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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month Youth Celebrate Tailgate
Party In Seahawk Style
Sid Cole (9-12) Emily Pickernell (6-8)
By Melvin Samuel III, Youth Center Assistant
Sid Cole is Emily Pickernell
a senior at is in the 6th Boy, if you didn’t feel a earthquake around 4:00
Oakville High grade at Oakville p.m. you must have been on another planet.
School who has Elementary. On Thursday, January 29, over 35 youth were
shown great Her teacher is dressed in Seahawks gear from beanies and
improvement proud of her jerseys, to socks and masks. One youth came all
in his academic tremendous decked out showing her spirit, and winning the
achievement growth that she best dressed contest. Congratulations Turtle!
over the course has had so far Even as I am writing this article I still feel the
of the year. this year. spirit our youth had that day. The youth tested
their football skills during activities for the
He has proven Her mom and Seahawk Tailgate party. They were seen kicking,
that hard work dad are also proud of her improvement and says passing and punting. These activities were
and focus are the keys to making himself a to keep up the good work. judged by the Education program. It was a tough
successful student. Sid has taken the time to find job and the scores were close, because the youth
and use the resources at his disposal to improve Emily likes that she has improved in math. were so athletic and competitive.
in the best way possible. She feels that she is successful with the new We won't dwell on the outcome because
program that her class has been doing. Seahawks are winners in the eyes of Seahawks
When asked what his plans are for life after 12'ers.
school he was quoted as saying, “This is just the Her advice for other students is to pay attention
start. I am going to continue to learn,” adding, in class and if you are having a problem with GO SEAHAWKS!!
“I will study my outside interests but it is what something try finding other sources.
I have learned here at Oakville that I will use as The Youth Program Activities had their
tools to get me to that next level.” She enjoys being on her schools volleyball own tailgate party in the youth center
and basketball teams and is looking forward to gym. They spent the day testing their
Sid takes pride in his advancing knowledge in playing fast pitch in the spring. football skills.
a tradition held in high regard by the Chehalis
people. He is an avid fisherman and is retaining After Emily graduates high school she wants to Photos submitted by the Youth Center Program
the knowledge of his ancestry and will teach go to culinary school so that she can become a
it to the next generation when that time Home Economics teacher.
comes. While being a great athlete in football,
basketball and occasionally baseball, it is his Serenity Klatush (K-5)
love of mechanics and the river that has Sid
looking to the future. Serenity Klatush is in the 2nd grade at Oakville
Elementary. For 1st semester she received all
After completing his high school education, Sid 3’s. Her teacher says that she is proud of her
is applying with the intent of being accepted achievement and the remarkable progress that
into the mechanics program at the Universal she has made this school year.
Technical Institute in Sacramento where he will
polish his already advanced skills in the field of When in school Serenity enjoys doing math and
auto repair. spelling. At home she enjoys playing kickball
with her cousins.
From the Education Department
Serenity feels that she is a successful student by
As a reward for their commitment to school and helping others.
personal growth, each student of the month will Her advice for
receive a $50.00 gift card. other students
is “Don’t bully
Congratulations. Keep up the good work! anyone.”

Attention Tribal Members: If you feel that After Serenity
your child should be nominated for student graduates high
of the month, please contact Jodie Smith at school she wants or 360-709-1897. to work at the
State the reason why your child should be store.
considered. Deadline is the last Friday of each

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