Page 10 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May 2015
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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month

Brady Pickernell (9-12) Jazmine Esparza-Klatush (6-8) Amara Penn (K-5)

Jasmine Esparza-Klatush is in the 7th grade
at Rochester Middle School, where she is
currently holding a 3.18 GPA.

She enjoys her friends that she has made at
school; she is in leadership at school, played
volleyball and basketball, and is a pitcher on
her fast pitch team.

Jasmine feels what makes her successful
student is that she does her work.

Her advice for others is, “The better your
grades the better your success.”

Brady Pickernell is a senior at Centralia High After Jasmine graduates high school she wants
School, where he is currently holding a 2.8 to play sports at UW or UCL and then become a
GPA. receptionist.

He likes that his school offers Spanish and that From the Education Department Amara Penn is in the 1st grade at Rochester
he is able to be in a TA for his Spanish class, Primary School.
giving him an extra year to learn the language. Congratulations. Keep
up the good work! She enjoys doing math at school.
He has enjoyed being on his school’s bowling
league for the past four years. She is also involved with Girl Scouts, enjoys
playing Soccer, and taking hip-hop class
Brady says that he is a successful student
because he pays attention in class. Amara feels that she is a successful student
because, she is quiet when the teacher says to
His advice for other students is, “Go every be quiet.
day and keep track of what you have done and
turned in. So when the teacher tries to say you Her advice for other students is to listen to the
didn’t do an assignment you can show them teacher.
that it was done and graded.”
After Amara graduates high school she wants
After Brady graduates high school he is going to go the Husky College (University of
to go to attend Centralia College then attend a Washington) to become a dentist.
college/university to become a video designer.

Attention Tribal Members Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic

If you feel that your child should

be nominated for student of the 0-C5hyeehaarliosldTrDibeanltaDl eAnctcaelssCIlniintiicative
month, please contact Jodie Smith
at or Bring in your child ag0e-s5 0-5year years old andold DentalAccessreceiveInitiativea free prize!

„„Please see Debbie Shortman to get your child registered.

State the reason why your child Bring in your child ages 0-5„„Prizes for 0-2 year olds will be a toothbrush and “Teeth Under Construction” t-shirt. (While
should be considered. Deadline is supplies last)

the last Friday of each month. years old and receive a free„„Prizes for 3-5 year olds is a Batman or Barbie Turbo toothbrush. (While supplies last)

Byreianrgsionldyaonudr crheciledivaegeasfr0e-e5Page 10
prize!   

 Please see DebpbriiezeS!hortman to get your
child registered
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