Page 2 - February 2013
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Inaugural Ball from page 1.... enters the room. The dancers then joined in with their dance. The drums echoed through He said that we were the highlight the whole building and the voices of the evening and thanked everyone lifted above the drums. The songs for coming to participate in this honored everyone who came to celebration. He shook hands and had witness this part of the ceremony. photos taken with the families who Elders, adults and youth alike shared chose to. in their songs, drumming, dance and prayers as the night progressed. The smiles told the tale of a night was amazed, and they responded a lifetime opportunity! Some took shared at the Capitol Building. As the performance went on, with a thunderous applause. It was a an opportunity to sit down in senate Several members shared some spectators moved in close to see night to be remembered! chairs to wind down. Someone well-intentioned gifts, which lit what was happening, listening After the performance, the Canoe requested to perform another song. up Governor Inslee’s face as he intently and not wanted to miss such families met back up in the Senate An individual began singing the graciously accepted them. a spectacular performance. room. Wow! What a performance! gathering song and everyone began As the songs winded down and the That was exciting, something to be joining in. The next thing we knew, For all of the performers it was a natives exited the foor the audience honored to share like that! Once in newly elected Governor Jay Inslee night to remember!! Page 2   
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