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Healthy Cooking continued from Page 1... „ Lots of high-fber foods. Healthy Foods Choices your day. Cook only enough for the amount of food for the people that „ Leans, greens and beans! is being served at dinner. If there is Traditional Spring Foods include: are leftovers you may be tempted to „ Nettles, pursalane, dandelions overeat. and other greens-Food, fber and medicine She explained the value of eating bulb plants and to encourage you „ Seaweeds and Kelp (ocean to eat things that do not have a greens). “Mother.” Growing or purchasing fresh vegetables can assist you in „ Wild onions, garlic and mustards achieving your goals to eat more (sulfur containing vegetables). green leafy vegetables. The signs „ Berries. of plant protection are: color, odor and favor. Plants are loaded with „ Wild fsh, shellfsh and wild “phytochemicals that protect every game. single cell in your body from harm. She encouraged everyone to eat a Good Sources of Information for “rainbow” of color every day. Learning More Tricia Sinek uses her hands Here are some tips to a healthy „ Feeding the People, Feeding the to demonstrate the power of lifestyle change: Spirit; Revitalizing Northwest portion size. This is a useful Coastal Indian Food and Culture tool when making the changes Body Weight Matters to your eating habits. „ Be as lean as possible. Avoid „ The Traditional Foods of Puget wealthier, and how the western weight gain with age and any Sound Project 2008-2010 world’s infuence on portion size increase in waist circumference. „ Food: Your Miracle Medicine and and what types of foods we now eat Why? Every single pound in Food Pharmacy by Jean Carper has grown. Generations of families adulthood increases the risk of has changed their eating habits disease! „ Food Rules by Michael Pollen which have contributed to the health „ More weight = More risk! „ Magazines: Vegetarian Cooking, problems we have today. Sinek Vegetarian Times, Clean Eating, advised that a lifestyle change needs „ Body fat produces hormones and Eating Well to go back to the traditional way of proteins that cause infammation eating of past generations. and increase blood insulin levels. „ Websites:, This creates an environment that, www.slowfood. Leans, greens and beans! Tricia explained that you have to encourages cancer cell growth. com want to change your eating habits. A lifestyle change is not easy, but if „ Pay attention to your portions. „ Seeds and other resources: you take small steps it is possible. Portion distortion is killing us. Rancho Gordo Beans, rareseeds. Make small attainable goals and  Avoid food and drinks that com,, baker live them daily. Maybe drop some promote weight gain. seed company unhealthy habits frst. Maybe add „ Consider starting a small something like drinking two cups  Be physically active as part container garden with mixed of water before each meal. Portion of your everyday life. greens or veggies size is very important, she used the The Power of Traditional Spring Wild fish and shellfish example of a portion size equals the Foods For Healing „ Eat mostly plants size of your hands. A snack should be measured in the palm of your For Cancer Risk Reduction and For any question or more hand. Increase the amount of times Survivorship information, please call Tricia you eat per day from three times „ Lots of greens, fruits and Sineck at 253-426-6746 or to maybe six times. This equals vegetables Email: more light healthy snacks such as Franciscan Health System an apple or nuts. A helpful hint is to „ Wild fsh and game (Healthy fats- measure your snack before you start Omega 3’s) Whole grains Page 2   
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