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Exercise Room Available for Avoid Paying Penalties as the Tax 2 Use to Keep in Shape Filing Deadline Looms Ahead By Jason Alderman Nobody likes being nagged, but I’m going for updates before diving in. Many of to risk reader displeasure by reminding your questions are likely answered in its everyone that there are hefty fnancial Frequently Asked Questions section. consequences if you owe income taxes and Make sure your return is accurate. do not fle a return on time – or at least Common tax-fling errors include: request a fling extension.  Omitting or flling in incorrect/illegible Ordinarily, the federal income tax taxpayer ID numbers, fling status, deadline is April 15; but this year the dependent names and Social Security IRS has granted a reprieve until April 18. numbers Nevertheless, here’s why procrastinating is a  Documentation not attached (W-2s, bad idea: supplemental forms, etc.) If your 2010 federal tax return (or  Omitting income items extension request) isn’t postmarked or  Tax return not signed and dated The Exercise Room at the Community Center is fully equipped and use-at- electronically fled by April 18, the penalty  Information entered on the wrong lines your-own-risk facility. It is available to community members is open week on any taxes you owe increases dramatically.  Child tax credit incorrectly calculated days from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Generally, you’ll have to pay an additional 5  Math errors. (Tax software does the math, Save some money instead of paying for Please respect the equipment, and percent for each full or partial month you’re but you’re still responsible for entering other programs, and stay in shape. There are children under the age of 13 will need late, plus interest, up to a maximum penalty correct numbers initially.) some tips on proper stretching . It’s a great parental supervision. This is a Use- of 25 percent. However, if you fle your Ask for help. If calculating your own opportunity to use this new equipment that at-Your-Own risk facility. A waiver is return or request an extension on time, the taxes is too confusing or time-consuming, has been provided by the Tribe. being developed in order for the exercise penalty drops to 0.5 percent per month, plus consider using tax-completion software The Exercise room and equipment at the equipment to be used. Let’s exercise and get interest. like Turbo Tax, or hire a tax professional. A Community Center is available to Tribal and healthy together! Here’s how it can add up: Say you owe sharp preparer could save you a bundle by community members. The hours it is open For more information contact Cheryle $2,000 in federal income tax. If you haven’t fnding hidden credits or deductions. are week days from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Starr, Events Coordinator at 360-709-1524. requested an extension, you would be If cost is an issue, several free options are charged an additional $100 (5 percent) for available to seniors, military and low- and News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center each month you’re late. Had you fled for an middle-income taxpayers: extension, the penalty would drop to only  The IRS sponsors the Volunteer Income  Get Healthy Through Water Aerobics $10 a month (0.5 percent). Tax Assistance Program (VITA) and Tax Contact the IRS early if you won’t Counseling for the Elderly (TCE). Read Water Aerobics is a good way to get low We offer classes 3 days a week. be able to pay on time. They may even Free Tax Preparation on the IRS website impact exercise. The Diabetes Prevention Elders: Tuesdays 10:00 AM-12:00 Noon waive the penalty, depending on your for information. Program has offered classes to the Everyone: Wednesday and Thursday circumstances. Call 800-829-1040 or visit  AARP Tax-Aide volunteers, who are community for the past year. for more information. trained by the IRS, provide free tax There have been participants that have evenings; 5:00-7:00 PM. Another way to avoid a penalty: The IRS preparation to low and middle-income physical challenges. That didn’t deter them, The classes have been small and our accepts payment by credit or debit card, taxpayers, with special attention to people it allows them to exercise at their own pace program encourages everyone to get healthy with a small convenience fee that is tax over age 60. Go to and they’ve benefted a great deal with water by using water aerobics to get into shape. deductible if you itemize expenses. Just be for information. exercise. Some have even had weight loss. Grab your swimsuit or shorts and tank top sure to pay off your card balance within a  Military personnel and their families One of the best parts of water exercise is and come join a fun flled exercise class. Or few months, or the interest accrued might worldwide can get free assistance through sitting in the hot spa. It is very relaxing and exceed the penalty. a program offered through VITA. Check helps you unwind, and gives you a chance to drop by and check it out! A few additional tax-fling tips: with your base for details. visit, which is also important in maintaining For more information please contact Find out what’s new. Because the tax This article comes from Practical Money a healthy body. Lynn Hoheisel at 360-709-1744. code changes every year, scan the IRS’ Skills for life; Diana Pickernell-Chehalis  Program available to answer health questions “Dear Provider” Tax Information for Individuals website Tribal Loan Fund. The Staff at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center our staff another way to communicate. The (CTWC) want to hear from you. We invite you questions can be anonymous. You do not need to to participate in a new monthly column: “Dear sign the letter. Resources Available to Assist in CTWC Provider”. You can write a question to The drop boxes are located at the Wellness the CTWC Provider of your choice---or just a Center and Tribal Center for your letters. Breaking the Cycle of Violence general question. We hope this will be a good service for our We hope this will give our community and community. We hope to hear from you soon. By Dawn Boley, Domestic Violence Advocate Tools to Help You Pick the Best Chehalis Tribal Domestic Violence Program. What is Sexual Assault? Strategy for Being Heard All Services are Free and Confdential: 24/7 Any unwanted sexual contact by Safety Planning force, threats, manipulation, pressure,   Emergency Shelter for Victims of tricks, or violence. Prepared by the Boston Public Health Commission, July 2010 Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Sexual Assault includes rape,  Crisis Counseling incest, child molestation, and sexual  Advocacy Based Counseling harassment. Sexual assault is a crime of U R BREAKING UP!? The way you can be hard to tell if someone is joking,  Resources and Referrals communicate often determines how well happy or angry from an email. The person  Preventive Skill Building violence, power and control. your message is received. This is especially you’re trying to communicate with may  Crime Victims Compensation Assistance If you have been a victim of Domestic true when you are breaking-up. Use this tool not get your message. The reception is Violence, Sexual Assault: Remember…you to help you pick the best strategy for being dependent on what the other person thinks What is Domestic Violence? are not alone, and it is not your fault! You heard. Like the receptions bars on your is meant by each word or phrase or idea. Domestic Violence includes have rights and options! phone, the more bars you have the stronger Also, once something is in print, it is very emotional abuse, threats, physical and clearer your message will be. Working together we can end abuse! hard to take it back or explain away the violence threats, stalking, and sexual miscommunication. abuse by an intimate partner, a spouse, Five bars Chehalis Tribal Domestic Violence FACE-TO-FACE With face-to-face contact family member or a person you have a Prevention Program you have the best possible reception. Two bars child with. 360-709-1874 That doesn’t mean that talking about TEXTING With texting, the chances of Domestic Violence is often a pattern Law Enforcement breaking-up is going to be any easier, your message being clearly received are of behaviors and controlling acts that 360-273-7051 but you both will have a better chance of very small, just like the length of a text present physical and psychological harm Emergency call 9-1-1 understanding each other’s feelings with less message. Too little is said, leaving too much to victims and their children. miscommunication. You will be able to room for misunderstanding. Communicating use body language and tone of voice to by text may actually add to the pain and Chehalis Business Committee help get your message across without prolong the breaking-up process. If you David Burnett, Chairman interference. break-up this way, you may be sending the Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman message that this person is not worth your Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer Four bars time, which can result in a stronger negative Newsletter PHONE Phones are amazing tools that reaction. Cheryle Starr, Secretary Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member help us stay in touch with the people we 420 Howanut Road care about. Unfortunately, they are not the One Bar Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: best tool for ending relationships. They let SOCIAL NETWORKS You’re breaking- (360) 709-1726 (offce) Fred Shortman, Communications you have a live conversation where up, and you want the whole world to (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator. Go to this direct link you can verbally communicate know! Posting something hurtful for online newsletters copies: www. feelings and thoughts, and Articles and opinions expressed in this hear tone of voice, but the on Facebook, MySpace, publication are not necessarily the opinions problem is that there can AIM or Twitter may feel of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal be interference — abrupt good for a moment, but no Business Committee. hang-ups, zero body one will really hear your The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages language information, message clearly, especially tribal members to submit letters, articles, a lack of privacy and lost the person who needs to photographs, and drawings to be considered reception. understand. Even if your for publication. These are subject to editing. ex did something hurtful to Contributing writers, artists, and Three bars cause the break-up, posting photographers include Chehalis tribal Email Sending an email is an effective hurtful messages tells community members and staff. way of communicating a message; others more about you and The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis however it is not he ideal way to how you treat others. Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... communicate during a break-up. It Printed: Each month “People of the Sand”
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