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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month

Kelsey Bray (9-12) Cameron Snell (6-8) Maddison Carter (K-5)

Kelsey Cameron Snell is currently an 8th grade student Maddison
Bray is a at Oakville and will begin his journey into high Carter is in the
freshman school carrying with him a 3.52 GPA. While fifth grade. She
at Oakville Cameron states that his favorite subject is attends Oakville
High history, if you were to look at his performance Elementary.
School. She he is gifted in all areas of study. Maddison
currently receives 3’s and
holds a The faculty and anyone who knows Cameron 4’s (or A’s and
3.26 GPA. can attest to how proactive he is about his B’s) on her last
education. What Cam feels makes him a great report card.
At school, Kelsey enjoys her Geometry class. student is his attendance and his determination
Her teachers comment about her is she is an to have his work in on time. His advice to Maddison’s
intelligent student and a pleasure to have in his classmates to better their learning is quite favorite subject is science. She enjoys watching
class. simple “Turn in your work on time, Pay the different chemical reactions.
attention to the teacher and if you need help,
Kelsey feels that what makes her a successful ask” this has worked out for him very well. Her advice to other students is to never be
student is completing her assignments on time. afraid to ask for help and to pay attention to the
Her advice for students is to complete your He is a great role model. Watching his teacher.
assignments when they are due even if it is a interactions with his younger brothers Adrian,
subject that you don’t like. Eli and Noah shows Maddison enjoys playing football and
just how important volleyball. She would like to play for Oakville
Kelsey enjoys playing basketball and his place is in his next year.
volleyball. family. While
Cameron is keeping When Maddison graduates High School,
After high school, she would like to attend his options open as she would like to attend the University of
the University of Hawaii. Kelsey would like a far as a choice of Washington. She would like to pursue a career
career in the medical field. career, he does have as a paleontologist.
his eye on a higher
education that he From the Education Department
hopes to get from
the University of Congratulations. Keep
Washington. up the good work!

Native American Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills Inspire Youth He asked the children about making dreams
and goals come true, through faith, hope,
shared his story of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and believing in yourself. This is not a small
where he won a gold medal in the 10,000 meters. commitment to achieving success. Believe in
It was the greatest upset in Olympic History. yourself, put in the hard work, and your dreams
It was a moment in time that changed his life, will unfold.
muchless being the second Native American to
win a gold medal during the Olympics. He shared some of his life struggles from those
that didn’t believe in his dreams. But there were
Olympic Gold Medialist, Billy Mills, After a short video, Mr. Mills discussed with the people who did. They worked and believed
inspires Chehalis tribal youth to achieve youth about how he trained his body, mind, and in his abilities. Though the awards are nice, it
their dreams and goals. soul to achieve “Peak Performance.” Being born is important to give back to your community.
and raised on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Presently, he is an accomplished businessman,
On Thursday, May 29, Billy Mills was the special in South Dakota, it was rich in culture and spirit, author and National Spokesperson for American
guest speaker invited to talk to the youth. He but was economically poor. Being an orphan he Indian Youth organization. He has spent the last
was sent to a boarding school, making the Kansas 26 years lifting other young men and women
University cross country team and joining the toward their aspirations and has championed
United States Marine Corps to continue training wellness and unlocked opportunities in Native
for the Olympic Team. American communities across America.

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