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The Lucky Eagle Casino is currently offering this program in 2013-2014 Great Wolf Lodge Clarifies Chehalis Tribal Member Discount Process The Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound offers a room discount to Chehalis tribal members in recognition of the Tribe’s ownership of this beautiful destination. This generous discount is designed for Chehalis Tribal members only Earn college credits on-site at the Lucky Eagle Casino! and their guests. Over 1000 Tribal member reservations have been made in the past year. This is a very popular program! Lucky Eagle Casino’s Tribal Enterprise and Gaming Management (TEGM) Certifcation To make a room reservation: Call 360- 273- 7718. Tribal members are encouraged to book a reservation in advance since the beneft is limited Description to available rooms. If you need three or more rooms on any night, these can only be booked What: Lucky Eagle Casino and Tacoma Community College are considering offering an on-site through Cammi Wittwer, Extension 4920. Tribal Gaming and Tribal Enterprise Certifcate with 14 transferable college credits in business management. The Tribal member must be physically present upon arrival at the front desk with a valid When: The classes meet for three hours one day a week, beginning September 2013. There are tribal member ID to check in. Due to liability seven modules (each lasting seven weeks) for a total of 49 weeks plus a two week College Success concerns, the Tribal member room discount is Course. not available for non-Tribal member family and friends. Where: The classes meet in the Casino Training Module at Lucky Eagle Casino. Snacks and beverages are provided. There have been some cases in which a Tribal member has tried to book a room for someone Who can attend: Chehalis Tribal members and casino associates, employees of Chehalis Tribal who is not a tribal member. If the Tribal Enterprises, and employees of the Great Wolf Lodge. member is not actually staying in the room, the full room rate will be applied. Who are the instructors: Tacoma Community College recruits highly qualifed instructors with expertise in gaming and/or the specifc topic of each module. Water Park Passes: Each Tribal member may receive up to six Water Park passes per day. You Why: The purpose of offering management level courses at Lucky Eagle Casino is to a) build will receive one FREE, and you must pay $10 management skills within the workforce; b) offer college level courses at a convenient location each, plus tax, for any additional passes you for associates and Chehalis Tribal Members; and c) create a learning environment where skills purchase, for a total of six per day. You must are transferable within the casino and the community. This is an opportunity for potential career be at the Lodge, in person, with a valid Tribal advancement and intellectual challenge for those who participate. Member ID in order to pick up the passes and enjoy the Water Park with your family. Cost: Each module costs $514 and earns the participant two (2) college credits. All 7 modules cost a total of $3,598.00 and earn the participant fourteen (14) college credits. For more specifc funding 25% Discount in all Outlets: Chehalis Tribal questions please contact Vanessa Youckton or Stephanie Pickernell. members must show their tribal ID card at the time of purchase. This does not include any Background: Collaboration with Tacoma Community College (TCC), now Invista Performance add on packages to rooms, Paw Passes, Spa Solutions, began in the spring of 2008 with the idea of developing a certifcate program similar to Packages, or Alcohol. the one already offered at Red Wind Casino. The course content is tailored to refect topics identifed by Casino directors and managers who provided expertise in their areas. The courses are interactive We encourage all Chehalis Tribal members and geared to adult learners. The Lucky Eagle Casino is currently offering this class for 18 to understand this discount program so it can participants. continue to be offered in its current form. How to apply: Applications will be available August 1. Please contact Vanessa Youckton or If you have questions please call Tribal Liaison Stephanie Pickernell. Trudy Marcellay at 360- 273-7718, Ext. 4981 Page 6   
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