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Tribal Health and Wellness News November is Diabetes Awareness Month! We have the 3. TAKE OFF SOME WEIGHT. Once you start eating less and moving more, you will lose weight. By losing just 10 pounds, you can cut your Power chances of getting diabetes. 4. SET GOALS YOU CAN MEET. Start by making small changes. to prevent Diabetes Try being active for 15 minutes a day this week. Then each week add fve minutes until you build up to at least 30 minutes fve days a week. Try to cut 150 calories out of your diet each day. (That’s one can of soda!). We are American Indians and Slowly reduce your calories over time. Talk to your health care team about Alaska Natives, and we have the your goals. power to prevent type 2 diabetes. Science has proven that we can 5. RECORD YOUR PROGRESS. Write down all the things you eat and drink and the number of minutes you are active. Keeping a diary is one of prevent diabetes if we lose as the best ways to stay focused and reach your goals. little as 10 pounds by walking Marla DuPuis Conwell, 30 minutes, 5 days a week, and 6. SEEK HELP. You don’t have to prevent diabetes alone. Ask your Chehalis, diabetes prevention making healthy food choices. family and friends to help you out. Involve them in your activities. You can program participant help each other move more, eat less, and live a healthy life. Go for a walk together or play a pickup game of basketball. Join a support group in your Here are seven powerful steps you can take to get started today: area to help you stay on track. 1. MOVE MORE. Get up, get out, and get moving. Walk, dance, bike ride, 7. KEEP AT IT. Making even small changes is hard in the beginning. Try swim, or play ball with your friends or family. It doesn’t matter what you to add one new change a week. If you get off track, start again and keep at do as long as you enjoy it. Try different things to keep it fun. it. 2. MAKE HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES. Eat fber-rich fruits and Call 1-888-693-NDEP (1-888-693-6337) or visit www.YourDiabetesInfo. vegetables each day. Choose whole grain foods such as whole grain org to get a free copy of Your GAME PLAN to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. bread and crackers, oatmeal, brown rice, and cereals. Cut down on fatty and fried foods. You can still enjoy less healthy foods, just eat smaller For more information, check out the IHS diabetes website at portions. Choose water to drink. medicalprograms/diabetes Got Diabetes or Know Someone with Diabetes? The IHS “Standards of Care” for type 2 diabetes are a set of guidelines to provide the highest quality care possible to help insure a long, healthy life for those with diabetes. 1. What does the health care provider mean by 2. What are some of the tests/exams/immunizations you might need at your next clinic visit “standards of care”? Why is it important for you to “meet if you have not had them in the past year? them”? „ Urine test to check for protein (to see how kidneys are working) „ Standards of care are guidelines that diabetes experts „ Fasting blood test to check cholesterol level (lipid profle) and kidney function agree can prevent/delay diabetes complications and/or (creatinine), and more. fnd diabetes complications early so treatment can be started right away. They include suggested medications, „ Routine physical tests, immunizations and exams. „ Eye exam Your diabetes coordinators „ It is important to get them done or “meet the standards” „ Dental exam to give yourself the best chance to stay healthy with „ General diabetes education (Nutrition, Activity diabetes. and more) and Tribal clinic staff are „ Most of the long-term problems of diabetes can be „ Foot exam to check feeling in the feet committed to keeping you treated better if they are found early. healthy. Ask your health care „ Depression screening provider if you are up to date. „ Regular examinations are needed, especially of the eyes, kidneys, feet, and heart to check for problems. Page 4   
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