Page 5 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - October 2016
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Special Diabetes Program for
Indians staff Pat Odiorne and
Gloria Jones are wrapped with
Pendleton blankets at the
program’s farewell luncheon.

Community Grant takes over for SDPI

Wellness Center program provided funds The goal is to see a continual can net big results. Fifty-eight
marks program’s for diabetes treatment and decline of diabetes within the percent of participants with
end, looks to future prevention to tribal health Chehalis tribal community. type 2 diabetes were able to
diabetes care programs across the United use those lifestyle changes to
States. The dinner provided a time get blood sugar levels back to
Contributed by Pat Odiorne, for participants and supporters normal and put their diabetes
Registered Dietician with the The main purpose of to enjoy a tasty meal and in remission.
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center the Community Grant is to receive thanks from Chehalis
continue diabetes support Tribal Wellness Center staff for Please remember that as a
A luncheon for participants for the tribal community. It participating in the program Native American, you are at
and supporters of the Special will provide medical care and during the past 11 years. risk for developing diabetes.
Diabetes Program for Indians self-management education to Be sure to get your blood sugar
was held at the Community individuals already diagnosed Registered Dietician Pat checked a minimum of once
Center on Sept. 15. with diabetes. Odiorne shared a 2004 video per year.
“Message of Hope,” which
The grant ended Sept. 29. The Community Grant will discussed how to prevent If you have diabetes in
Congress established the SDPI take on the activities of the diabetes. your family, getting checked
grant programs in 1997. The Diabetes Prevention Program, more often (twice yearly)
$150 million annual grant which have included screening From 2005-16, participants is recommended. Always
for pre-diabetes and providing in the local program know what your blood sugar
healthy lifestyle education. demonstrated that healthy numbers are.
eating and physical activity

Discuss SPIPA projects Protect kids’ teeth in sports

Join in “Looking Forward families participants, Tribal Submitted by the Chehalis Tribal consider having your child
Together: A Harvest Gathering TANF families, EFAP and Dental Clinic wear a sports mouth guard.
of Health and Wellness.” The Weatherization clients, Native
intertribal event will allow Women’s Wellness Program Now that our children are A mouth guard helps
participants to share ideas, patients and other reservation- back in school, they are also absorb the impact of a ball,
resources, needs and lessons based services. participating in all kinds of elbow, etc. lessening the
to guide future South Puget sports. impact to the mouth and
Intertribal Planning Agency n Caregivers for tribal teeth.
consortium-based projects. members who need or receive Football, soccer, basketball
health and wellness services. and volleyball are fall and The boil-and-wear type of
The event is for: winter sports that many of guard is available at sporting
n Tribal community n Service providers for us enjoy watching and our good stores. Amazon also
members from Chehalis, tribal members. youth have a great time has many varieties to choose
Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, playing. from.
Skokomish and Squaxin Island The gathering is 9:30 a.m.-
who receive or need health and 2:30 p.m. Oct. 26 at the Mouth injuries are Our dental clinic can
wellness program services. This Squaxin Island Community common among athletes make custom sports mouth
includes elders, Healthy Family Kitchen. Child care and lunch that participate in contact guards.
Program participants, WIC will be provided. Registration sports.
is limited. Call 360-426-3990 If you have questions,
now to secure a seat. To reduce the risk of contact the Chehalis Tribal
suffering from these injuries, Dental Clinic at 360-709-
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