Page 12 - December 2013
P. 12 FirstName LastName PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 US POSTAGE PAID CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER Street Address is a publication of the Confederated Tribes City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA of the Chehalis Reservation. PERMIT No. 2 Africa, you cannot just go to a building store (although, they have somewhat of building stores) and buy what you need because they may or may not have the product. The Pastor of the local church had the vision to build this feeding station so that he could feed 250 to 300 meals a day to local orphans. This would provide most of them the one meal a day that they needed to live. Friday it rained torrents and the materials they needed still weren’t available so they went to Nhlangano and assisted in the building of a church. This was very diffcult work; the gravel wasn’t available so the men used sledge hammers to make big rocks into little rocks. And the rain continued in torrents. Saturday they visited a tourist attraction which gave them an idea of how the Swazi’s lived in the past. They also visited the children’s part of a hospital. They handed out “sweets” (candy) to the children and their parents. This is a real treat for those in the hospital. Parents had to stay in the hospital with their children and care for them because the nurses only dispensed medicine. Sunday was a day of rest and church. They visited a village church and experienced frst hand what the feeding station would mean to the Ntfonjeni village. After church the locals served a meal to the children (which would probably be their only meal of the day) from their feeding station. Monday the crew was able to get serious about laying the cement block for the Ntfonjeni Feeding Station. By Thursday they had run out of materials, but got most of the building completed. The men had to work in the cool weather and rain because of the limited time. Friday was a day the “men on a mission” turned into tourists and visited a Wildlife Game Park (called a safari). They saw many animals which was very different than visiting a zoo. This was defnitely a highlight of the trip and is highly recommended. Saturday they visited two homesteads where two grandfathers were taking care of four and fve orphan children. The took them some food staples which they were very grateful for. The Chairman funded this trip out of his own pocket. He stated that he probably won’t go on another trip. The the need is so great, he feels like he didn’t make a difference. However, I am sure the orphan children of Ntfongeni feel that he made a huge difference. The chairman’s parents will return to Swaziland in March and May to do the same thing in two different villages and would appreciate your prayers. Dave Burnett handed out “sweets” to the children while visiting a hospital in South Africa. Photos Provided by Nadine Burnett Page 12   
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