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Chehalis Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program News Tips for Completing Employment Applications Know Yourself 101 Tell the truth. State things in a way to show yourself in a positive light, but In the life-long process can be an opportunity do not falsify information. of getting to feel better to learn things you about yourself, the frst might not otherwise Complete all requested information. Don’t leave anything blank. If a step is to know who you have known. You can question doesn’t apply to you write, “Not Applicable” or “None”. are! then decide if you want to change those things. Write clearly and neatly. Always use a black or blue ink pen. Check for Who are you? If you don’t know about spelling and grammatical errors. „ Are you a wife/ them, you can’t change husband, mother/ them. Contact information is vital. Be sure to put down a good address and phone father, sister/brother, number where you can be reached or receive a message. citizen, student, Some people have neighbor, friend? Be specifc about the position or type of work you are applying for. Never diffculty listening to nice things write, “Anything” or “Whatever is available.” „ Are you kind or cruel, smart or said to them and about them by dumb, understanding or callous, others. How do you feel when you When asked about Salary you desire write, “Open,” “Negotiable” or giving or selfsh? hear nice things? Can you drink “Prevailing rate”. them in with joy without qualifying, „ How do you react to adversity? denying, avoiding these nice gifts? List your most recent job frst when completing employment information. „ How you treat others? Accepting positive words from Make sure information is complete and accurate. Be specifc when others is extremely helpful and describing your job duties in the work history section. „ What parts of you do you like? useful. List your most recent education frst. Include vocational schools and „ What parts do you dislike? „ There are many paths to self- training programs as well as college and high school. „ How can you change to be the knowledge. person you want to be? List all skills relevant to the position you are applying for, including those „ Whatever the path, the important gained through volunteer activities. „ To live the life you want to live? thing is GROWTH. When asked about health, physical limitations or availability, give only Self-knowledge is an important „ You must keep growing. information relevant to your ability to perform the job. starting point. Listening to what others say to you about yourself „ And learning, If you have a negative experience on your record (i.e., you were fred or is one to increase self-knowledge. have a conviction) write, “Now resolved” or “Will discuss.” This may or However, many people are not open „ And changing. may not keep you from being screened out. to hearing about themselves from others. If you can be receptive to „ Never stand still. References don’t necessarily have to be professional. If you have another persons view about you. volunteered you can use members of the organizations that you have helped You can learn and grow more easily The more you know about you, the or if you are a student use you teachers. In all cases, ask for permission and quickly. better position you will be in to prior to using the person for a reference. change what you want, and keep Sometimes it hurts to hear bad what you want. Self-awareness is Reread your application before you hand it in. Make sure you have signed things about yourself. If hurtful the key to change and growth. and dated it. things are said in a spirit of kindness form someone who cares about you, Staff: Barbara Churchill, Orinda Chehalis Tribal it can be helpful. Listening openly Goddard, and Jamie Smith General Assistance Program Career Classes General Assistance (GA) will begin in March. If you would like to apply, If you would like to learn more about completing employment applications, you will need to pick up an application at your earliest convenience and creating a resume, or any other job search related items, please join us for th have it completed and turned in before March 5 . Career Classes every other Thursday at 1:00 PM in the Chehalis Tribal Resource Center. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact Jamie Smith Upcoming class dates are: Feb. 7 & 21 . th st – GA Caseworker, at (360) 709-1872 or You can pick up applications at the GA Offce located in Resource Center. Classes are open to the Chehalis Tribal Community.    Page 9
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