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February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month Tribal Member Dedication and Hard Work Obama declared February National Teen Dating to talk with a supportive person if you, or someone Earns Wolfy Award at the Great Wolf Lodge Violence Awareness and Prevention Month 2014 you care about, is having a chaotic, abusive time. and in the proclamation from the White House You are never in a hopeless situation. it was noted that: “Each year, 1 in 10 American teenagers suffers physical violence at the hands It can feel this way, I know. It is true that almost of a boyfriend or girlfriend, and many others are any Native you meet from all over the country sexually or emotionally abused. Dating violence will have a common understanding, with very few can infict long lasting pain, putting survivors at words, about what it means to have grief, trauma increased risk of substance and scars. We forget abuse, depression, poor about the joy though too academic performance, in our hardest times. It is and experiencing my belief we are turning further violence from a the corner – we are partner. During National moving from surviving Teen Dating Violence to thriving. Part of that Awareness and Prevention thriving is seeking out Month, we renew our help when you need it. commitment to preventing abuse, supporting Thriving is breaking away survivors, holding offenders accountable, and from the “Don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel” trap. building a culture of respect.” We have reason to be optimistic in Indian Country, Pack member - Tina Ebling we are, and always have, found ways to generate Tribal Member Often in the statistics for Native people we fnd a way to support ourselves, fnd humor and fnd higher percentages in addiction, stalking and leaders. I do not mean showy leaders, but modest, Pack Member Tina (Penn) Ebling violence; but, we also are high in percentages for wise leaders. Another of my “always” statements Tina began her employment at Great Wolf people who serve and protect our country, people is: if you are walking down the road in recovery, Lodge in June of 2013. She began in the who follow and value our culture and traditions, learning healthy ways of living, you are a warrior. Tribal Internship position, where she had the with respect. Much of the information out for You are teaching even without saying a word. opportunity to rotate through all of the GWL assisting ourselves and our peers has a foundation Saying you can’t trust anyone is just a way to trap departments. At the end of her Internship, in respect, therefore, I believe as Native people we yourself, maybe you just have to make friends with she moved into a full time position with have a head start. As is pointed out, and are not your instinct which tells you who is trustworthy. Housekeeping. just words on a poster, violence is not our tradition. Certainly, different tribes have different beliefs So where do you reach out? You can start by At the recent 2013 Wolfy Awards, which and traditions AND what holds us together is our promoting in your school. This website is a celebrates lodge standards of Respect, common strengths. Breaking cycles of addiction, good source: Integrity, Accountability, Competency, and violence and abuse is completely doable for a announcement and here’s another: http:// Teamwork, Tina received the Wolfy Award for people so strong. Healthy relationships of all types and these are just the start. It is Teamwork. Tina earned this award because is a perfect beginning, meaning relationships with not just about the month of February. she offers to help her fellow pack members in family, friends and partners can all be healthy. time of need, is willing to pick up shifts for If you need personal assistance, and are a leader others when needed, is always being fexible Disagreeing is healthy, it’s the manner of settling in the making, you can call Tsapowum Behavioral and willing to talk things through, listens to differences that is key. Learning healthy ways Health at: 360-709-1733. others, and accepts the most effective role here of communication is a lifelong endeavor and it Websites available if you want to start more at the Lodge. With her commitment to her is never too late to learn. There are many things anonymously there is also http://loveisrespect. department as well as the lodge, Tina was very I say over and over again, usually learned from deserving of this award. others, one is: You are always an elder to someone, org/about-national-dating-abuse-helpline with no matter your age. They look up to you and you a hotline number of 1-866-331-9474. If you are In addition, Tina recently became a member have many opportunities to teach. Another is: unsure of whether or not your relationship is of the 2014 Emerging Wolves, a group of healthy here’s a great quiz for you or your friends even if you are younger, perhaps you are teaching to try: Pack Members who learn more in-depth elders. Having reached an age where I am soon information about the Great Wolf Brand, to be a grandma (in April), I can say that I have healthy-relationships-quiz. receive training in supervisory and leadership learned so many things about courage, wisdom I hope we hear from you if you need a fresh, safe skills, and have fun while learning. We are and forgiveness from adolescents and children start and I believe in your abilities, truly. excited to have Tina be part of this team! for many years. Part of that wisdom has been that there are certain things where you are not a snitch Article submitted by Behavior Health Program Congratulations Tina! HOWLS!    Page 11
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