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2 Snow Doesn’t Stop Santa From Visiting Head Start Students How to Talk to By Tracy Mitchell, Pre-K Teacher Your Children The December snowstorm may have About Waiting to stopped Santa from delivering presents to the children of the Chehalis Tribal Have Sex Early Head Start/Head Start program before Christmas, but it didn’t stop him  By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention from coming in January. The children Specialist Coordinator were treated to a surprise visit from As parents, we need to talk to Santa on January 6. Excitement buzzed through the building as he traveled from our children early and often about room to room passing out gifts. The our dreams for their future and our children got to thank him in person for expectations that they will wait to have the presents he brought to their houses! sex. This workshop will help you: Doug Coones has been Santa for the  Start the conversation program several times and volunteered  Find out what works to be Santa’s helper this year.  He has a   Exchange ideas with other parents great grandson in the program.  Use culture and tradition to support We would like to extend a very your message special thank you to the members of This workshop has been rescheduled the Business Committee for letting the for February look for fyers to at the  Head Start parents host the meal for the youth center. The Chehalis tribal General Council meeting. Thanks go  community is invited. to all the Elders, community members, If you have any questions, please tribal staff and parents who participated contact Christina Hicks at 709-1741, in the raffe and bake sale.  Without your  Early Head Start PM class students enjoy having their picture taken with, or Lorrie support, the children would not have Santa. Though the winter storm delayed his visit, the children didn’t seem Bonifer at 709 -1717, lbonifer@ been able to have this special day! to mind. Many of them thanked him for the gifts he brought on brought on Christmas morning. Even Jack Frost Couldn’t Stop Chehalis Legend: our Annual Christmas Party Battle of the Snow Brothers By Elaine McCloud, Tribal Heritage Coordinator By Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator Long ago, snow was brought to the land four of the brother’s bows before they  of the Chehalis by the Five Snow Brothers. awake. Only the youngest brother is still The community Christmas party was Then as the announcement came over the One year they sent so much snow that it able to fght, thus ensuring victory.  Now  originally scheduled for December 20 at the loud speaker you could hear a disappointed covered the longhouses. The Animal People only the youngest Snow Brother brings Lucky Eagle Casino Events Center, but was “Aaaawe,” and then the sound of ripping had to dig tunnels to get around. They snow to Chehalis Country. postponed until December 27. Who would paper as the game was closed. decided to wage war with the evil Snow He continues to bring his share of snow have dreamed of a white Christmas here on      Raffe tickets were drawn throughout  Brothers. to the Chehalis people, past and present. the Chehalis Reservation? I believe it was the day for gifts for children and adults as The night before the battle, Mouse sneaks We were just witness to some snow days 10 years ago when we had the last white the bingo game was played. At the end of in and is able to gnaw the bow strings of recently. Christmas, so our party was delayed by Mr. the raffe, tickets were drawn until all the  Jack Frost himself. We all pulled together, presents were given away. got the shopping done, presents wrapped Then across the loudspeakers came a and candy bagged, and we were ready for “Ho, Ho, Ho,” as Santa announced his the party. I know some of us had a hard arrival. All the kids dropped everything and time getting out of our driveways and even ran to get their gifts and sit on Santa’s lap to  getting off the Rez, but we got to town one have their pictures taken. Seeing the huge way or another to accomplish our tasks. smiles on the children’s faces made all the  The main roads were clear enough for the work that went into getting the party ready 600 community member who showed up for worthwhile. This picture the party. People were greeted by the smiles      I would like to give a BIG, HUGE,  was taken of volunteers, Jodi Smith and Carla Myers. THANK YOU to the volunteers who helped in the late They provided raffe tickets and information  out with the 2008 (after) Christmas Party, 1920s. The about how to qualify for the door prizes. the shopping, wrapping, deliveries, pictures, individuals in People had big smiles. The Christmas spirit candy baggers, bingo runners, and arts and the picture was in the air despite the weather. Families crafts for the youth. are: Jessie, and friends exchanged holiday greetings and THANK YOU to all who helped make Elmer, well wishes. The children were laughing this party happen. Without you, it wouldn’t  Johnny, and playing, awaiting Santa’s arrival. have happened: Lillian, The Casino prepared a delicious dinner Mabel, of hamburgers, hot dogs, ham, veggies, Christmas Elves: John Youckton, Donna Clifford mashed potatoes, clams, shrimp, and prime Glaken (John’s s.o.), Shoni Revay, Heather  (Buddie), rib. Cindy Andy performed a blessing for Couillard, Dustin Couillard, Joyce Thomas, and Dorothy everyone’s health and safety.  Elders were  Shelby McCrory, Orinda Goddard, Jessie  Hayden. invited to be served frst and everyone else  Goddard, Sonny Youckton, Riley Youckton,  lined up for a great feast. Daulton Youckton, Karley Youckton, There was an assortment of activities Pam Youckton, Shawn Ortivez, “Oscar” The history of the Chehalis people deserves to be written down for ourselves now during the party for everyone to enjoy. Carla Thomas, Santa Claus, Tony Medina, and for future generations. You are a part of history being made. Your story is There were craft tables set up for the Marla Medina, Anna “Banana” Hartman, important. children to make gifts. Playing bingo is Lucy Hill, Johnny Bumgarner, Rodney  Do you have pictures, or do you remember snow days you lived through? always a main attraction. Helpers handed Youckton, Bones Gleason, Sylvia Cayenne,   Do you have stories and/or pictures of life of the Chehalis people past or present that out bingo packets and daubers so everyone Don Secena, Mary Secena, Michael Boyd, you would like to share? could play. Things were a little different Doug Boyd, Junior Jack, Teresa Pankkuk, Contact Elaine McCloud, Tribal Heritage Coordinator @ 273-5911 ext.1621 this year to help speed up the bingo games. Jodi Smith, Nadine Burnett, David Burnett, or 709- 1621. I am located in the old dental offce. Feel free to drop by with your Instead of all the different age brackets, each Annie Jones, Dan Jones, Bobby Jones, stories and/or pictures. game winner was limited to only one youth Donna Koernke, Fred Shortman, Gerrie  and one adult. If you listened carefully, Sanders, Ray Secena, and all Youth Council you could hear someone whispering in the members whom helped Santa with his Chehalis Business Committee background, “G50 puts me on for a bingo.”    presents and anyone else who helped… Tribal David Burnett, Chairman It was exhilarating for the winners to yell, thank you from Cheryle Starr. Don Secena, Vice Chairman “Bingo!” when their numbers were called.    Newsletter Even at the end of each game, Jessie Goddard, Treasurer everyone listened to fnd out if the  420 Howanut Road Cheryle Starr, Secretary Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member  winner was an adult Oakville, WA 98568 or a youth. (360) 273-5911 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of Members of the Klatush family, Little Bear, mother Karen Klatush, Sabrina, Submission deadline: 6th of each month the Chehalis Reservation... and Loyala get ready for more Bingo at the Annual Christmas Party. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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