Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - November 2016
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is a publication of the Confederated PERMIT No. 2
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.

* Or current resident



1 KEVIN ALBERT JR.: Happy birthday. I am proud to have you 18 More wishes
as my son. Love you! Mom.
Madoleen Goddard-Boyd Maynard Starr DAPHNE BURKE: Happy
Luwanna Sanchez 8 LORILLEE PAYTON birthday to my sister. Love
Mia Vigil PICKERNELL: SIMMONS: 20 Jodie, Cedes, Tony and
Heather Hoyle Happy Happy 12th Carlos.
2 Elijah Palmer birthday. birthday Randy Cornwell BOONER BROWN: Happy
You’re the from your birthday from your family,
Courtney Brown 10 best Mom, Simmons 21 friends and cousins.
Katy Fox Gramma family. COURTNEY BROWN: Happy
Lucy Hill Casilda Garcia-Starr and Great Chris Richardson birthday Courtney! A
Athena Lopez Amil Starr, Jr. Gramma. special day for a special
Christopher Yawn We love 22 lady! From your family.
Pam Youckton 12 you! From LUCY HILL: It’s been a
your loving Orinda Goddard short 29 years ago that
3 Tyanna Canales family. Monique Lopez God blessed me with the
Grace Quilt Marcus Youckton most beautiful girl in the
Natalie Sanchez Carrie Squally 16 whole wide world. Happy
23 birthday baby doll. You are
4 13 Jaylee Cayenne the best daughter ever! I
Anthony Gomez Dylan Gleason-Wheeler love you with all my heart
Gerald Aldrich Nathan Boyd Benjamin Johns, Jr. Rachel Simmons and soul. Love your Mom.
Daphne Burke Madeline Colson Joyleen McCrory Ryan White
Enrique Jimenez Sanchez Ashley Ortivez Wayne Ortivez 29
Joseph Revay, Sr. Aurora Ortivez 24
Kane Simmons Terry Palmer 17 Bobbie Bush
Lorilee Pickernell Prince Adams Alexis Starr-Wright
5 Joan Martin Penny Gleason
14 Lisa McCloud Christibeth Klatush 30
Kenneth “Booner” Brown, Jr. Rachell Wells Michah McNair
Payton Simmons Kevin Albert Desirray Pope Ashley Fern
Sofie Sekishiro
6 25 TARYN BAKER: Happy 6th
15 birthday. Love, Jay, Lae,
April Thompson Jordan Baker Mom and Dad.
Taryn Baker Yvonne Phillips-Haukom
7 Tayleena Klatush Valerie Pickernell

Francisa Ayala-Klatush 26
Sidney Brown
Lori Tovrea Tyson Canales

BOBBY BUSH: Happy 27
birthday from your friends
and family. Gabe Higheagle
Antonio Jones
Roachel Lambreth
Cyrena Littlesun
Shoni Revay


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