Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - September 2016
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The 2016 summer youth
workers were assigned to
different programs within
the tribe. The experience
prepared them for choosing
a career after high school.
Top row (from left): Chavez
Secena, Roberta Youckton,
Kelsey Bray, Elijah Quilt,
Sam Starr-Wright, Jaceb
Hoyle, Nate Boyd, Cameron
Snell and Kamryn Couillard.
Middle row: Shyann Ortivez,
Kenedy Adams, Farley
Youckton II, Jasmine Klatush,
Mya Ortivez, Kirsten Secena,
Grace Quilt and Chayse
Bonifer. Front row: Savanna
Bird and Cole Fulton.

Youth workers gain valuable career skills

Program lets students make their own decisions and be make it difficult to land a job. test to get a boater permit.
experience work world as responsible as an adult. This The program showed the Operating a boat was necessary
included waking up and being for youth workers to be able to
Contributed by Farley Youckton II, at work on time and behaving importance of having a resume perform and complete some of
Summer Youth Worker responsibly. and how much it can help. their assignments.

The summer youth program Like most jobs, certain Youth also had to take classes This year’s youth program
provides a great start for young skills were required to get the before starting their jobs. This included 19 workers hired for
adults. It’s a time for them to training for the career they enabled them to get a food the summer to intern with
learn how to drive, get a license wish to pursue. One important handler permit and to become various tribal programs. They
and experience having a job. thing the youth program certified in CPR. Some had to learned skills that can help them
showed participants was how to have more training depending all in the future. Hopefully, they
It offers an idea of how to create a resume. This skill will on which program they chose can return the favor by using
land and maintain a job as an help them find employment in work with. For example, their new skills to enhance tribal
adult. Youth workers had to the future. Without this, it will the Department of Natural programs.
Resources required an online

WSDOT asks for thoughts
on intersection plans

The Chehalis Tribal and evaluating the comments
Transportation Planning received so far and are taking
Department hosted an open the public’s comments into
house Aug. 4 to unveil the state’s consideration as we continue
possible improvement plans for analyzing all alternatives.”
the intersections of Moon Road,
Anderson Road and Highway 12. WSDOT had many
representatives on hand to
Many local community answer concerns based on the
members from Rochester and displayed conceptual boards
Oakville were in attendance. made available to attendees.
Project Engineer John Romero
of the Washington State Guests were asked to fill
Department of Transportation’s out a survey to assist WSDOT
Aberdeen Project Office said, in answering community
“WSDOT was pleased with the questions.
turnout at the open house and
to hear from the public their The surveys will be
comments about the conceptual reviewed and answers will
designs at Anderson Road and be made available to the
Moon Road. Since the open public. These will be viewable
house, we have been reviewing on the WSDOT website at
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