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* Or current resident

Staff Profiles: Assistant General Manager and Wellness Center Director Store continued on Page 1

It’s really great to be back strong leadership roles as well carpentry skills. With the construction of the
store, the groundwork was established to give
serving the Chehalis Tribe again. as stop the “brain drain” that so tribal and community members employment
opportunities to work at the store upon its
I worked for the Chehalis Tribe many tribes experience when completion. There have been many different
managers who trained employees as they worked
from 2002-2008 as the Heritage their educated tribal members there.

& Culture Program Manager. go work elsewhere. I know The Chehalis Tribe was able to negotiate and
built the Bingo Hall. It was a building block
Since then, I have worked for we employ many great people to begin finding new sources of revenue. This
opened the door to purchase land to build the
SPIPA from 2008 - 2015 in and I think our opportunities to EOT II and III stores. As the tribe began to have
success they also built the Lucky Eagle Casino
the SPIPA TANF program, as Marla Conwell improve will be awesome! and added the Eagles Landing Hotel.
a member of the Operations Assistant General Manager  
Team. I was responsible for I am enrolled Chehalis but The tribal and community members extend a
data compliance with the TAS also am Potawatomi and heartfelt goodbye to the historical buildings.
database and child support Sac and Fox on my paternal Closing Store 1 was not an easy decision
administration for TANF clients grandfather’s side.  I love to considering its historical value to the community.
at five sites, in addition to make basketry items and teach As CTE continues to respect the past and promise
Monthly and Quarterly reports others to make and appreciate for the future tribal enterprises.
for the State. them.  I work mainly in cedar
and have focused on teaching Thank you to all the current and prior store staff
members who have made this business a success.
My new job is Assistant General Manager of the others how and when to gather cedar so that they This store has provided many, many years of
service to the Chehalis community.
Chehalis Tribe’s governmental division.  I’m an can continue to make cedar baskets and hats in

enrolled member of the tribe, so I am particularly a self-reliant fashion.  My parents lived on the

excited to serve my people in this new role.  I Chehalis reservation where my father continues

look forward to establishing new collaborations to reside.  We recently lost my mother almost

between tribal departments and also among the six months ago and my family is still struggling

sub-committees of the Business Committee.  This to adjust.  I look forward to spending more time

new position was recently developed as a training with my father since I will be working so closely

position for Chehalis tribal members to learn to the family home.  Losing my mother made

about the General Management of our tribe with this new job opportunity particularly bittersweet

the end goal of having the AGM move up into as I am missing the time we could have spent

the GM position while bringing on another tribal together.  I know she would be very proud of

member to continue the AGM position.  This will me.  I hope to make my tribal members proud of

allow our tribe to move our own members into me as well.

Hello, my name is Denise Golf Course in Elma and have
Walker and I feel honored to seen some of you at the course.
serve as your Wellness Center
Director. I come with many Denise Walker I have two grown children On March 31 the End of the Trail 1
years experience in Tribal Health CTWC Director and five grandchildren who officially closed its doors. It is not
having worked for the Quinault are enrolled members of the the end of the building though. The
Indian Nation, Nez Perce Tribe Quinault Indian Nation. I will possiblilities are endless with a little
and the Skokomish Tribe. Each look forward to meeting all of thought and dreams.
of these Tribes I left with warmth you and assisting you with your
and friendship, along with many health needs.
fond memories.
Please feel free to stop by my
Some of you may know me from office any time you have any
golfing as I own the Oaksridge concerns or suggestions.

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