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P. 1    FREE January 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring George 2/1 Elders: Program TRIBAL Youckton, Sr. News NEWSLETTER  His father taught him the importance Protect Yourself of education, page 3 and Loved Ones:  “People of the Sands”  Get a Flu Shot Cori Fluetsch, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager Santa Visits Early Head Start       The fu season is here. Don’t forget to  get your fu shot!  Getting the vaccine not  Students in January only protects you, it protects those you love. The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center has the  Head Start students use belated Santa visit vaccine for those ages six months and older. It is especially important to be as an opportunity to thank him for the gifts he vaccinated if you are pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant during the delivered at Christmas, page 2 fu season; if you are 50 years or over;  if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or HIV; are a transplant  patient, or have coronary artery disease; or if  a person in your household has any of these. For those of you who have been lucky enough to never get the fu, here is what  it is like: High fever (102-104 degrees) lasting 3-4 days, headache, severe aches and pains, fatigue and weakness, often lasting 2-3 weeks, extreme exhaustion, stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough and chest discomfort, often severe. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, listen to these  complications: bronchitis and pneumonia, both of which can be life threatening. All of us at the Tribal Wellness Center deeply care about your health and strongly encourage you to come in to get your fu  shot.   We wish you a very happy, fu-free  New Year! Tribe’s Drive Helps Local Food Banks Tribal volunteers sandbagged the End of the Trail II and kept flood waters at bay. The tribe’s espresso stand did not escape damage, and is closed until it can be repaired. Aerial photo by Mark White, Chehalis Tribal Natural During the Christmas season the Chehalis Resources Director. Tribe held our third annual food drive. This Near-Record Snow and High Flood is spear-headed by Joyce Thomas. There were about 10 boxes flled with non- perishable donated items. The food and Waters Met by Well-Prepared Tribe cash donations were divided between the Rochester and Oakville food banks. Each person who donated was entered into a raffe   People Evacuated and Sandbags Stacked Prior to Flooding Reduces Damage and won prizes. The food was delivered to the Rochester By Fred Shortman, Editor and Oakville food banks. Jenee Penn said, During the Christmas season, we were amount of rain fell. The combination of including how much and where the rain “This is a good feeling, being able to help hit by three serious snow storms that these conditions put the Chehalis River falls.  We are defnitely impacted by  out. They helped my family when we were gave us an accumulated 16.5 inches on food watch.  Initially the food was  what is called the “down stream effect.” in a time of need. I donated food that I Our Emergency Management Team enjoy eating, not just canned vegetables.” of snow. The roads were treacherous. predicted to be worse than the one 13      Great job, everyone.  This food drive will  County road crews were busy months ago in 2007. Floods are not new met on Wednesday, January 7, to happen the same time next year. Check for maintaining SR-12 and other main to our community. We have seen many discuss the plan of action to eliminate fyers and the November tribal newsletter. roads. Our Chehalis Tribal Construction of them throughout history. So, we are any danger to human life. They started crew cleared parking lots and Elder’s  very familiar with food preparation and  contacting those who live in the lowland Tribe’s Looking for driveways. They also sanded the roads being stuck on our little one-mile island areas to prepare for the impending food.   The team provided volunteers, including Volunteers to Help which greatly assisted the drivers who for a few days. tribal staff, to help raise household items dared to venture out. The heavy snow The Chehalis River is a very dynamic with Hatchery fall did cause some damage to the End of river. It is spring fed and has one dam, and move vehicles to the Tribal Center The construction phase starts soon on the Trail II roof and collapsed the ABC which is located on the Skookumchuck parking lot. our tribal hatchery. Some of the things we Fireworks loading dock. We were very River. The river is the second largest Chris Ortivez was busy reserving need volunteers to help with are cleanup fortunate that was all the damage that the watershed in the State of Washington, hotel rooms for tribal Elders and and pressure washing prior to painting the heavy snow did. next to the Columbia, and occupies community members living in the exterior and interior of the building. We Then as the weather began to warm 2,660 square miles. How our reservation food zone and those with medical  will have an informational and volunteer up, the snow started melting and a large is impacted depends on many conditions, gathering meeting on February 10 at 5:00 See Flood, page 4 PM at the fsh hatchery building.  Please  call Andy Olson, Fish Biologist, for more New Building Saves Money, Improves Services information at 360-709-1859. By Fred Shortman, Editor Many improvements continue to Department staff. “Now, the crew will better service, and better safety. Thanks happen around the Chehalis Reservation. be able to do repairs in-house. Plus, go out to: John Shortman, Sr., Frank There’s a new pole building being built  we’ll be able to buy items like light  Cayenne, Jr., Correna Young, Josh Terry, on Niederman Road.  Offce and work  bulbs in bulk, saving driving time and John Bird, David Bird, Ray Secena, Jr., space is sorely needed for the Public money.  With the extra space, we’ll be  and Dennis Cayenne. PO Box 536 Utilities and Maintenance Departments. able to assemble The outside of the building was built by items like lines C & B Metal Building. of piping, in the Oakville, WA 98568 City, ST Zip       The building is being fnished, and  garage portion Street Address will house groundskeeping, public of the building, utilities and building maintenance. making Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff with carpentry skills taught for quicker FirstName LastName groundskeepers Correna Young, David installation.” Bird, and John Bird carpentry skills In short, the to fnish the interior of the building.   building will Correna Young said, “This is where I got save time and to learn tape and texturing,” money and The tribe saved a lot of money by allow staff to fnishing the building in this manner.   concentrate The new facility will help the tribe save on their most (under construction) ©Copyright 2008 even more money. “We used to pay important Maintenance and Groundskeepers Ray Secena, Jr., John CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER sixty dollars an hour to get the mowers Bird, Correna Young, and Josh Terry are looking forward to is a publication of the Confederated Tribes goals: better of the Chehalis Reservation. fxed,” said Joshua Terry, Maintenance  maintenance, having a facility which will save the tribe money.
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