Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - April, 2017
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Hoops battle is
a crowd-pleaser

Exciting All-Natives RESULTS
Men’s Basketball
Tournament features 1st place: Suquamish
food, friends and 2nd place: PNW
fighting spirit 3rd place: Skokomish
4th place: Willies
The Chehalis Tribe hosted MVP of the tournament:
to the annual All-Natives Joe from Suquamish
Men’s Basketball Tournament
during the first weekend of and rebounding. Spectators
March. also enjoyed dazzling displays
of three-point shooting during
Twelve teams accepted the many of the games.
invitation to enter into the
double elimination basketball In the end, there had to be
tournament. It was directed a winner. On Sunday, both
by Philip Youckton and Leroy the Suquamish and the PNW
Boyd. basketball teams pushed
themselves to the limit to win
What kind of basketball the championship jackets.
tournament would it be if
someone couldn’t get delicious The PNW basketball team,
food to satisfy their hunger? which consisted of mostly tribal
Families sat together enjoying and community members,
a tasty meal from the Shaker didn’t go easy as they came
Church volunteers. through the loser’s bracket
winning the first game and
The tantalizing aroma forcing a final championship
of the food drifted into the game.
gym. Many people sat in
the gathering room visiting, In the second game,
laughing and enjoying each Suquamish came out victorious
other’s company. with a one-sided victory
making them the champions of
Vendors also took the the basketball tournament.
opportunity to sell their
unique artwork and native What a great weekend full
designed clothing. They were of games and camaraderie.
set up in the hallway of the
Community Center. A special thanks to all of
the scorekeepers, referees and
Many visitors and local players who stuck around
community members to help clean up after the
purchased something new games were over.
to wear or found special
keepsakes for long-lasting The All-Natives
memories of the weekend. Men’s Basketball
Teams battled through brought 12
the tournament bracket in teams together
an attempt to get to the final to play a
day of the tournament. Their weekend of
determination, skills and pride basketball at
pushed them to achieve the the Chehalis
ultimate goal of winning. Tribe’s
It was Indian basketball at Center.
its finest with a free-spirited Suquamish
style, yet obvious discipline and emerged
dedication to the sport. It was a victorious.
physical game with impressive
ball-handling techniques
– a nice display of skillful
shooting, passing, dribbling
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