Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - August 2014
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Continued from page 1... one of earlier wearers of the head band. He was well known for the white head band as he played for the Super Sonics. It had several purposes, one was to keep the sweat off the face and being able to see clearer helped him visualize the game as it was being played. The youth eagerly put them on and wore them the rest of the camp. You could hear across the basketball court as they yelled, “Power of the Head Band!” Life Skills Donald Jr. and Fred Jr. sat down and talked to the children and their words inspired and encouraged the youth who were participating. To challenge themselves by working hard at whatever they were doing would help them become successful. It doesn’t matter if it was playing basketball or other sports. They should put down the video games, phones or other things that prohibited them from being active. Donald Jr. and Fred Jr. reminded the youth to tell their parent that they love them on a regular basis. It is important, because of all the sacrifces a parent makes to provide food, clothes, roof over their heads, school, sports and other activities. Be thankful that they are part of their lives, as in some cases some parents don’t even do that. Goals and Dreams Each child was asked what they wanted to be when they grow up? The children took turns and shared: a teacher, soccer coach, police offcer, and a wide assortment of career choices. Donald Jr. and Fred Jr. explained that these are goals and stressed the importance of making goals. Working hard to achieve them by being a good student, athlete and person will open many different doors to make a difference in their community. It’s a great way to be! Be a good student athlete! Keep up you attendance and get good grades. This will open doors to continue onto college and get out into the real world. Maybe even become a professional athlete. Page 2   
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