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Tribal Youth Learn by Attending Youth, Adults, and Elders Learn to 2 Leadership Conferences Weave Vests in Coastal Salish Style By Gail White Eagle, Instructor The Culture Program sponsored a three-day Salish weaving class for anyone interested in learning or refreshing their weaving skills. There were 10 tribal and community members who came to learn this weaving tradition. There were 10 looms available for Elders, youth, and community members to make their Salish vests. It was a unique experience watching the youth and Elders laughing and learning together. Everyone clapped and encouraged each other as their names were announced upon completion of their weaving project. They displayed their Youth made the Chehalis Tribe proud by taking home the first-place prize vests, proud of their accomplishment and a Gordon Klatush, age 14, works on his for a drugs and tobacco use prevention presentation in the professionalism job well done. vest. In the background, Elder Marie category. Pictured in front row, from left to right are: Deidra Hawkes, Instructor, Gail White Eagle said, “It Griswold focuses on her vest. Lorrie Bonifer, Erica Mendez, Rosa Angularra, and Chayse Youckton. Back was an honor to teach this class. There row, left to right are: Director of DASA, Racheal Mendez, DJ Hammer, and were many incredibly talented and focused garments. Washington State Attorney General Rob Mckenna. students in this class. They brought so There are three basic weaving techniques: Washington Prevention Youth Forum much good energy every day. I really was plain, twill, and twine, and blankets are By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist impressed and proud to share with them my categorized as: classic, colonial, and hybrid. Most high-class blankets and other art were knowledge of Salish weaving techniques.” Our application was accepted to be a part Drugs & Tobacco. We won the Presentation decorated with beads, abalone, dentillium, or of the Washington State Drug and Alcohol Style/Professionalism category and received History of Salish Weaving other decorative items. Prevention Youth Spring Forum of ‘09 held a fip video camera. Salish weaving existed over 3,000 years ago Traditionally, all blankets were tokens this year at the Great Wolf Lodge, April 29 I would like to thank our group for all among many Salish Tribes in the Northwest. of esteem, particularly mountain goat – 30. . of their hard work. They created a skit, told After the coming of the settlers in the late wool blankets. All high-class blankets The goal of the Washington Prevention personal stories and gave a professional 1800s, Salish people adjusted to European were named. Usually, the blanket designs Youth Forum is to provide an enriching power point presentation. What an honor to style clothing, and northwest traditions, were created with a form of nature or educational and networking opportunity for work with such a great group. culture, Salish weaving, and many other art animal origin in mind. When a blanket was youth, volunteers and professionals working We are still looking for a name for our forms began to fade. presented at a gathering, the name of the toward prevention of substance abuse and group and art work. You have a chance to Although unfamiliar among society blanket was also presented. Among Salish violence. We want to reach the continuum of win and earn money. If interested please today, Salish weaving is emerging as people, blankets have long been a symbol individuals – youth and adults – from highly submit your information to Lorrie Bonifer at a rare art form thanks to many cultural of wealth and prestige because of the time, experienced to new in the feld, and continue or you can reach preservationists in the Northwest. Yarns skill, and materials involved in weaving a to build on our foundation and success in me at 709-1717. Also, please contact me if were spun out of mountain goat wool, hair traditional garment. The recipient is honored Washington state. you are a youth age 13-18 and would like from specially bred dogs, and fbers from by receiving such a fne gift, thereby gaining We competed against 36 teams from all to participate in the prevention group, and/ indigenous plants such as Indian hemp and status during ceremonial gatherings such as over the state. There were approximately or you are interested in participating in or stinging nettles. These yarns were then potlatches, weddings, or naming ceremonies. 300 youth at this forum. Our team name is: being a chaperone for the Youth Leadership used to create blankets, shawls, and other Teens at Chehalis Tribe Against Alcohol, Summit to be held in Yakima this October. Standing Tall Youth Leadership Conference If You Need Referrals to Outside Providers, By Fred Shortman, Editor Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Can Help The 20th Annual Standing Tall Youth drum making, dream catchers, basket By Norine Wells, CHS Manager Leadership Conference was held in May weaving, storytelling, scrapbooking, beading Indian Health Services (I.H.S.) funds two Payment for medical services is based at the Great Wolf Lodge. There were 17 and coastal hangings. For some of the youth, types of health care services. One is Direct of our youth and many tribal youth from it was their frst time to do this. Care and that pays for services provided at on available funding and medical priority Canada and the Pacifc Northwest at this Another activity that was very impressive Indian Health clinics or tribally operated level one (1) spending. The CHS program youth conference sponsored by the Quinault, for most of the youth was the Coastal Salish clinics. Indian Health Service also funds experiences a shortfall in funding every year Suquamish, and Chehalis Tribes. Jam Session and a banquet held at the Lucky Contract Health Services (or CHS). Federal toward the end of the funding cycle. The CHS Manager and program support Stand Tall and Speak Out is a movement Eagle Casino. regulations govern how CHS funds are to encourage children and youth to speak Members of the Savage family are spent. CHS funds can only be used to staff are not medically trained to authorize out with respect, integrity, confdence producers/writers of hip hop music who purchase health care services not available medical referrals. CTWC patients are asked and a spirit of public service whenever performed at the conference. They invited at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center to discuss health care options with a CTWC they see or experience injustice: violence, the youth to help them write a song which (CTWC). provider to ensure informed decisions can be made about care. Only CTWC providers discrimination and abuse. Youth are may possibly be used as a theme song for  All patient referrals for outside services encouraged to want the world to be a better upcoming youth conferences. must be written by a CTWC provider to can set the medical priority level for services place, and to make a positive impact on the Our tribe was given a gift by Jessie determine the medical priority level for and make necessary referrals. world. This conference was for youth who Stevens, Quinault Nation, for assisting in funding. For emergency or urgent care, patients may be encountering academic or/and social making this such a great youth leadership  If you need a referral to an outside are required to notify the CHS program within 72 hours from date of service challenges. Its goal was to give youth a new conference. It was accepted by Art Medina, provider, make an appointment with your or date admitted. Notifcation can be perspective and inspiration to achieve their Chehalis Elder, and is displayed in the Tribal CTWC provider to discuss your health goals. Center. Give the youth who participated care. provided to the CHS Program by calling Most of the youth were inspired by a heart-felt applause. They are our future A second referral from your CTWC (360)709-1725 or (360)273-5504. Patients are required to inform outside Chance Rush’s class entitled “Take a Chance leaders!  provider is required for additional services health care providers of private insurance with Chance.” His Marla Medina such as procedures, lab work, tests, dynamic and down- said, “I was impressed facility fees, or follow-up exams. Only coverage, including coverage by the to-earth approach with our youth. They the services written on the patient referral Chehalis CHS Program. made the class fun. didn’t play in the form will be covered by CHS. If you have any question, call the CHS He stressed that it’s water park as much  Lab tests and x-rays are services that are offce at 360-709-1725. okay to be Native as I expected. They available at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Behavior Health Program Phone and to not to be committed themselves Clinic and will not be paid for without Number Has Changed embarrassed by it. to participating and prior approval by your CTWC provider. The correct number for the Chehalis Many of the This thank-you gift was given to the learning from the Please review your CTWC patient Tribal Behavioral Health Program is youth enjoyed the Chehalis Tribe from the Quinault classes and curriculum. referral form to ensure your outside health 360-709-1733. The Program has an Offce cultural classes Nation, and accepted by Chehalis I’m so proud. Great care is going to be covered. Services that Administrator who is available to answer that were available: Elder Art Medina. job!” do not fall within the established medical phone calls, make appointments and assist Fatal Virus Found in Three Cats on the Reservation priority level one (1) will not be paid. clients. We look forward to your call! Chehalis Business Committee By Amy Loudermilk, Rez Animal Coordinator Tribal David Burnett, Chairman Don Secena, Vice Chairman Three out of four feral cats trapped recently diseases and makes the cat very susceptible Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer with a cat’s natural ability to ward off other near the tribal center have been diagnosed Cheryle Starr, Secretary with the feline leukemia virus. If you have to picking up infections. There is no cure for Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member an outside cat that could have come into FeLV and most cats survive less than two 420 Howanut Road contact with a feral cat, it is suggested that years following diagnosis. Since the virus is Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: you take it to a veterinarian and have it highly contagious, get your cat tested before (360) 273-5911 (office) Fred Shortman, Communications tested for the virus. Feline leukemia virus it spreads to other cats. (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator (FeLV) is a highly contagious and fatal virus If you suspect your cat may have come found only in cats. FeLV is not transmittable into contact with a feral or FeLV positive Articles and opinions expressed in this to humans, dogs or any other animal species cat, get it tested right away. The cost for publication are not necessarily the opinions other than the cat family. There is no the test is $35 - $50. A vaccine is available of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. relationship between feline leukemia and as well to protect your cat from catching human leukemia. Cats pass the virus through the virus. Cost for the FeLV vaccine is $18 The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages saliva and close contact, by biting another -$30. A booster will be needed four weeks tribal members to submit letters, articles, cat, through shared food bowls, and from later, and then just once a year. As long as photographs, and drawings to be considered milk during nursing. you continue to vaccinate yearly, your cat for publication. These are subject to editing. Symptoms of FeLV include weight should remain free of FeLV. The only way Contributing writers, artists, and loss, vomiting, diarrhea, labored breathing, to completely protect your cat from FeLV photographers include Chehalis tribal persistent infections and anemia. However, is to keep it indoors. If you have questions, community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis the virus can lay dormant with no outward contact Amy Loudermilk at 360-709-1813 or Reservation... symptoms. Cancer may occur in cats E-mail @ Submission deadline: 6th of each month “People of the Sands” Printed: Each month infected with FeLV. The virus also interferes
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