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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER February 2013 Free Salish Tribes Perform at the Governor’s Inaugural Ball It was a special day of before preparing to enter the celebration at Governor Jay rotunda foor. The excitement Inslee’s inaugural ball on could be felt as we prayed for January 16. People gathered strength and healing for all we to feast, socialize, and listen hold sacred. to the entertainers. A wide variety of people attended Then our name was announced with over 3,000 who came to and the performance began. enjoy the day’s activities and The Canoe families entered be entertained. the foor with grace and style singing and drumming. The Chehalis, Nisqually Led by the Elders and lead and Squaxin Island tribes singers they circled-up around participated, and a few the roped-off Washington members from the Puyallup State seal in the middle the Canoe families were also rotunda marble foor. The invited to join in this dancers followed creating momentous occasion. They a circle around the singers were listed as “The Southern and drummers. As everyone Sea Canoe Families” in Drummers, Singers, and Dancers performed around the Washington reached the foor, the clear the inaugural ball program. state seal in the middle of the rotunda floor. The songs honored every awe-inspiring notes of the It was an exhilarating one that came to the 2013 Governor’s Inaugural Ball. frst song rang out by the lead opportunity! singer Bear, then the others A Night to Remember! many were smiling and laughing joined in singing and drumming. The Canoe families prepared for while taking photos in and around this event by practicing at each The day of the ball was a process the rotunda ballroom Continued on Page 2.... participating tribal community. as each member of the group foor. It was almost Each family selected their own showed up at the Labor & too overwhelming, songs to be sung at the event. The Industry Building to sign in and gazing at the Elders shared their songs with get their bracelets in order to vaulted ceilings, adults and youth alike, passing join the activities for the night. while coming to the them onto the next generation. Transportation to and from the realization that this There were time constraints Capitol was an important aspect was actually going however, on how long they could of this event, and people found to happen. There hold the rotunda foor, so the Canoe their way using various means. was also a discussion families selected specifc songs that Some were dropped off by friends on how to proceed could be sang in their entirety, so as or family members but many took down the steps to to not compromise the integrity of the shuttles that were provided by the rotunda foor. those that were sung. the event’s coordinators. As people For a few of the exited the shuttles, the view of the members this was Security needed to be very strict Capitol Building could only be the frst time setting because of this event’s location, described as breathtaking. Lines foot into the Capital so each volunteer had to complete outside the building were already Building, as many paper work to pass a background growing, even though the event had only viewed it check. Many tribal people gladly wasn’t to start for another 2 hours. from the surrounding complied, for it was a special roadways. opportunity to sing, drum, and All the Canoe families were dance in the Olympia Capitol escorted up to the Senate rooms Singers, drummers, Elders lead the Coastal Salish Canoe building at the Governor’s reserved for the men and women. and dancers, gathered families to the rotunda floor with grace Inaugural Ball! After dressing in their regalia, to sing a prayer song and style singing and drumming
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