Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - May 2015
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Men’s Colon Health Outreach Dinner We are lucky to have the colon age 50 (under 50 if at increased
health program, which is a grant run risk for colorectal cancer, and
staff. Christina Hicks through SPIPA, and includes the 5 those over 64 who do not have
welcomed everyone and SPIPA tribes: Chehalis, Nisqually, Medicare Part B).
did the opening prayer. Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish and
Squaxin Island. They also include „„Receive services from the seven
Dr. Lance Ray did a Cowlitz and Quinault tribes. At contract tribal health clinics of
each site they have a patient SPIPA.
slide show presentation navigator for the program, the
patient navigators have been trained „„Are asymptomatic for colorectal
on Colon health, in colorectal cancer outreach, cancer.
screening and tracking. They insure
Lung and Prostate all those eligible and recommended If you would like to know more
for colorectal cancer screening about the Colon Health Program,
Cancer. Afterwards the are screened and followed up in a please talk to one of the Health Care
timely manner. Providers here at the clinic
audience participated
CHP serves men 360-273-5504 or
in the Question and and women who: Ate’ha Triance, Patient Navigator at

Answer session. It was 360-709-1774.

very informative as he

Ate’ha Triance, Patient Navigator answered a variety of good

encourages men and women to be questions.

tested for cancer. There was a raffle for all

By Christina Hicks, Community men who attended the event, some

Wellness Manager of the items raffled were: Cabela gift „„Do not
have health
cards, Pro Bass gift cards, Seahawks insurance
or are under
On Thursday, April 9, 2015 at items, fishing gear, electric smoker insured
with high
the Chehalis Tribal Community and chainsaw. This event was deductibles.

Center’s Gathering Room, the sponsored by the SPIPA Colon

S.P.I.P.A.’s Colon Health Program Health Grant.

hosted a Men’s Colon Health

outreach event. Colorectal cancer can be prevented „„Have incomes
up to 250%
through early detection and of the Federal
Poverty Level.
There were 25 people in attendance. treatment of Pre-cancerous
„„Are above the
The event started with a healthy conditions. This continues to be Raffle items being give to the luck winners at
the Men’s Colon Health outreach Dinner.
dinner, Spaghetti and Green Salad, our first line of defense for those

prepared by the prevention team diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Crowns continued from Page 1 Many grew up in the inner-city and there were the Harlem Crown players. These basketballs
that the Harlem Crowns autograph it for him and bad influences all around them. Through sports are donated by the youth center. The children
was met with a huge round of applause. they kept busy and continued to chase their promise to stay clean and pursue a sport that
dreams of playing basketball at the next level. would keep them alcohol and drug free. It is
At half-time each member of the Harlem Clowns always a fun and entertaining night for everyone
gave a speech on what inspired them to remain At the end of the game the children took the who comes to watch.
clean and sober from alcohol, drugs and gangs. opportunity to have their basketball signed by
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