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Elders Activities continued.. and exciting to be there. This was South Dakota the driver was a pro and we got a very interesting and sacred place through it just fne. We got to see to visit. We were also lucky as tons of bison roaming the land along the weekend we were there was a with big horn sheep, and elk. What big POW WOW and some elders a beautiful sight it was to see. Our attended that and shopped again! last adventure that day was to visit some crazy donkeys on the side of Overall the trip was very long, with the road that liked to be fed and that some days lasting over 12 hours sure was fun! Dolly went out to but there was so much to see and feed them, and she was attacked by experience that most didn’t mind almost all of them as they wanted the long days. This trip was very her food she brought out! We all memorable one for many years to had a good laugh. come for the ones that were blessed to go. The badlands trip was the most breathtaking and amazing sight to Now it is coming up to the holiday see. One of the highlight of this months, so please watch for the trip, which we were lucky enough to holiday activities and hope to see witness an actual blast at the Crazy you participate. Horse Monument. We also visited this on Native American Day which And as always if you need anything South Dakota’s has this day as an please feel free to call Nancy at 360- offcial holiday! It was so beautiful 870-0141. Alaskan Cruise Weaving Classes Page 2   
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