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Veterans continued from Page 1... and drumming from the Chehalis Entertainment for the Evening Canoe family. After the meal, special recognition was given to Korean War veterans in attendance in honor and remembrance of the 60 Anniversary of the end of the th war. Korean War veterans were given a feece vest with a logo of the event embroidered on the chest. Curtis DuPuis, Chehalis Tribal Veteran of the 5 Special Forces in th The evening began with Vietnam. DuPuis spoke of his time a stirring rendition of the and experience in the service. Along National Anthem by Heather with a member of the Yakama Youckton, Chehalis Tribal Nation Warriors Association, member. DuPuis presented a gift to an patriotic ceremonies, presentations Afghanistan veteran in attendance. and awards for veterans. D.J. Eagle Bear Vanas, a retired Air The evening began with a stirring Force Offcer and member of the rendition of the National Anthem Odawa Nation, presented “Warrior by Heather Youckton, Chehalis Within”. D.J. is a Native American Tribal member, “Many hours of planning went motivational followed by a into to making this happen,” speaker that has POW Ceremony Burnett said. “The hard presented to by Kenneth C. work from the Veterans Day many tribes and Wojczynsi. Committee was truly a labor corporations across of love for them.” the nation. “On occasions like this, the National Anthem Door prizes were given and special takes on even more emotion and honors were awarded to the oldest signifcance that it normally does,” veteran, youngest veteran and Director of Marketing for Lucky longest served. Eagle, and the evening’s emcee John Straus said. “I think everyone got The Veterans Day Committee goosebumps. I know I did.” organized the event. Members include: Vanessa Youckton, Ryan During the meal, Elaine McCloud Johnston, Merrill Goldstein, Diantha and family performed traditional Draeger, Diana Keller, Amber song and dance, followed by singing Tovrea, Gwen Fisher, Amy Palo and Jenny Howe. The Veterans Day Meal was made possible thanks in part to contributions from the Chehalis Tribe, Lucky Eagle Casino, Capital City Press, Budd Bay Embroidery & Specialties, Burger Claim, and Coast Offce. Volunteers cooked fish for the dinner. It was prepared in the Chehalis traditional style at the Lucky Eagle Casino. Photos by Sheila Bray Page 2   
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