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4 Elders Appreciation Dinner (continued from page 1) has at the time they are working are carried explained that this was a chance for youth to into the gift.” get to know the Elders. Then she introduced During Diane and Sally’s workshop, Chehalis tribal leaders, and gave their youth learned about the traditions of family names, encouraging youth to see the a giveaway, and why Coastal people powerful people in their family trees. “Think developed and value giveaways, and the about how much each of these Elders has respectful way to make, and give gifts. done for you,” she said, then asked the youth At 5 PM that evening the dinner of to do their part to help the tribe. roasted pork and beef, mashed potatoes, Don Secena, Tribal Vice-Chairman corn on the cob, fresh fruit, green salad, said, “Everything you see, this building, homemade rolls and cookies was ready. The the ball feld, is because of your Elders, Youth preparing a delicious meal Elders were seated, not knowing quite what so remember that when you are playing for the Elders Appreciation Dinner. to expect. Youth came forward quietly and baseball. The Elders did the ground work Pictured (L-R) are Marcus Youckton, placed plates in front of each Elder. A prayer and are responsible for these things.” Junior Jack hands a cedar rose to Kaileen Bray, Trey Brown. was offered. Then youth brought out the Many other Elders spoke, giving advice, Elder Carolyn Sloppy during the cedar rose boutonnieres and pinned them on historical information and encouragement. automatic respect for elders and other Native dinner. ways, but using almost identical language. each Elder. The group of youth to bake cookies, make cedar roses, serve and “I told them to have a good heart when Elders’ Words of at the front of the clean up. He said, “I wanted to learn to cook preparing the food, that their good intentions Wisdom room hardly made and get to know my Elders and family. What will go into the food,” said Nancy. “Then, As the Elders a sound. When the I learned makes me want to go further back they went into Diane’s class, and she told began to eat, the dinner concluded, and fnd out more.” them the same thing about making the cedar youth gathered at the youth sat down Jessie Goddard could barely contain roses. The kids were shocked!” the front of the to eat the delicious her delight in the evening and her pride in Diane recalled, “With the help of Elder room, respectfully meal they had the young tribal members’ behavior. She Sally Pikutark, we taught the youth the waiting. Elder made with their realized both the Elders and the youth had true traditional way to make cedar roses. Virginia Canales own hands and greatly beneftted from this magical evening We talked about keeping a good heart and encouraged their hearts of good when she told the youth, “Now you know good feelings when making giveaway gifts the youth to intentions. you belong.” because that love and good feelings a person start making Youth Make the connections. “I Connections hope you look out Each youth spoke to the Elders Deidra Hawks, here and recognize describing their family lineage. age 16, was your family, your Pictured (L-R) are Geraldine Youckton, picking up empty Elders. They are Trey Brown, Cody Revay, and Whitney serving platters of your teachers.” Lewis. fruit that she had Then other helped prepare. She Elders began addressing the youth. Sally refected on the evening, “I feel pretty good Pikutark talked about how special it is to be that I am learning about my family. I’ve a Chehalis tribal member, and urged youth always respected what the Elders have done, to continue to recognize their good fortune. and what they do for us. This is my way of “It is so good to see you taking a step in the getting to know them better and thanking Youth TJ Trott receives a hug from right direction,” she said. them.” Brooke Allen gives a cedar rose to her Elder, Annie Jones in appreciation for Jessie Goddard, HR Director and Marcus Youckton, age 15, had been great-uncle George Youckton. their good work during the dinner. Summer Youth Program Supervisor, volunteering for the dinner for eight hours Photo by Cecilia Kayano Women Health Fair (continued from page 1) Employee Picnic (continued from page 1) been initially exposed to cancer-causing women to get the vaccine that can help get the opportunity to win prizes. Some several special awards for years of services HPV types in their teens and twenties. Both prevent HPV and cervical cancer and getting brought daubers and others used markers in with the tribe: Elders, 30+ years, 20+ years, men and women can have HPV, and it is your women’s health screenings. an older style of the game. You could hear 10+ years and 5+ years of service. easily spread. Any type of genital contact The fnal presentation was Loretta Riley, the murmur of the employees as they either The volley ball tournament was again with someone who has HPV can put you Program Coordinator for the American were really close to yelling bingo. played for those who wanted the opportunity at risk. Often with no signs or symptoms, Indian/Alaskan Native program at Cancer Dinner was a feast in itself as the Lucky to compete for the grand prize of $500.00. many people are unaware they are spreading Lifeline in Seattle. She works with both Eagle provided a delicious meal. The This double elimination tournament is a the disease. There are more than 30 types urban and rural tribal communities. Loretta home-made food brought by the employees special attraction for employees as they gave of HPV, a vaccine is now available to help described the Cancer Lifeline and its provided was a meal within itself, with not it their all. The Chehalis Tribal Construction protect against 4 types of HPV to girls from services that they provided: 24 hour-a-day just deserts, but a wide assortment of dishes. returned and defended their championship. It 11-26 years old. It is a 3 series shot. Please telephone support “lifeline” for those living Thanks everybody for bringing your dishes. wasn’t easy victory as Top Guns team gave talk to your health care provider about this with cancer. What the Patient Financial The employees were each recognized them a real challenge. It was a great display shot to see if you or your daughter is eligible Navigation was and how it connects clients and rewarded for being part of the family of athleticism as the score went back and for this vaccine. with fnancial resources for their day to day team providing improved resources to the forth, returning volleys and spikes until the Lori Stone, from the National Cervical needs. Loretta also talked about “Changing community. Our tribal resources have grown very end with CTC coming out the victor. Cancer Coalition talked about her own the story for American Indian cancer considerably with the expansion of our First place: Chehalis Tribal Construction; experience with cervical cancer and about survivors”, for more information please call enterprises. Employee were recognized with Second place: Top Guns; Third Place: what the coalition offers. That Prevention the 24 hour Lifeline: 206-297-2500 or visit a t-shirt with our tribal logo. There were Ralph’s Team. and Early Detection Saves Lives! Learning them on line at the facts about cervical cancer and HPV Everyone divided up into small groups can reduce the number of cases of cervical and discussed women’s health while making cancer and HPV annually. For more a “Drama on your arm” bracelet. information about the National Cervical Colleen Echohawk and Corrina Tordillos Cancer Coalition, please visit www.nccc- from Native People for Cancer Control call their Hotline: 800-685-5531. were introduced and Colleen explained Suzanne Adams, a NWWP outreach what their program had to offer: Native worker from Quinault discussed the risks of People for Cancer Control at the University Smoking and Cancer. In this presentation of Washington is funded by the National women learned about second hand and third Cancer Institute to enhance existing hand risks of smoking. If you are interested relationships while building new bridges for in learning more about smoking cessation community-based participatory research, please talk to your health care provider. training, and education to improve American Rita Andrews requested all cancer Indian and Alaska Native health. This Chehalis Tribal Construction defeated the Top Guns team during the survivors to come forward and honored conference was funded and made possible volleyball tournament at the employees picnic. Pictured (L-R) are the them all with a pendleton blanket, and she by Native People for Cancer Control. Chehalis Tribal Construction volleyball team Lupe Vazquez, Zach Carter, sang a prayer song for them. The Native Women’s Wellness Program Chris Klatush, Ken Mickkelson, Dustin Klatush. The Top Guns team are Philip After lunch, Norma Cagey, a Skokomish (NWWP) encourages regular screening for Youckton, Tony Onley, Derek Youckton, Jerry Youckton, and Sonny Youckton. Nation tribal member talked about her own breast and cervical cancer in order to detect personal experiences with cervical cancer. cancer in its earliest stage. The program Program Strives to Provide Additional Norma talked about being diagnosed with provides services for low-income Indian cervical cancer when she was pregnant women residing in the service areas of Housing for Tribal Members and her decision to continue with the the fve tribes of the SPIPA consortium: pregnancy before starting any treatment. Chehalis, Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, She talked about being in denial at frst with Skokomish, and Squaxin Island, this The Tribal Realty Program has been busy We are looking for qualifed buyers for: the diagnosis. Now she encourages young program also includes Quinault Tribe. building homes for tribal rentals and for  Brand new fve bedroom home located in sale. To qualify for a rental, you must Oakville. This home will be offered for Northwest Native American Annual Breast Cancer contact Charlotte Lopez 360-709-1850 and sale. This is a two story home with one Basketweavers Association Awareness Walk complete an application.  downstairs bedroom. We have new housing policies and Brand new three bedroom, two story Saturday, October 8 applications. So if you have not completed home located in Oakville. This home will 17th Gathering of Traditional Weavings Skokomish Nation an application since August 15th, you be offered for sale. This is a two story From the Past-To the Present-For the need to complete a new application. All home. Future Please watch for more information regarding applications require that the applicant show this walk. Please contact Christina Hicks at 360-709-1741 or an income where the rent does not exceed If you are interested in purchasing these September 30-October 2 30% of the household income. All persons homes please contact James Guiterez or Suquamish “House of Awakening Men’s Health Gathering listed on the application, over the age of 18, Dolly Canales at the Housing Authority Culture” Community House will require a background check and drug to see if you qualify for down payment Tuesday, October 25 testing. assistance program. For more information go to the offcial Gathering Room from 6:00 - 9:00 PM This is a great opportunity to own a NNABA website or contact 206-962-7248 Salmon Bake, keynote speakers, and door Currently we are looking for qualifed home for what you are currently paying in or email prizes. Watch for fyers. For more information renters for: rent! This home will be available around the contact the clinic at 360-273-5504  Two bedroom duplex located in Oakville. frst of the year.
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