Page 12 - June 2014 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter
P. 12 PRSRT STD ©Copyright 2012 FirstName LastName CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER US POSTAGE PAID is a publication of the Confederated Tribes Street Address of the Chehalis Reservation. City, ST Zip OAKVILLE WA * Or Current Resident PERMIT No. 2 athletes on reservations around the country who that did not deter her from chasing her dreams. deserve a look. She encouraged their children to participate in school sports, which taught the children about On Monday, May 5 at 7:00 am kicked off a fun athletics and the children learned better. They run for the ATNI Conference. The Shimmel moved around, because Shoni demonstrated a family and 15 to 20 Chehalis tribal youth real talent for basketball. She wanted her to have gathered at the Great Wolf Lodge for a few laps a real chance and their family left the reservation around the Great Wolf property. moving to Portland. She called it the Shoni Card, Later that day they came to the Community and searched for a coach that would work and Center to introduce themselves to the Chehalis enhance their daughter’s athletic ability. community. The presentation started around She reminisced about watching her two daughters 3:00 pm. Rick introduced his family, advising playing rez ball. Their free wheeling love of that Shoni Shimmel was not present as she was the game was evident when the two were on the continuing her dream by playing for the Atlanta basketball court together. Jude wanted to play Dream of the WNBA. basketball with her sister Shoni and requested to He discussed basketball, family values, and start playing high school as an eighth grader. To overcoming obstacles and adversity for Native her delight she was given permission, bringing Americans. He stated it isn’t easy to be part of their rez ball style into the lime light of other two worlds, the reservation and non-native world. coaches. He shared about the hardships their family had A word to the parents - Show your children to overcome while Shoni and Jude chased their tough love and stay persistent. Don’t baby them, dreams of playing college basketball. Their stay hard and hound them. Involve all of your family didn’t listen to the doubters who stated family from Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles. that their daughters wouldn’t be successful at the next level and were destined to become “rez Jude Shimmel shared her story with the ballers.” community. She stated that each one of us has a different story to tell. There is always something He shared many things that their family did to we can relate to, and it always nice having our be successful in raising a couple of talented and family to support us. It is important to listen competitive basketball players. Be proud of who to your elders. That an education provides you are. Set you goals and aim high. It doesn’t an opportunity to excel, challenge yourself to have to be basketball, just follow you dreams. become a success, it can lead you to places. Good strong core values are key to success, but She also stated that they aren’t the only people believing in a higher power helps and his family that have become successful, but it is also very has always attended church. With out God and important to share. prayers there would not have been a good strong The Shimmel family challenged the Leaders to balance. It helped a lot with the struggles that a fun game of basketball and many people came came with all the challenges that life brought out to witness a little rez ball played that night. their family. They didn’t disappoint as both the leaders and Ceci introduced herself to the community and she the Shimmel family demonstrated their skills of shared her childhood being raised on the Umatilla the game. After that game, they challenged the Reservation. She also shared Ricks athletic Chehalis tribal youth. This brought smiles to prowess at baseball. He might have been a little many faces of Elders, youth and adults alike as shy about it being a non-Indian, but he was very they played a game they enjoyed. Their love of talented. She was a very good athlete who played the game made it a night to remember. sports through high school and couple of years in junior college. Thank you Shimmel Family and Tribal leaders for dedicating your time, leading to the success of She started raising a family at an early age, but all of our tribes. Page 12   
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