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Continued from Page 1 youth groups and how he witnessed young men “What does being Native American mean?” feeling freer than they had ever felt, even though they were currently incarcerated. They had this Is it being born Native? Is the tattoo someone is feeling of freedom because they were allowed to wearing on their arm “NDN”? Are you living be themselves and express themselves knowing your cultural values that are taught to you by that they were loved and cared for. It is sobering the Elders? Do you need more teachings on to know that this is the frst location for these your values, but are unsure or embarrassed to young people to feel this way and not in their ask? These are challenging questions not meant homes or communities. However, it’s not only the to shame, but inspire frst steps. Our ancestors incarcerated that need help. As we all know other survived a wide assortment of trials from contributing factors are drugs, alcohol, school genocide, to failed treaties, disease epidemics, and home life. This can be very overwhelming boarding schools and addictions. Their for one person to handle. sacrifces did not go unnoticed by the following generations. Through culture, listening, sharing Family and friends walked together their hearts and respect, our Tribe’s are still here. during the Suicide Awareness/Prevention The suicide rate in Indian Country is an epidemic It is not rocket science, just a simple way. It has Event. and one question is: “why?” How well do we to start with you and your walk towards success. and charismatic presenter and he shared his know each other? How well do we listen to each other? How active are we in each others lives? thoughts and ideas with the community. Rudy These are very sound questions. Many cultural I Can’t, But Nix began his career as a successful boxer and teachings are very simple and can be our core We Can! since then has worked with youth in juvenile values as we grow, learn, and listen. Sometimes detention center. He also shared some of his we get lost, but by asking these questions and Rudy fnished connections to the Chehalis Tribe and its using techniques taught to us - we can be found. his talk with community members. Many may know him as If you saw someone doing something wrong a story and by “The Haida Warrior,” his fght name while he are you willing to speak up? Previously, the emphasizing was a boxer at the Lucky Eagle Casino. Yes, Elders would put us back on the path. Let’s the thought, “I he was proud of the moment when he held the access our resources, our elders. We all know can’t, but we championship belt, but that was only a moment where the drugs are… what are you doing to stop can.” He shared of satisfaction. He wanted more! Never being this? There is no one wrong or right answer, a story about a satisfed with this achievement as he grew older, but everyone in the community has skills and young boy with Mother Akasha Slighte he knew he was destined for something greater. wisdom to correct the problems. Don’t sit back his grandmother. and her son Matteo His After welcoming us, he began by giving us some and watch, get involved! Rudy reminded us that grandmother holding hands as they walked together during statistics. He explained that Native American while one person alone cannot fx the problems of asked him to the Suicide Awareness/ youth have a higher rate of suicide (23 out of a community, if we all work together and do what move a large Prevention Walk. every 100,000 in Washington State) which is we can to always watch out for each other, we rock in the larger than any other racial group surveyed. His can create a web of safety which spans the entire yard. He said that he couldn’t move it as it was mission is to fgure out what can be done to give community. Together we can support the youth of too large and heavy. She told him: “Use all your Native youth the support they need to reverse this our communities to live safer and happier lives. strength you have within you.” He grunted and reality. He believes that the most important factor pulled with all his might, but still couldn’t move is making culture more available and familiar to Another issue Rudy highlighted in Indian the rock. He turned and told his grandmother: “I the youth and to the community at large. Country is the high school dropout rates. How can’t grandmother! It’s too heavy.” Again she can we as a community change this? Although, told him to move the rock he needed to use all Mr. Nix spoke of his experience working in he is talking about the overall rates and was your strength you have within you. He thought juvenile detention centers and leading cultural unaware that the rates from the Chehalis Tribal about what she said, and after awhile he asked Community are better than average, we can still if she could help him. Together they lifted and Guest challenge ourselves to keep that momentum moved the rock. Together we can accomplish speaker and share successes to be replicated within healing and growth to thrive. Rudy Nix other tribes. He noted that education is a tool shared his that Native Americans can embrace and use to Tsapowum Chehalis Tribal Behavioral Health: wisdom and accomplish many things. Value yourself and 360-709-1733 knowledge continue to embrace this concept as it will further Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE during the your Tribe. Never lose sight of your goals as The Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center Suicide you practice your culture. When the journey collaborates with Northwest American Indian Prevention/ is not easy and you get off track, return to your Tribes and has resource on their website: Awareness teachings to live in harmony with laws and Event. principles of the authentic meaning of life. thrive Page 2   
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