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Flood 4 Program Helps Tribal (continued from page 1) Members Start Their Own Businesses By Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator The activities of the Loan Program are beginning to pick up. I have two tribal families along with two tribal members who have completed the fnancial literacy  course. They demonstrated their dedication and eagerness to learn how to handle their fnances by attending all of the classes.  The  tribal members are: Erin Delgado and her husband Richie Delgado; Dustin Coulliard  and his wife Heather Coulliard; Jolene  Christensen and her daughter, Sara Bezerer. The students were very outgoing, and not afraid to ask questions. Some were uneasy about taking this step, and discussing and sharing some bad experiences that they have had. The class taught everyone how to A white Ford pickup can be seen abandoned on Anderson Road during the flood. Fortunately the man was rescued avoid other people’s mistakes. by the Army National Guard. Remember, it is never worth it to try to cross flood waters. Call Law Enforcement for The students are working with Barb help. Photo by Ena Myer, Assistant General Manager and Emergency Management Team Member. Churchill writing out their business plans, needs. This community effort saw our Paul Bassett was which is also going very well. A guest Chairman, Dave Burnett, along with safely rescued by the speaker has been scheduled to go over their David Youckton and Chris Richardson, Washington National fnancial projections.  This should happen in  volunteering to fll sandbags to keep  Guard that was  the next couple of weeks. These people are hungry to start their our EOT II and other properties from stationed at Oakville own businesses or expand the businesses sustaining any damage.  (The 2007 food  after his truck stalled they presently have. They have very sound rose high enough for the store to get in the deep and swift ideas, and are very capable of implementing about 4 to 5 inches inside.) The store currents on Anderson their business plans. closes at 4 PM on Wednesday, January 7, Road. Our Tribal Law Teresa Keegan, a Chehalis Tribal Loan and the Casino closed an hour later. Enforcement and Committee member, and an employee of      This year’s food was a little different  Fisheries Offcers were  Sterling Savings Bank, assists the students than last year’s record fooding.  The  on their way, but were in understanding how to improve their credit food received its water from the Black,  cancelled when he was reports. She also instructs them on how to Skookumchuck, and Newaukum Rivers, safely rescued by the fll out credit applications and what banks  and smaller creeks in the surrounding National Guard.     and loan companies look for. These two pieces are part of a jigsaw area.  The Pe Ell and Doty Creeks didn’t  Remember that puzzle needed to apply for a tribal loan. contribute as much to the fooding as in  staying put and waiting Presently, loans are for Chehalis tribal the past. This was fortunate, as the food  for the food to recede  members only. When this program receives was downgraded to crest a foot and a is your best choice of its certifcation, we should be able to expand  half less than the original prediction. It action. Trying to drive to outside areas, and to non-tribal people. did fnally crest at 18.18 feet on Friday,  through food waters       I’d like to introduce a new Loan  January 9, at the Grand Mound gage  can cause a hassle of Committee member, Shoni Revay. She is on Prather Road. The Chehalis River repairing a fooded  a tribal member and has the enthusiasm foods at 14 feet, so the river crested at 4  vehicle, plus puts your to learn and assist this program to keep feet over food stage.  The water that the  life at risk.  It’s not  Harry Pickernell, Jr., sets out to stay at temporary growing. reservation receives is about 6 - 10 hours worth it. Remember, housing at the Eagles Landing Hotel. His dog, Lucky, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 360-709-1631 or behind that reading. Highway 12 and the river will had to stay home. Photo by Harry Pickernell, Sr. e-mail Our Anderson Roads usually close when the eventually crest, and program is looking forward to the next river overfows its bank at two and half  the water will recede, round of 6-8 week classes, beginning in feet above food stage.   making the roads safely accessible again. February or March.      If a road closure is posted, it’s for  Failure to follow this good advice your safety.  If at all possible, don’t try  could have dangerous results, and What to Drink After You Exercise and drive through the water. You can emergency personnel will have to come never tell if the road is damaged, or if and get you, putting their lives in danger By Cindy Beck, Project Coordinator, SDPI there are other potential hazards below to rescue you. It is better to be safe A 30-minute walk every day can the surface of the water. and use common sense. If you have an probably do more for your health than choices if your activity lasts more than an hour. Gatorade makes a variety of favors,        There’s always someone who tries to  emergency, contact law enforcement and all the efforts of a dozen doctors and ten and a lower calorie choice called G2. It’s  make it through the water on Anderson let them help. different types of medication. Not only lighter and provides the minerals lost while Road, and it happened again this year. does exercise improve your health even sweating. if you have already been diagnosed with What about energy drinks? Some something, it can help prevent several energy drinks contain as much caffeine life-threatening conditions such as heart per serving as three to four cups of strong disease, diabetes and cancer. black coffee. And many of these drinks are Exercise is good for mind and soul. sold in containers that hold two or more Research also shows many benefcial  servings. They also contain large amounts effects that exercise has on mental health. of sugar. Studies have linked high caffeine These include the following: intake to increased heart rates, high blood  Exercise may reduce stress pressure, anxiety, headaches, and diffculty  Chehalis  Exercise provides an opportunity for sleeping. Tribal social interaction. Recent research shows that chocolate Fisherman  Exercise provides an opportunity for milk may be better than sports drinks for Jerry self-mastery. Increasing ftness may  replenishing lost nutrients and maintaining Youckton improve a person’s self-esteem.  stamina. Chocolate milk supplies the uses a hose  Increased core temperature during optimal ratio of carbohydrate to protein to rinse off exercise may lead to reduced muscle necessary to rebuild muscles while his catch of tension. restocking energy stores. Coho before  Mood improvements may occur due to Drink a serving of eight ounces weighing in. the increased endorphins. of low-fat chocolate milk, within 15 The price for  Psychological changes may occur due to minutes after an hour or longer workout Bright Coho alterations in norepinephrine, dopamine or competition. Just like sport drinks, was $2 per and serotonin, all hormones which can chocolate milk should only be used if the pound this affect moods and anxiety levels. activity lasts longer than an hour or if you year. (See Exercise also increases our need for are participating in two or more closely story page 3.) fuids. Water is the best choice during and  scheduled competitions or workouts. after exercising. Sport drinks are good Chehalis Canoe Mammogram Clinic Community General Council Family Friday, February 6 Bingo Night Annual Meeting Jam Session 9 AM – 3 PM February 24 February 14 Free snacks and incentives Doors open at 4:30 pm Tuesday, February 10 Starts at 1 PM Breast care information Dinner provided Starting 5:00 pm at the Youth Center Door prizes including a Pendleton at the Tribal Center What’s the catch? Come help the tribe blanket complete a new community assessment. Come and enjoy listening to Have dinner with your friends and family • Watch for fyers with the agenda! Coastal Salish drumming, For more information, call while you fll out an assessment form. Then play Bingo and pick up your free singing and dancing. Christina Hicks, 273-5504, ext. 1741 raffe tickets. Great prizes!
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