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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month
Gary Ortivez (9-12) Chayse Youckton (6-8) Courtney Price (K-5)

Gary Ortivez is a Chayse Youckton is in the 8th grade at Courtney Price is a
senior at Oakville Rochester Middle School and has maintained 3rd grader at Grand
High School who is a 3.4 GPA for all three years of junior high. A Mound Elementary
putting up impressive true passion for Chayse is math. While being School. Courtney
numbers in the his favorite subject, Chayse has also joined the is an avid reader.
classroom and on math club, an after school program that allows He says when he is
the basketball court, him to find fun new approaches to a subject reading he really gets
both of which can be he enjoys. He is also a participant in the into the story and
attributed to his work band where he plays percussion, something likes the characters he
ethic. he hopes to continue through his high school hears about. When
career and expand on as his skills increase. asked what qualities
When questioned make him a great
as to what makes When asked what advice he had for his fellow student he responded “I am trying to be a better
him a successful student he responded “I am classmates and the students that will follow reader all the time and I am a good friend”. This
determined to pursue my education to the him, Chayse replied “Remember, the teacher shows here at the youth center. You can often
next level and bring it back to my people. My does not want to give you bad grades. They see Courtney helping other students complete
advice to the youth is you have to get your work are there to help you and want to see you assignments before going out to play.
done before you play. Never wait until the last succeed. If they want to help you, take it”
minute.” Chayse has been a successful student based on One of his major interests has become wrestling.
his determination. He refuses to give up when He is on the wrestling team for his school. It is
Gary has spent a lot of his time here at the situations get tough and the amount of work his first year and he feels he is learning a lot and
community center volunteering on outings with seems overwhelming. He stays focused and hopes to learn more as the season progresses.
the youth program and sharing his court skills learns how he can fix what is wrong.
with children who want to learn. After he finishes high school Mr. Price has
After high school Chayse plans to attend aspirations of attending college to become a
After his final year of high school Gary plans to college, seeking a degree in engineering or teacher. His advice to any of his fellow students
obtain a degree from a university in American architecture. As of right now, a first option
Indian studies. With the help of Racheal is the University of Hawaii and who could Active playand friends is “Work hard and then you’ll get a
Mendez, Gary has been sending out applications blame him. As a
to many universities and hopes to hear back from fall back he would reward.
them soon. like to open a small
business catering AfteteentlisongTrreibaatl !Members
From the Education Department to the needs of
the whole family. If you feel that your child should be nominated
As a reward for their commitment to school and Something akin to for student of the month, please contact Jodie
personal growth, each student of the month will the trading posts of
receive a $50.00 gift card. old while continuing Smith at or
to create blueprints 360-709-1897. State the reason why your child
Congratulations. Keep up the good work! and dream big.
should be considered.

Deadline is the last Friday of each month.

Tribal Big Brothers Big a high school or adult big from Active play
Sisters Program the community to play games Actfeievlsegrpealta! y feels great!
with, do arts and crafts with, and
…. WANTS YOU participate in youth center or Help your children run, jump,
cultural activities with. and play. Encourage about
The Tribal Big Brothers Big Sisters If you would like to become a 2 hours of active play time
program is looking for volunteers. volunteer big or want to know Help your children ruenve,rjyudmayp. ,Haavnedfunp!lay.
We have tribal little’s waiting more about the program.
to be matched. These little’s are Encourage about 2 hours of active play
looking for one to one time with PLEASE call Cindy Medina time every day. Have fun!
any time.....
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