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2 Two Chehalis Youth Model Outfits for Youth Clean up 13 Gallons of Cigarette Wal-mart Back-to-School Fashion Show Butts and Pledge to Not Smoke, or Chew By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist On August 19 the Prevention Program held Together Program in Olympia. When it their second Kick Butts Day, and boy, did came time to thank the youth, I looked into our youth kick butts! Several youth showed their smiling faces dripping with sweat up with intense eagerness to clean around from the hard work and heat. It was so the Tribal Center and Resource Center. Our overwhelming seeing how hard they worked youth picked up enough cigarette butts to fll on such a hot day. We are so blessed with a 13-gallon trash can. such great kids. I was so proud of them. The purpose of kick butts day is to When it came time to hand out the educate our youth so they never start awards, I became too choked up to speak. smoking or chewing. Many prizes were I handed it over to Jesse Youckton. He won which included two bicycles, an I-pod, thanked and recognized each and every water balloons, and squirt guns. This came youth for their help. He let them know how in handy since it was over 90 degrees. Our important this day was, what an outstanding Maco Slighte, Chehalis youth (second from left), stands with Wal-mart employees who put on the Back-to-School Fashion Show. youth signed sticker pledges on our “No job they did, and how proud we were of Stank You” banner to never smoke or chew. them. GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Thank By Lacey Ponis, Department Manager, Chehalis Wal-mart A big thank you to Jesse Youckton for You for your time and commitment. joining us! He works with the The Wal-mart Back-to-School Fashion Show It was a gratifying moment for all of was inspired by Wal-mart District Manager the families involved. Maco Slighte and Dawn W. Her idea was set in motion as she Kelsie Klatush were two lucky Chehalis requested all of the stores in district 17, youth who were selected to participate. But including the Chehalis Wal-mart, to put on a of course, there back- to-school fashion show. The kids were were butterfies gathered from near and far to participate in in their this great event. stomachs as The kids who accepted our invitation to they anxiously model for Wal-mart fashions were allowed awaited their to keep the outfts they selected, along with turns. It was a $15 gift card for other school supplies. all worth it This was music to their ears. All of the kids though, as they were excited to pick out an outft that they enjoyed each could call their own. They were eager to other’s company go shopping and were seen smiling as they and made new picked out their clothing to wear on the friends in their Youth signed pledges and placed them on the “No Stank You” banner, catwalk. very frst fashion promising never to smoke or chew on Kick Butt II Day. Pictured L-R: Chayse There were 11 children who were show. Special Youckton, Lorrie Bonnifer, Jordan Bird, Violet Starr, Kirsten Secena, chosen to model their choice of clothing. thanks go out to Geraldine Youckton, Tiana Ramirez, Anthony Rimerez, and Jessie Youckton. The red carpet lay out between the all the kids and men’s apparel and lady’s apparel area, and their families for Burn Smart and Keep Our Air Cleaner the children paraded as if they were up-and- coming out and coming models. What a great feeling to see participating. Kelsie Klatush models By Glen Connelly, Environmental Program Specialist -- parents smiling and camera bulbs fashing her school clothes at the Wal-mart Back-to- while watching their children demonstrate Now that the nights have turned chilly and  Build small, hot fres that get plenty of their new outfts. School Fashion Show. fall is almost here, many folks will start to air. Big, smoldering fres don’t produce use their freplaces and wood stoves more much heat and they make too much often. Please remember that wood smoke smoke. Use only enough paper to get the Clinic Aspires to be a “Medical Home,” Linking You to “Medical Friends” is one of the most common sources of air fre going, and never burn trash. Great Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your pollution in our community. Young children,  Never burn wood that has been Relationships With Your Health Care Providers elders and anyone with respiratory issues painted, stained, or pressure can have problems breathing when the air is treated. They release toxic chemicals that flled with smoke. get spread around your neighborhood. By Donna Elam, PAC for the Wellness Center I know everyone has been building fres Please think about your community Places of medicine often feel foreign and long the appointment should take. This is since they were little kids at a campfre, but while you are staying warm this year and intimidating. They are places for illness because different kinds of appointments here are a few reminders so that you don’t keep the air as clean as you can. Thanks. and decline. A “medical home” is just the are given different amounts of time: A smoke out your neighborhood: Any questions contact Glen Connelly, opposite of this. A “medical home” is where follow-up appointment on a familiar  Use dry wood: It burns hotter and Environmental Program Specialist, at 306- information and inspiration, prevention problem might be given ten minutes, cleaner. Wet wood smokes a lot and does 907-1554. and healing, are found. Most importantly, a while a full physical, or a complicated not burn hot, so cover your wood piles medical home is where “a medical friend” problem, may take up to an hour. is found. This is a primary care provider  Try to see your primary care provider now and keep them dry through the wet who is eager to understand you as a whole frst. A primary care provider who knows winter months. person. Being a medical friend means both your medical issues will be able to supporting people through tough times and determine what kind of specialty care you Youth Pull Their Hearts Out at Race With Cowlitz witnessing their successes. A favorite author, might need, and just what that specialist’s Sherwin Nuland, a doctor who writes about offce needs to do for you. This primary life and the impact of medical problems, care provider is responsible for providing wrote, “What an honor it is to be a medical for all of your health care needs, keeping friend.” It is our honor to be that medical accurate records and taking responsibility friend, and to help build and maintain a for arranging care with other qualifed medical home with our patients. professionals. This includes care for all The idea of a medical home came from stages of life; acute; chronic; preventive knowing how important it is to monitor how services; and end of life care. children grow. This idea started in 1967 with  Be involved in your care. When you goals to provide care that is, “…accessible, create a treatment plan with your continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, provider, be realistic about what you can coordinated, compassionate, and culturally and will do. Participate in the creation effective.” This concept has become a of your treatment plan. Do your part by central part of our theme for the Chehalis following through on the treatment plan, Tribal Wellness Center. and if you can’t, let us know. If one plan We are trained as generalists, with is not working, another plan needs to be prevention as the base of our education. made! If you are on several medicines, The Chehalis and Cowlitz Canoe Families compete against each other in a Often prevention is thought of as well child have a complicated medical condition, or 1-mile canoe race held on September 12. The youth pulled hard and won exams, immunizations, or pregnancy and are taking herbs, inform your provider. the race. It was an awesome weekend and they made us proud. It was an female health. But now we want to offer this Be clear about risk factors. Bring your to all age groups and both genders! medications and any health information outstanding effort by all the pullers! Prevention promotes long-term quality of with you. Above all, be involved in your life. Everyone needs a plan for prevention. own health care. Chehalis Business Committee This plan is something that you make with  Keep in touch! After you see a specialist David Burnett, Chairman your provider and update regularly. This or another provider, remember to report Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman plan changes and grows as you change and back to your primary care provider Jessie Goddard, Treasurer grow. Your provider, your medical friend, to keep them updated. Be sure to ask Newsletter will be there to support you through this. questions and get written instructions Cheryle Starr, Secretary To get the most out of your relationship for complicated plans. Remember, 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member with your medical provider, consider the your primary care provider is keeping a Oakville, WA 98568 following tips: detailed record of what goes on with you. (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff:  Choose your primary care provider. This These records are private and they are Fred Shortman, Communications will be a medical friend who comes to yours to refer back to. They should be an (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator know your medical issues in detail. This accurate record of your medical needs is someone you feel you can relate to. and expectations. If you move or change Articles and opinions expressed in this After you choose a primary care provider, primary care providers, you can take your publication are not necessarily the opinions get to know them and their availability. records with you, in order to give your of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Of course, you can see other providers in next provider a complete medical picture. Business Committee. the clinic for urgent needs, or when your Remember, your medical provider is a primary is not available. Developing a medical friend whom you will fnd at your The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages strong, lifelong relationship with your medical home. These are people you can go tribal members to submit letters, articles, medical provider is the frst step in living to with ANY question in life and not just photographs, and drawings to be considered as healthily as possible. illness. This is true for those of any age, for publication. These are subject to editing.  Try to know as much about your own in any situation. It will take trust and open history and your family history. Have communication. It means that “going to Contributing writers, artists, and some background ready and write down the doctor” is getting and fnding answers, photographers include Chehalis tribal your questions about your conditions. making and tending to a list of health care community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis When you call in to make an appointment, needs that extended beyond sickness and Reservation... be sure to tell the scheduler the reason troubles, and seeking to improve the quality Submission deadline: 6th of each month “People of the Sands” for your visit, in order to determine how of life for you and your family. Printed: Each month
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