and immediate family members everyone had relaxing day away from the loyal employees.” It seems the Chairman is enjoyed raffes, food, and games. Employees offce, had a lot of fun and ended the day on on to something there – this is a great place were given special recognition awards for a positive note. to work! Thank you everyone for everything their years of service and had a relaxing day Chairman David Burnett said, “This is a you do to make that true! celebrating each other in appreciation for all the great work we do. Over in the sand pits there were employees trying their hand at horse PO Box 536 shoes. Not worrying about winning, they City, ST Zip laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Street Address It was nice to see people relaxing. You could Oakville, WA 98568 see young and old alike playing on the * Return Service request swings and slides. Many went down to the FirstName LastName swimming area, and enjoyed taking dips in Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Black Lake. There weren’t any Seadoo’s this year, but most of the employees didn’t even notice as they got down and dirty playing volleyball. You could hear the crowds that PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA gathered around the volleyball courts being loud and rowdy, cheering each other on. US POSTAGE PAID Cheryle Starr arranged a new competition (Available-Under Construction) ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER of 12 fve-person teams. It was a win or go is a publication of the Confederated Tribes home bracket established to win the big David Boyd, Housing Director and part of the Department of Natural of the Chehalis Reservation. prize. Each department was represented as Resources volleyball team, spikes the ball on helps his team win first place.
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